Godsworn Hunt

Warhammer Underworlds’ bravest doggo appears!

Warband review strikes again with an early preview of the Godsworn Hunt! Games Workshop were kind enough to give me these guys (and gals) for free to do an in-depth article on. So how do the Mirrored City’s newest mortal inhabitants fair?


Led by the war shaman Theddra of the Black Fang, her and her fellow Darkoath mortal companions seek out the fallen city of Shadespire to each claim the life of a Stormcast Eternal as a great sacrifice to the Chaos gods.

With her interpretations of her mystical visions, they navigate the Mirrored City for their quarry. The warriors of the Godsworn Hunter march mercilessly on to fulfil their Blood-Oath to the Ruminous powers.


The Godsworn Hunt contains 6 miniatures consisting of 5 humans and 1 faithful Chaos-tainted doggo. Some may not like the aesthetic but I really enjoy Games Workshop’s take on the Chaos barbarians who have dedicated themselves to the Ruminous powers. All individuals but still tied as a whole thanks to similar design hallmarks.

My favourite has to be Shond but all the poses are great, each representing the character of the models while capturing how they look in the heat of battle. All are ready to pounce, just moments before unleashing the killing blow.

The warband comes in a lovely shade of Skaven brown. Once again the models are highly detailed with small revealing character trinkets here and there. They are fragile in places being lithe humans so you’ll just have to be gentle when putting them together.

The Fighters

The Godsworn Hunter are the first 6 fighter warband (just missing numbers of 8, 2 and 1) which gives you a lot of choice.

Theddra is a level 1 wizard leader with only 3 wounds and a single dodge. While fragile, she goes from 2 damage to 3 damage when inspired while consistently hitting on 2 smash. She’s a reliable melee fighter but is very much a glass cannon.

She lacks a ranged innate magic attack so you’ll have to rely on gambit spells to get the most out of her. I would have liked Theddra to be 2 dodge when inspired but it makes sense for this wizard (shaman?) to not be so defensive while hitting quite hard.

Next is her inspire mechanic which the whole warband shares. Inspiring upon playing an upgrade is incredibly strong and opens up a lot of avenues for her. The important thing to note for now is that she goes from a level 1 wizard to a level 2 upon inspiring.

She’s definitely a fragile fighter but can be built to hit hard in combat or become the best wizard in the game.

Grundann is the Conan brute of the group. Wielding the choppa brutal axe of a fallen Orruk who tore out his left eye, this barbarian is one not to be messed with.

At first glance he’s a second Theddra only without the wizard level. They even share similar stats upon inspiring except for the fact that he gains 5 movement. Grundann is your main reliable hitter. The fighter you either charge in first with or set up kills for while not risking the loss of your leader.

Jahathra is a woman with a massive spear and a love for punk rock. Apart from being in mosh pits, you can find her softening up the enemy or finishing off wounded targets who have ran away in shame.

The Javelin is important to talk about as she starts of with a threat range of 7 which goes up to 8 when inspired. She’s like Farstrider only more balanced. Her spear is one use only but is 2 damage on the charge and always hits at 3 fury. She may seem weak but she’s one of your most reliable fighters without upgrades. Just remember she does only have 2 wounds.

Shond is the guy with a massively long blade (he isn’t compensating). At 3 wounds he’s another consistent brawler for the Godsworn Hunt and hits fairly well at 2 fury with 2 damage.

Upon inspiring Shond really shines. Defence goes from dodge to block (he learns how to parry) and his attack becomes 3 fury with cleave! Combine with Concealed Weapon for a 42.13% chance to crit and do 4 damage with that great cleave. He’s also a good use for What Armour? Just consider using him.as a fighter to finish off opponents if you can give him supports while uninspired.

Ollo is the man with the bow and yet another ranged fighter for the Godsworn Hunt. With that 7 hex threat range he can consistently plink away at targets near or far. He’s just a bit unreliable with 2 fury.

Inspired Ollo is a different beast however. He gains an extra dodge whereas his attack becomes 3 fury with cleave (they really hate Stormcast). He’s a prime target to get inspired early to become a consistent damage dealer for the warband.

Finally, he’s here for you. It’s the last member of the Godsworn crew. Grawl is the bravest and most noble of all Warhammer Underworlds’ creatures. He is the goodest of all boys and faithful companion to Ollo. Did you know that Grawl is blind? He ploughed on through this disability and developed an extra set of nostrils to help him and his warband (this is all seriously true, his model has no eyes). He’s like Daredevil except not a lawyer and not cancelled.

Grawl isn’t too impressive stat-wise at first. 2 fury, 1 damage, 1 dodge, 2 wounds and can’t have attack action upgrades or hold objectives. When inspired he gains movement 5 from 4, 2 dodge and a 3 fury 1 damage attack. His greatest use is as bait and to set up charges with Ollo (especially due to the faction cards), not as a sacrifice! He’s such a good boy after all.

The Cards

We both know why you’re here. You want them delicious cards. Well I aim to not disappoint! Like all my review I’ll be going over the warband specific cards first along with which ones I think stand out for being amazing. As before these are all my own views honed over months of competitive play and endless crits.

Faction Objectives

Dark Rewards: Not entirely easy and glory intensive. Would have preferred it to say 3 or more fighters.

Glory of Damnation: If you love the universal Chosen Champion, you’ll love this. It’s alright but I don’t like Chosen Champion in general.

Faction Objectives – Top Picks

A Worthy Deed: Only Zarbag’s Gitz and the Godsworn Hunt lack 4 wound fighters but seeing as Deathly Fortitude and Sudden Growth are basically in every deck this is not an issue. Exceedingly good.

Magical Apotheosis: Pledge yourself to Tzeentch! A simple double channel spell to score immediately is great, you just need an upgrade.

The Oaths

Now Oaths need to be discussed on their own. They take standard universal cards and apply a new twist. Reveal them at the start of any action phase and you earn an additional glory point upon scoring said card.

It makes said cards go from okay to amazing while adding another layer of tactical confusion to your opponent. For example reveal one at the start of the game and then sit on it until the end of the game and see if your opponent remembers! Just remember score immediates can scupper your oath plans at times if they’re drawn mid-action phase.

Oath of Conquest: Conquest was already alright but at 3 glory it becomes even better. A great inclusion for aggro players.

Oath of Murder: If you like killing enemy leaders then this is for you. 2 glory makes it a safer bet than Victorious Duel and easier to score.

Oath of Denial: 4 glory Denial. That’s so goooood. Difficult to score now with Faneway Crystal and Hidden Paths but still a very solid choice to build your deck around.

Oath of Annihilation: 6 glory is very tempting but still a win more card. Perfect for all you dedicated aggro players.

Oath of Supremacy: It’s Supremacy but even better. 4 glory is a huge swing that can be scored in any end phase. Reveal it and go for it or reveal it to bait your opponent and go for the kill! Combine with Supremacy and Our Only Way Out for traditional objective play use at a greedy 9 glory.

Faction Gambit Spells

Warding Eye: Not bad if you’re looking for more defence and 2 dodge (3 for certain fighters) is nothing to snuff at.

Faction Gambit Spells – Top Picks

Ensare: Persisting -1 movement is huge. Make that Mollog slower and Grimnir cry. A lot of applications to make a big target that bit easier to deal with.

Glimpse the Future: A simple attack re-roll as a single channel is great for this warband and their many fury attacks.

Enfeeble: Combine with Ensare for max hilarity. Bring Mollog down to 2 damage as well as the mighty Gurzag. The fact it persists is even better.

Faction Gambit Ploys

Brutal Sacrifice: This is an interesting card. I don’t like it because I don’t want to give my opponent a free glory so I get a free upgrade while also losing a fighter. If you’re happy sacrificing your fighters then go for it, combine it with Martyred to even out that glory difference.

Faction Gambit Ploys – Top Picks

Oathsworn Attack: The universal Determined Effort. Stack both cards to have Haymaker with none of the drawbacks.

Fearless Strike: A ploy version of Helpful Whispers. Use for those key charges you need to make alone.

Hunting Pack: The warband has access to a lot of pushes and getting those double supports as crits is huge, especially when combined with Concealed Weapon.

Heel: The best push card in the game! Push Grawl up to 8 or 10 hexes! Just hope your opponent doesn’t run Mirror Move. Also keep Ollo alive.

Dark Destiny: A faction version of the universal card On Your Feet. Your fighters will die a lot and this will help keep them around longer.

Faction Upgrades

Enchanted Collar: Boost Grawl up to 3 dodge! Nice but I prefer Acrobatic.

Grundann’s Path: Makes Grundann extra reliable but I feel he hits hard enough already. For those who like that guaranteed punch.

Point-Blank Shot: Stop! Or my Ollo will shoot! An interesting upgrade but I would focus on keeping him out of charge range in the first place (when applicable).

Faction Upgrades – Top Picks

Path to Glory: One of the best upgrades in the game. +1 wounds and dice is amazing, said fighter just needs an upgrade first. Still it makes Theddra and Grundann extremely powerful.

Ensorcelled Javelin: Replace that spear with a MAGICAL spear! Not only that but it has cleave as well. Very good.

Chaos Boon: Extra damage is great when Incredible Strength is restricted. Just don’t put it on your 3 wound fighters.

Trained Killer: Homing support is great. Makes Ollo even more accurate and can synergise with your other fighters and ploys for future attacks.

Theddra’s Path: Channel innates are great.

Shond’s Path: With 3 fury he’ll have a decent chance for ROLLIN’ SOME CRITS! Maximise it with this if you want to put Concealed Weapon on someone else (with Path to Glory) or just stack them.

Seized Trophy: A free upgrade that turns a kill into a inspire. Very useful and can help make space in your power deck for more ploys/spells.

Universal Cards

It’s now time for all those universal cards you’re all itching to see.

Universal Objectives

Indomitable Defender: Not great for this warband but great for Mollog, Grimnir and Gurzag. Just more of a niche use than anything.

Hoarder: Having 9 unspent glory at the end of the game can be difficult so if you don’t like spending glory then this is for you.

Devastation: It’s very tough to score but becomes better if your local meta is populated with swarm warbands. Killing 3 fighters in a single action phase can just be difficult at times.

Peerless Fighter: A card made for me. Seriously though it has a use with Potion of Rage but it still incredibly difficult to pull off. OR IS IT?? (Yes)

Thin Their Ranks: A slightly more achievable objective compared to Devastation as it cab be scored at any time. Better for those dedicated aggro players.

Seize the Initiative: I would have been okay with this actually if the stipulation wasn’t that you had to win the roll-off. Imagine rolling 3 crits only for your opponent to do the same and deny this card.

Our Powers Combined: Works on attack or defence rolls but still to unreliable.

Magical Mastery: Successfully casting 6 or more spells is very tough. Only use as Cursebreakers with a dedicated power deck to gambit spells.

Universal Objectives – Top Picks

Longstrider: It may seem weird at first unless you’re a Mollog’s Mob player. However combine this with Ready for Action for that free move or Tyrant’s Command and Potion of Grace to remove said move tokens. It’s a very good objective if you plan around it for easy glory.

Aggressive Comander: Do you like going first all the time? Get rewarded for it! Like Escalation you’ll have to tailor how you play by switching up when you go first or second. I really like this card. I wonder if there will be one for the reverse…

Scorched Earth: Do you play Ironskull’s Boys or Garek’s Reavers? Like using Abasoth’s Unmaking? Then this is for you! Punish those objective seekers with an added glory for yourself!

Universal Gambit Spells

Razormaw Swarm: If you can roll crits then this is for you. 2 damage scatter is very good but I think this would have been better as double focus.

Arcane Recall: Once again if you can ro crits this is very powerful. Bring back Abasoth’s Withering or Vital Surge!

Universal Gambit Spells – Top Picks

Arcane Transposition: It may just be Confusion as a spell but it’s easy to cast and opens up a lot of options for dedicated spell decks that need to get off as many spells successfully as possible.

Sphere of Ghur: Easy to cast for +1 dice to attack. Just remember to use it immediately otherwise your opponent can use it.

Unfocused Blast: A single channel to do potentially 3 damage to a single fighter or a crowd of targets. Just remember to point the scatter token with the smash symbol at the target you want to get hurt.

Universal Gambit Ploys

Incredible Leap: Be the Free Willy you know you are. Better for low movement fighters but not a necessary pick.

Death Grip: Good to trap enemy fighters where they are I suppose but I fail to see the use outside of trapping Chainrasps.

Death Frenzy: Like Death Throes but with an area of effect. Mirror of Spite is just better though.

Universal Gambit Ploys – Top Picks

Ephemeral Form: Great for use with warbands that only have single dodges, you can also use this to get around cleave or weaken an enemy fighter with 2 or more blocks.

Spirit Sacrifice: Like Damning Pact but an extra dice instead of damage. Combine to get huge rolls for casting spells.

Universal Upgrades

Disturbing Presence: Interesting but adjacent fighters can always just attack your or move away instead.

Distracting Blow: Very situational but semi-reliable anti-magic.

Strong Arm: I would not spend an action when you can just knockback via attacking instead.

Regenerative Charm: Just like Regeneration but not a fan of a card that is useless if drawn in phase 3 and unusable in phase 1 to benefit from.

Universal Upgrades – Top Picks

Blessing of Argentine: Stick on your leader and enjoy as your opponent’s fighters slowly hurt themselves. Great for Mollog.

Archer’s Focus: Awakened Weapon but only for range 3 or greater attacks. A certain bird is going to love this…

Arcane Savant: How to make Theddra a level 3 wizard, equip this to her while she is uninspired and enjoy your level 3 wizard leader. Even then the Cursebreakers will love it for making Ammis or Rastus a level 2.

Arcane Focus: Spend an action to get an innate focus. Huge. Suddenly Sorcerous Insight doesn’t seem so hard anymore.

Nullstone Spear: Shadeglass Spear is nice but doesn’t stick around, this covers that problem with an added re-roll against wizards instead of +1 damage on a crit.

Tome of Offerings: My inner aggro is showing. This is soooooooo good. Chain it off of your score immediately aggro objectives for big glory gains. Love it.


Now we come to the part everyone loves! As before I’ll go over a deck with Nightvault only cards and then one for all the cards available. The former will include cards from Mollog’s Mob expansion so check that review when it’s out 😉

Remember they’re more of a basis for you to build on and adapt, not the best deck for said warband.

Nightvault Only Cards

Playstyle: Flex (Aggro and Hold Objective)

This gives you a balanced aggro approach so you can sit back to glory-up then go in for the kill. Use Ghoulish Pact as a free inspire and Pit Trap for extra damage off any fighter.

All Available Cards

Playstyle: Flex (Aggro and Hold Objective)

The deck is an improvement over the Nightvault only deck by adding cards such as Spoils of Battle and Change of Tactics to get those easy inspires. Last Chance is an upgrade to Dark Destiny giving you more survivability.


Playstyle: GOOD BOI

Grawl is the best and this deck personifies that. Use the other fighters as bait and put 8 out of 10 cats upgrades on him to make him the best boi he can be. Kill your enemies and become the alpha.

Final Thoughts

Godsworn Hunt are a tough but very customisable warband that can be geared for almost any playstyle whether it be hold objective heavy to making Theddra a monstrously powerful wizard. They’re not easy to master and are a daunting task for those new to the game but become very powerful in the right hands.

Remember that your upgrades function as 2 cards in 1, just like how “choose” ploys work for Skaven. Every upgrade inspires a fighter while also giving them an additional effect. Exploit the free pushes from the faction and universal cards to set up supports and kills. If you can do all that reliably, you’re in for a winner.

Would I buy this? Yes. Despite getting it for free the Godsworn Hunt are very fun to play and the cards available for use are very well-chosen that will be useful for any player. So what are you waiting for? Preorder your copy today here so you can get the best doggo in all of Warhammer.

Tune in for my next article which will be all about Mollog’s Mob. It’s dank and full of crits.

28 thoughts on “Godsworn Hunt

  1. Will Archer’s Focus work with speel attack actions? FAQ says “Cards that specifiy ‘attack dice’ do not interact
    with magic dice”, but here it says just “dice”, though there’s “attack roll” phrase, while other cast related cards use “casting roll”. I guess, I answered my question myself 🙂


      1. Yeah so it would only work with spell attack actions. Spell attack actions are treated as attack actions


  2. Thanks for the spoilers!

    If Seize the Initiative isn’t the worst objective currenty available, it’s definitely in the top two. Even if you have it in hand and get the bonus crit in round 1, your odds of rolling 3+ crits is about 2 in 15—and that doesn’t even account for needing to win the roll! At any other time, the odds are about 1 in 62 (again, not accounting for the need to win the roll).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent article as always John, thanks for the insights! I’ve got mine pre-ordered, I love that Javelin so much.

    A question on your decks which may be a dumb one. You have taken Pit Trap in one deck, and Trap in another. Is it possibel to chain both of these together because they have difference windows (one is during the attack, one is after)? Giving effectively +2 Damage to an attack?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries, glad you enjoyed it!

      Both can be chained together due to different windows. Trap is harder to stop so I’d take it over Pit Trap if you could only have 1


  4. You didn’t mention the best thing about Longstrider! It’s ridiculously easy to score in decks that can resurrect fighters!


  5. So , I tried a deck very similar to the regular one you presented. After playing 4 games, I have been very disappointed by enfeeble and ensnare. They require you to have your leader alive, exalted (ideally with an upgrade helping magic dice) and relatively close to the enemy (which is often difficult). And they are best used early in the game. All in all, every time I had them, either I couldn’t cast them or they didn’t change anything in the game. I am really sad about that because I really liked this debuff idea. But I will now replace all the spells, magic upgrades and the speelcasting objective by standard stuff. Any other input about the use of magic in this warband?
    PS: doggo = extreme flanking and bag of wonders. Full stop.


    1. I personally feel that if I’d play this warband, I’d use thebleader as just another fighter. She’s not bad when inspired and can be pretty good in melee with upgrades. Including her the warband has 3 decent – good fighters.
      Leader just seems to squishy to rely on for spells. I personally wouldn’t take any with her. Maybe Aboshoths Withering, maybe.
      I do however think they’d be a good objective/late game aggressor warband.


      1. I’d always take Abasoth’s Withering but Sphere of Chamon and Abasoth’s Unmaking are a good shout too. I think she’s too squish to rely on for melee as she can give your opponents so much glory if you run in with her.


    2. I wouldn’t consider 4 hexes close but you do need her inspired. I’ve had a lot of success with their debuffs but that’s just my experience.

      For magic I use Bag of Tricks to search for Arcane Savant then upgrade.


      1. Well 4 hexes means that a 3-move stormcast can then charge you, right?
        And in order to cast a single debuff, you need to:
        – upgrade your leader (use an upgrade)
        – cast the spell (use a ploy)
        – use the dice (ie risk of failing)
        So, you have used an upgrade and a ploy, and are still at risk of failing. And that did you gain? An enemy has -1 move or -1 die. This can be compensated either by 1 upgrade (great speed / awakened weapon) or by a ploy – just for one round. So, imho the investment is not worth the reward. However I really wish I was wrong. Against which warband did you use it successfully? Was there a time when it really changed the game?


      2. Well the best thing about magic is you can use it after charging so I wait for my opponent to move up and debuff them for the next phase. Getting them to burn their buffs to counter your debuffs is a good trade imo. Magic is an investment but once you get an innate channel on it becomes very reliable with level 2 or 3 wizards.

        Used against Steelhearts. Making Brightshield damage 1 and Steelheart movement 2 were big swings. Coupled with my harassment and cleave it helped me win.


  6. Ok. I actually played the same match up and lost. Steelheart got 2 move but fanewayed in that turn, 1-shooting my leader. Anyway I will give the spells another try. Thanks for the input

    Ps: I had misread enfeeble. I thought it was 1 less dice and not damage…


    1. Faneway is kinda easy for me to avoid as I stay away from objectives with key fighters and hold on to Distraction.

      Yeah the -1 damage is huge, Mollog hates it. Glad to be of help tho!


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