Dragon Shield Accessories

There’s more than just card sleeves.

Welcome to another product review! As the title suggests I’ll be going over some Dragon Shield products. This time it’s stuff I purchased, no freebees here haha. Today I will review the Dragon Shield playmat, 18-pocket pages and slipcase binder.

So what is Dragon Shield? The brand is created by Arcane Tinmen based in Denmark and are the best card sleeve makers on the market no matter what card game you play. I’ve reviewed their matte card sleeves before (check out said review here) and they instantly won me over due to their durability, quality and colour selection.

I was interested with the other products they produce as their overall quality is generally amazing plus they fill potential gaps for Underworlds players. I first saw a playmat used for Underworlds months ago at a tournament and wanted to use one myself recently after going over my fighter cards and game dashboard. I was tired of the sleeves and dashboard being scratched or wet due to the playing surfaces used at events. After doing the some research and checking out the Professor’s reviews I made the purchase. A playmat is entirely optional but it looks good while protecting your gaming equipment.

Check out the Professor’s review here:

Next was card storage. I use a variety of different binders and portfolios to store my Warhammer Underworlds card collection. Currently I was using Ultimate Guard 18-pocket pages and Ultra Pro binders. Issue was the Ultimate Guard pages weren’t really suitable for my Dragon Shield sleeved cards and the Ultra Pro binders were cheap but left a lot to be desired. After checking out another of the Professor’s reviews I went with the Dragon Shield 18-pocket sleeves and slipcase binder.

The Professor’s slipcase binder review:


Ever been worried about placing your cards on dirty or rough surfaces? Then fear no more! The Dragon Shield playmat is a beautiful piece of gaming equipment that also protects your cards.

Their playmats come in a variety of designs based upon each one of their dragons that inspires their card sleeve colours. I went with Rayalda because it’s green (GREEN) and my favourite dragon from their collection. Each playmat also comes with a collectable metal counter that varies in design and colour from gold to silver then bronze.
The playmat is of really great design and quality. The playmat boarder is double-stitched to ensure long-lasting durability, this prevents fraying around the edges so the design doesn’t start getting damaged. The top is made of smooth artwork which protects cards and allows smooth removal from the playing surface whereas the base is rubber to prevent slipping and sliding, anchoring your playmat to the gaming surface.

My free collectable metal token

My only criticism is that it doesn’t fully flatten out. The playmat does curl at first but I find storing it in its box rolled up in the reverse direction for 24 hours pretty much solves this. The card triangular prism it comes in also doubles as a hand playmat case just like their card sleeve boxes double as deck boxes.

18-Pocket Pages

The 18-pocket pages are 50 sheets of 18-pocket card holders. These come in a variety of designs and volumes but I went with the 18-pocket sheets so I can hold a whopping 900 cards! That’s a lot and at a fair price as well as being of high quality.

Originally I used Ultimate Guard 18-pocket pages but found they just didn’t suit Dragon Shield sleeved cards. These pocket pages however easily accommodate Dragon Shield sleeved cards and also are even more durable. I’m just a huge fan. Competitively priced, great quality and you get a huge quantity of sheets too. With these I can easily store 2 seasons worth of Warhammer Underworlds objective and power cards.

Slipcase Binder

The Dragon Shield slipcase binder is a beautiful piece of work. It’s a high quality cardboard binder which comes with its own card slipcase, basically its own double-sleeve for protection. The binder and slip case come in a variety of designs and once again are based upon Dragon Shield’s many dragon designs. I went with Radix, a dragon of nature and GREEN again.

Now this is expensive and I have used other card portfolio binders in the past but I just like the slipcase design. It makes storage easier, helps protect the cards in the binder even more and as always is a D-ring binder. In my opinion it’s worth paying for the quality as it helps protects your cards for the long run. It also looks really good on your shelf.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Shield once again have produce some really high quality products. I’m really happy with my purchases and easily recommend them to everyone. The 18-pocket pages are something you should all buy, just an amazing and affordable product that will last you a long time.

The playmat is entirely optional and not essential to play. I still really like it though. It’s quite big and the price was pretty low as well as it being very high quality. I enjoy having a reliably safe and stylish place to put my cards and dashboard.

The slipcase binder is also up to you. It is expensive but keeps your cards extra safe and stored stylishly. I like it but I don’t mind paying for the quality and having an eye-catching binder. Only card but still very durable and tough. You can go for cheaper binders although their quality is not the same.
So in the end it’s a massive recommendation for all 3 products. The 18-pocket card sleeves are essential but the other 2 are entirely down to personal preference but do have my endorsement. Remember that they all come in a wide variety of designs so it’s easy to find the design that suits you. If you’re interested in buying any of these products, you can check them out direct from Dragon Shield here.

So until you shield yourself with arcane dragon shields, keep those crits safe!

3 thoughts on “Dragon Shield Accessories

  1. Great review John! Been looking at trying some of the Dragon Shield sleeves for a while. Did you manage to get hold of these from a store in the UK as I’ve had a look on their website and it doesn’t look like you can order direct?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah I got them from any card game shop. I use either Magic Madhouse or Chaos Cards regularly for my Dragon Shield stuff (:


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