Weekend Tournament Round-up 3

I went to more tournaments again! Read-on my dear reader to find out if I was plentiful with the crits.

This weekend I attended 2 more tournaments! My time as the Shadespire ronin continues. With 4 Quarterly OP kits under my belt, everything now is more about refining my play for the Grand Clash at Warhammer World in 3 weeks. Hopefully I can win some more trophies along the way 😉


On Saturday I turned up at Ibuywargames in Woking, just outside of London. I had been there before back in February for a Shadespire tournament but it was cancelled due to a lack of turnout. Thankfully today they had 8 people.

My first game was against an opponent I played before running Orruks back when I last came to the store. I was able to win the first game with a wipe-out 16-12 to me but then I lost the next game 8-6. In the final game I made a risky move that ended up me losing the game. I didn’t need to have Skritch charge in and kill Gurzag but if I did I would have gotten 4 glory off of the kill and basically won the game from that point. Sadly my eagerness proved to be my downfall. My opponent still played really well but if I was more reserved and controlled, I most likely would have pulled out the win. It was annoying for myself as I already knew about this error I made from last week’s events but I didn’t effectively improve my game.

The next 2 games where still close affairs against Khorne and Orruks respectively but I was able to pull out a double 2-0 with very decent glory scores to help me secure a second place finish. Not what I wanted yet it did give me a lot of food for thought.

London plays quite aggressively compared to the rest of the UK who generally play with a hold objective focus. With all my time playing around the UK, I had forgotten a lot about dealing with hyper aggression warbands that I was usually fine with. I also needed to change up a few cards just to make things a little more consistent.


The next day I turned up at Hamlins Toys in Berkhamsted. It was my mate’s first tournament as well as the store’s. Sadly with only 4 people turning up in total, the trophy was held back for an event with a bigger turnout but the other prizes up for grabs.

The first round was up against Orruks again. I won the first game with a wipeout but then lost the second due to poor Skritch placement and a Shadeglass Hammer to his face. For the third game I played more reserved, remembering yesterday, and was able to pull out a win.

My next 2 games were against Khorne and Orruks again. In both games I was able to pull out 2-0 victories again. With that I had won another tournament.

So what did I learn over the weekend then? Well I have found that I’m really happy with my positioning. Usually it is quite good but thanks to my games up in Sheffield at The Outpost last week, I feel the players there have helped push it up to the next level thanks to how good their positioning was. I’ve also learned to stop going for risks when I don’t need to. Sure making that crazy charge/move/etc is never going to stop me but not when the risks out-weigh the benefits.

My tournament performance is also exceedingly good. Out of the 7 tournaments I’ve attended since the WHW Grand Clash in March, I’ve won 5 and come second in the other 2. That puts me on a 71.43% win rate and a 100% record for placing in the top 2. A clear example of how crits can change your life.

With the new cards coming out this Saturday, I’ll be going to at least 1 tournament for sure this Sunday and maybe 1 more on the Saturday if I’m lucky as well as my local gaming club HATE on Wednesday for some crazy Shadespire card proxying action. With the time drawing ever closer to the Grand Clash in April, I’ll need to attend as many tournaments as I can to ensure my victory.

Don’t forget, this week I’ll be starting my first in-depth breakdowns of Shadespire warbands, premiering with my aggro Stormcast. Meanwhile I’ll continue to keep rolling crits as well as thinking what to do with 90 acrylic wound tokens and 5 Shadespire deck boxes…

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