Tournament Records

Here’s a place keeping a track of all my competitive progress since I started playing Shadespire from launch.

Warboar November 2017: 2nd Place (Orruks)

HATE January Casual Tournament: Middle (Orruks)

Magic Madhouse January 2018: Joint-2nd (Orruks)

Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes January 2018: 2nd Place (Orruks)

Magic Madhouse Feburary 2018: 1st Place (Stormcast)

Warboar Feburary 2018: 1st Place (Stormcast)

Thor’s Gaming Club 1 Day Tournament: 1st Place (Stormcast)

Warhammer World Grand Clash 1 March 2018: 11th (Stormcast)

Wargames Workshop Northampton March 2018: 1st Place (Skaven)

Marquee Models March 2018: 2nd (Skaven)

Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes March 2018: 1st (Skaven)

The Outpost March 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Magic Madhouse April 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Ibuywargames April 2018: 2nd (Skaven)

Hamlins Toys Berkhamstead April 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Wayland Games April 2018: 3rd (Skaven)

Wargames Workshop Northampton April 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Warhammer World Grand Clash 2 April 2018: 24th (Skaven)

Ibuywargames May 2018: 1st (Skaven) (No sleep 😂)

Dark Sphere May 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Warhammer Fest Grand Clash May 2018: 3rd (Skaven)

London Grand Tournament Grand Clash May 2018: 2nd (Skaven)

UK Games Expo June 2018: 5th (Skaven)

Marquee Models June 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes June 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Hamlins Toys Berkhamstead July 2018: 1st (Farstriders)

Wayland Games July 2018: 1st (Skaven)

The Game Shop Aldershot July 2018: 2nd (Skeletons)

The Dice Saloon July 2018: 4th (Skeletons)

Langden Games August 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Table Top Scotland Grand Clash September 2018: 1st (Skaven)

The Gameshop Aldershot September 2018: 3rd (Orruks)

Geek and Buy Marquee Models September 2018: 3rd (Fiends)

Hamlins Toys Berkhamstead September 2018: 2nd (Fiends)

Weekend Warlords September 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Firestorm Cards September 2018: 1st (Thorns of the Briar Queen)

UK Team Championship October 2018: 2nd (Skaven with Fiends and Garek’s Reavers)

Blood and Glory Grand Clash November 2018: 1st (Skaven)

Blood and Glory Friday Night Clash November 2018: 1st (Thorns of the Briar Queen)

Marquee Models November 2018: 1st (Sepulchral Guard)

Musketballs 1812 December 2018: 1st (Chosen Axes)

Wayland Games December 2018: 4th (Eyes of the Nine)

Warhammer World Grand Clash January 2019: 33rd/21st (Farstriders)

Firestorm Cards January 2019: 3rd (Farstriders)

Marquee Models February 2019: 1st (Magore’s Fiends)

Ibuywargames February 2019: 1st (Stormsire’s Cursebreakers)

Chaos Cards February 2019: 1st (Garek’s Reavers)

Bedford’s Underworlds Brawl February 2019: 1st (Mollog’s Mob)

Firestorm Card February 2019: 5th (Zarbag’s Gitz)

Magic Madhouse March 2019: 3rd (Garek’s Reavers)

Games Workshop Solihull March 2019 : 1st (Eyes of the Nine)

Marquee Models March 2019: 5th (Garek’s Reavers)

Phoenix Games April 2019: 2nd (Zarbag’s Gitz)

Board in Brum April 2019: 2nd (Farstriders)

Game Shop Aldershot May 2019: 1st (Thundrik’s Profiteers)

Wayland Games May 2019: 13th (Godsworn Hunt)

Warhammer Fest May 2019: 12th (Thundrik’s Profiteers)

The Games Table May 2019: 1st (Ylthari’s Guardians)

A Fistful of Dice May 2019: 1st (Garrek’s Reavers)

UK Games Expo June 2019: 25th (Thundrik’s Profiteers)

Wayland Games June 2019: 1st (Zarbag’s Gitz)

Chaos Cards June 2019: 2nd (Godsworn Hunt)

Badmoon Cafe June 2019: 3rd (Godsworn Hunt)

Warhammer World Grand Clash July 2019: 13th (Godsworn Hunt)

Wayland’s Forge July 2019: 1st (Godsworn Hunt)

The Gaming Den August 2019: 6th (Magore’s Fiends)

Warboar August 2019: 1st (Thorns of the Briar Queen)

Chaos Cards August 2019: 1st (Thorns of the Briar Queen)

Tabletop Scotland 2019: 1st (Thorns of the Briar Queen)

Chaos Cards November 2019: 1st (Grashrak’s Despoilers)

Darksphere Shepard’s Bush November 2019: 4th (Skaeth’s Wild Hunt)

The Gaming Den November 2019: 13th (Rippa’s Snarlfangs)

Warhammer Stevenage December 2019: 1st (Rippa’s Snarlfangs)

Warhammer Banbury January 2020: 1st (Lady Harrow’s Mournflight)

Warhammer World Grand Clash January 2020: 3rd (Lady Harrow’s Mournflight)

Warhammer Basildon February 2020: 2nd (Skaeth’s Wild Hunt)

The Game Shop Aldershot February 2020: 2nd (Gyrmwatch)

Marquee Models March 2020: 1st (Grymwatch)

Total Tournaments Attended: 77

Shadeglass Trophies: 34

Total Trophies: 37

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