Tournament Round-Up 29

C’mon ya bunch a gitz!

Sunday the 2nd of June saw me head down to Wayland Games Centre for their Warhammer Underworlds tournament, fresh off the heels of the UKGE 2019 Grand Clash. I’d won before here but my last outing with the Godsworn Hunt was my worst tournament performance ever. This time things would be different. With 2 warbands left I would be using Zarbag’s Gitz. As Wayland attracts really strong players (especially Mollogs), I had a powerful trick up my sleeeve…


Playstyle: Relics (Sacrificial control)

Deck link

Yup! Katophrane Relics were my trick card. Every set of expansions I build a relic deck to see how viable it is and what I need to do in order to kill it. All my decks are actually built to take this down. After playing against relics when they were at full power, I vowed not to let it happen to me again. I didn’t even intend to use it but with the addition of Tome of Offerings and Cursebreakers who sit at the back of the board spamming spells, this was my final answer with the horde warbands.

Trading Up was what got things going. It meant I had 3 ways to cheaply get relics on meaning I now only needed 7 glory instead of the normal 12 to get a full set. Still the deck was all theory and once again I turned to Tony of End Phase fame to help me refine my mad ideas as I’d have no time to test them.

The objective deck is what I’m most proud of honestly. I think it’s the perfect Gitz objective deck. So reliable. Obliterated is 3 glory for a single kill with Snirk that you score immediately, love it. Mad Scurry helps when you have only 2 objectives and is just really consistent. Supremacy because Scurry makes it really easy to get on objectives. Well-Guarded was a recommendation from Tony. Just use Drizgit’s action to move the Squigs next to Zarbag because they’re useless now. Calculated Risk because lol lethal hexes. Keep Them Guessing because you can score it in 2 activations with Gitz (put a fighter on guard then charge and Scurry). Martyred because you have 9 fighters and you will die first. Master of Mayhem because spin to win baby. Great Gains is a nice glory boost. Supremacy and Mad Scurry score this but the score immediately objectives contribute too. Fired Up is the first restricted objective followed by Change of Tactics. Escalation rounds it off because I’ll happily play upgrades in the action phase plus helps with the glory bleed from Gitz.

The power deck is the real relic engine. Healing Potion is there to mitigate Ghoulish Pact and also any damage from magic and Shardgale. Hidden Paths is for sneaky redeploys. Duel of Wits for drawing cards. Rebound to stall and keep fighters alive. Last Chance stalls too. Quick Advance for objectives and pushing Snirk. Frozen in Time because screw Mollog. Spoils of Battle and Ghoulish Pact give me 2 relics for free whereas Trading Up lets me swap on a relic for 1 glory.

Acrobatic for Snirk or Zarbag, boosting their defence by then being swapped for a relic. Bag of Tricks helps draw power but can also be combined when you have 4 relics. Use Bag of Tricks to draw a card then react to draw 2 after shuffling. Deathly Fortitude and Sudden Growth are the last of my restricted cards. Just keeps the relic bearer alive. Then 6 relics.

Main tactics are to inspire quickly then equip relics as required at the end of the first action phase. Generally they go on Snirk but can go on Zarbag too. Snirk is better due to his innate 3 defence dice and also that he can keep spinning when he has 4 relics to draw through your entire deck. All while scoring you objectives too.

Board names and Forbidden Chamber board names.

Revered Combat Dial

Round 1

Mollog was the warband I didn’t want to play so obviously I was paired up against Dan and his Mollog. Still, trial by fire and all that. Losing the board roll (yay) I placed the Shattered Refractor first while Dan set the Ruptured Seal at a slight diagonal configuration.

Going first, I activated Drizgit with his ability and scurried. I moved a Squig through a lethal hex to score Calculated Risk then ran back in it to die and score Martyred. I then moved a Squig and Drizgit next to Zarbag, moving the other 2 Gitz onto objectives 1 and 4. After this I inspired Snirk. Dan then played Inspiration Strikes on Mollog so I responded with Frozen in Time. I rolled a block and thus Mollog was useless. Dan drew a card. Next I put Redcap on guard. Dan drew a card. I charged into Bat Squig, missed and scored Change of Tactics. Bat Squig charged but I rolled a crit due to being inspired now. Next I simply drew a card and Dan did the same. In the end phase I scored Well-Guarded, Mad Scurry and Keep Them Guessing. Snirk now had 3 Relics.

Dan won priority and charged Mollog into Redkap, killing my poor Git. I then played Hidden Paths on Snirk, putting him far away from danger, then spun him in a circle. Mollog charged into Zarbag but missed. Dan played a ploy so I reacted with Duel of Wits and gave Snirk his 4th relic. Snirk spun again, now drawing 2 cards. Bat Squig charged and missed. Snirk spun for the 3rd time to score Master of Mayhem and draw 2 cards. After drawing another card, I moved Zarbag onto objective 5 and scored Supremacy.

Going first I activated Snirk to draw my last 2 cards. Dan killed Zarbag to score Victorious Duel. Equipping the last Katophrane relic, Snirk continued to activate for 4 glory while Mollog tried to kill as much as possible. The game ended 24/9 to me.

Once again I lost the board roll but Dan set them on wide.

Going first I activated Drizgit to Scurry. First I moved a Squig through a lethal hex to score Calculated Risk then moved back into it to die and score Martyred. I moved Drizgit next to objective 5, the most forward Squig next to Zarbag, then the last 2 Gits moved onto objectives 1 and 2. After this I inspired Snirk Dan then played Inspiration Strikes and charged Prog but I saved him with last chance. Prog then charged Mollog, doing 1 damage with 2 smashes and reducing the dice in his next attack. Dan then charged Bat Squig in but failed to roll any hits. I scattered Snirk towards the Spiteshroom. Dan then played Determined Effort and charged Mollog into Snirk. He rolled a crit then I rolled 2 crits and a dodge. I scattered Snirk into the Spiteshroom, killing the sentient fungus and scouring Obliterated. In the end phase I stacked 3 relics onto Snirk after scoring Mad Scurry and Great Gains.

Going first Dan abandoned charging Snirk because of his re-rolling defence dice. He charged Zarbag and missed. Playing Hidden Paths, I put Zarbag next to Redkap and Drizgit. I then drew a card. Mollog then charged into a Squig and a Git, killing the former but not the latter. I then put my 4th relic on Snirk, scattering him to draw 2 cards. I did this 1 more time then gave Snirk Bag of Tricks, drew a relic via the upgrade then drew 2 more cards. In the end phase I scored Escalation with Well-Guarded and Snirk had all 6 relics.

Phase 3 had me go first and get 4 glory. Mollog attacked and killed the adjacent Git. I got 4 glory. Mollog, with Great Strength, charged into 2 Gitz and killed them both. I got 4 glory. Dan used Predatory Growls to space out Redkap. He then charged into Zarbag, Drizgit and Redkap. The Troggoth killed them all while scoring Victorious Duel. I got 4 glory, Dan drew a card and I got 4 glory again. The game ended 26/15 to me.

Round 2

Ylthari’s Guardians were next, another warband I didn’t want to play against especially considering they were being piloted by my good friend and regular gaming buddy Tom (why must I always play my friends at tournaments?? (😭)

Winning boards Tom placed the Penitent’s Throne first while I set the Amber Catacomb in diagonal configuration.

Going first I activated Drizgit. Once again I moved a Squig in and out of a letha hex to score Calculated Risk then Martyred. I moved Drizgit and the other Squig next to Zarbag while Prog and Stikkit went on objectives 5 and 3 respectively. Ahnslaine went on guard. With inspired Snirk I scattered him down. Ahnslaine charged into objective 2, missed but scored Change of Tactics. Snirk scattered back up again. Ylthari moved through a lethal hex onto objective 1 and scored Calculated Risk. Snirk somehow scattered back into the hex he started in and scored Master of Mayhem which inspired the warband. Skhathael then moved onto objective 4. In the final power step I put 2 relics via Spoils of Battle and Ghoulish Pact on Snirk then scored Well-Guarded and gave him a relic with Acrobatic and ditched Supremacy while Tom got Reclaim the Lamentiri.

Starting things off I put Dibz on guard. Ahnslaine charged Prog but missed. I charged with Dibz, using Scurry to move Prog and did 1 damage to Ahnslaine with 2 fury to score Change of Tactics. Gallanghan then moved up. I used Drizgit’s action to move himself and the Squig up while scurrying Zarbag. Skhathael moved up. I then drew a card. Ylthari inspired via Leech Power and scored Scorched Earth. She charged up but missed with her Reaping. She then hit Prog with Sphere of Aqshy to score songgof Hatred. In the end phase I gave Snirk 2 more relics, healed him with Healing Potion and put Sudden Growth with Deathly Fortitude on him. This was helped by scoring Escalation and Mad Scurry.

Gallanghan charged a Git and missed. I used Snirk to draw 2 cards. Ylthari used Abasoth’s Withering to reduce another Git to 1 wound. Ahnslaine charged and killed Prog to score Strike Swiftly then reacted to kill the other Git. I gave Snirk the last relic then got 4 glory. Ylthari shot another Git, rolling a crit to do so and scoring Lithe Spirits along with Sorcerous Scouring. I got 4 glory. Ylthari charged and killed a Git. I got 4 glory. The game ended 23/18 to me.I won the board roll again so Tom placed the Mirror Well while I stuck with the Shattered Refractor and set boards diagonal again.

First I activated Drizgit again to kill a Squig for Martyred, moved Drizgit onto objective 5, with the other 2 Gits moving onto objectives 2 and 3. Skhathael charged Prog but missed. I then moved Prog between the lethal hexes to act as a wall. Ahnslaine moved onto objective 4. I drew a card. Gallanghan moved up. I drew a card. Ylthari charged Prog but I dodged. In the end phase I scored Supremacy and Great Gains while Tom got Reclaim the Lanentiri. Snirk had 3 relics.

Tom charged Skhatael into Prog and kill him. I drew a card. Gallanghan into Snirk, 2 smashes got through and left him on 3 wounds thanks to Deathly Fortitude. I scruried Zarbag and the Git next to him. Ylthari charged and shot a Squig down to 1 wound. She couldn’t see Snirk for an attack but casted Pangs of the Great Lack to do 1 damage. I then played Hidden Paths to save him from magical death, placing him on the right of Tom’s board. Tom then cast Abasoth’s Withering and Sphere of Aqshy to kill a Git. I was in a weird spot. I could put on all the relics thanks to Trading Up but Snirk would die as he only had 2 wounds left with Deathly Fortitude as his only normal upgrade. Thus I scurried Drizgit and Stikkit to go on and score Mad Scurry with Escalation. Snirk was on 5 relics.

I let Tom go first so Gallanghan began hacking away at Grotz. I played Trading Up to swap the newly-equipped Bag of Tricks for my 6th relic. I got 4 glory, drew 2 cards, then used my newly drawn Healing Potion to heal Snirk by 2. I then proceeded to score 12 more glory while Ylthari blasted apart my Gitz. The game ended 27/15 to me.

Round 3

Thundrik’s Profiteers were my last warband to play against played by my other friend Dan. He was another strong opponent so it wasn’t going to be easy. Winning the board roll, Dan placed the Cursed Oubliette first while I set the Shattered Refractor in diagonal configuration.

Going first I put Redkap on guard. Lund charged Prog, doing 1 damage with a smash and scoring What Armour? I charged Redkap and scurried the other Grotz onto my objectives. I managed to roll double fury so Lund took 1 damage and I scored Change of Tactics then inspired Snirk. I continued to draw cards while Dan moved onto his objectives. He scored Search the City while I got Fired Up and Keep Them Guessing. Snirk had 3 relics.

I went first and Snirk spun. Drakkskewer used Hidden Paths and attacked Snirk, he rolled a crit. I failed but re-rolled getting a dodge and a crit. I scattered back next to the adjacent flying Duardin and weakened him via a lethal hex (more on this later) and killed him to score Obliterated. I used this glory boost to put on my 4th relic scatter 3 more times to score Master of Mayhem and draw up all the relics. I scored Escalation and Snirk had all 6.

I began activating Snirk for 4 glory while Dan went on to shoot my Gitz. Near the end of the game we realised our mistake with Snirk and Drakkskewer. It was too late to go back so we agreed who ever wins game 2 wins it. I went on to win game 1 21/9.

Game 2 had me win the roll-off again so Dan placed the Arcane Nexus while I set the Shattered Refractor diagonal again.

I activated Drizgit to sacrifice a Squig for Calculated Risk and Martyred, moving himself and the other Squig next to Zarbag. I inspired Snirk. Alensen moved back to score Calculated Risk, promoting Drakkskewer. I put Dibz on guard. Dan used Sidestep and Hidden Paths to put Drakkskewer next to Snirk. He rolled 2 smashes, I rolled…suppotrs! Snirk was dead! I had Sudden Growth in-hand but didn’t equip it for some reason. A little panicked, I charged Dibbz into Lund but missed, then scurried the other 2 Gitz to mmke a wall of bodies around Zarbag. Lund charged and missed. I went on to score Well-Guarded, Mad Scurry and Keep Them Guessing. Zarbag had 4 relics.

Phase 2 had me put Zarbag on guard to draw 2 cards. I then played Frozen in Time on Drakkskewer and rolled a block, freezing him. Lund shot Prog and I rolled a crit. Zarbag moved to draw another 2 cards. Lund shot again but missed. I gave Zarbag Bag of Tricks and drew the last relic which was at the bottom of the deck then drew 2 more cards. Lund shot Prog but I saved him with Last Chance. I discarded Obliterated. Lund shot with a crit but I rolled a crit and a dodge! I scored Escalation, Snirk now had 6 relics.

With 7 wounds, 3 re-rolling defence dice and 6 relics, Zarbag went on to score me 16 glory while Dan finally killed Prog to score What Armour? It was a super close game up until I the bottom of phase 2. I ended up winning 26/7 in a really pressuring but fun finale.

Relicsss boi. First out of 10 players. It was difficult putting all that theory into practice but the deck pretty much played itself. It’s really difficult to stop Gitz scoring 7 glory and they’re just annoyingly tough. Bag of Tricks wasn’t too useful but it helped when needed. I would change nothing. It was interesting playing suicidal control where you throw Gitz away to score glory and act as roadblocks. I’m glad I did it once in-tournament but I won’t be doing it again. Hopefully Katophrane Relics get addressed as they’re too consistent again. But…

15 down, 1 to go.

As always I highly recommend going down to the Wayland Games Centre in Hockley. It’s a great place to play at with amazing staff and gamers. They have a solid scene with a really nice venue. Almost on par with Warhammer World! With that I’m outta here as I’ve got Godsworn planning to do. I hope you enjoyed the read and see you next time for more crits!

23 thoughts on “Tournament Round-Up 29

  1. Great write up but horrifying with the win button being pressed relatively easily. What do you believe is a counter to Relics?


  2. Love the deck and the approach, although I agree with you that the relics are OP. One question, though: You said, “Keep Them Guessing because you can score it in 2 activations with Gitz (put a fighter on guard then charge and Scurry).” I’m trying really hard but failing to understand how this works, since it seems like you’re only getting three of the four KTG elements with this sequence. ELI5, please 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1st activation you put a Git on guard (1). Next activation you charge (2), Scurry (3) and move (4) for completing KTG in 2 activations as Scurry counts towards it now.


      1. Wow, really? I thought Scurry doesn’t count since it’s a reaction on a fighter card.


  3. Sir, please help! (again)
    I am concerned about EASY PICKINGS wording.
    As long as FAQ says that each attack of ‘all adjacent enemies’ is a separate attack action it seems to be nearly impossible to take two enemies out of action with ‘single attack action’.

    Another thing is a real life example:
    Opponent plays ‘frozen in time’ on my Mollog, he rolls a crit (your trademark) and my hand lacks ‘misdirection’,
    my card comes next – it’s ‘Ghoulish Pact’ trying to give ‘Seize the day’ to Mollog, but what’s next? Is Mollog taking 1 damage or not?
    Thanks in advance.


  4. Are you sure you can score Marthyred and Calculated Risk off the same move in the same hex? Calculated Risk specifically says the figure can’t die from the lethal hex.


  5. Hello,
    Great article as usual,but I am wonderin about your first activation in your second round versus Ylthari. How can you make Prog do a scurry move since he was next to a squig and squigs dont work for scurry ?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. very nice. I had been playing around with the same sort of idea with Godsworn Hunt. More ways to cheat relics on to someone and an extra way to prevent one from dying. Probably a bit weaker than this since Snirk is so good with the relics.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. New FAQ 😦
    Q: Can Spoils of Battle, Ghoulish Pact, Trading Up or Brutal
    Sacrifice be used to equip a Katophrane Relic?
    A: No. The only way to play a Katophrane Relic is to
    spend two glory points.


  8. I have two Gitz-related questions and I guess this post is the best place to ask them. Firstly, can Drizgit charge using his special action along with the Squigs making a move too? Secondly, I see a lot of Gitz decks using Faneway Crystal – can it be applied to Snirk, allowing him to use it when inspired?


      1. Makes me wonder why Faneway Crystal is used in Gitz decks unless it is being played on Snirk before he inspires and then they inspire him at the end of the activation the upgrade was used? I’m just looking for ways to get him into the fray without Hidden Paths.


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