Tournament Round-up 4 and General Updates

Another week, another event round-up!

This weekend I popped down to Wayland Games down in Hockley for their first Shadespire tournament. It’s a great store with a huge gaming space in the East of England, located near Southend. My friends go down there for X-wing tournaments and spoke highly of the venue, so my hopes were set high.

Firstly, however, I need to go over some important factors. The tournament was using the Relic for every mission. It was done so because most of the players were new to the game and to help prevent people sitting back. For those not aware, The Relic inspires any model that controls it at the end of the Action Phases as well as giving the controlling player 3 glory. I had never played this game type up until the day of the event. The TO later said this would not be repeated in future events but it’s still something to be mentioned. Secondly I was still using my old cards as my order didn’t arrive on Saturday so I was using my now outdated deck.

Going into my first game was against Skaven, this time a very movement-orientated objective based Skaven. It was an interesting approach but I was able to adapt quickly to it and win both games 2-0.

Next I played Orruks. The first turn went for me until I realised the relic was being used and my opponent sat on it turn 1. I ended up losing 7/8 on glory because of the turn 1 relic. The next game I won 23/8 but then I lost the third game 6/12 partly thanks to my opponent’s strong play, my poor discard choices and the relic, meaning I lost 2-1. It was a weird situation for me because I did play everything correctly but lost partly due to the relic.

Finally I played Skaven again but this time it was pure objectives with keys. Thanks to my experience playing against it so much and my opponent’s newness to the game I won both games 2-0.

All in all I came third thanks to my results. While I was happy with the 3rd place finish, I was not sure what I could have done better. The relic forces Skaven to engage in the middle to prevent the opponent camping it but when against Orruks or Stormcast etc they can now play the waiting game for you coming to them instead of the other way round, which is the complete opposite to how they should be played. It’s not something I’ll run into at Grand Clashes and other tournaments so it was quite difficult to think on what to learn and improve on. Not using the new cards was a factor too.

Despite all that the event was amazing and everyone down there was a blast, definitely somewhere I plan on going to regularly for Shadespire if possible with an awesome community. 100% recommend people going down there for events whether you’re near the area or not. Some of the people there already knew of me on arrival thanks to this very website and my prolific Shadespire facebook posting, so it was nice to see I was of some help to people.

Apart from that I also have some minor site news. The events calendar will be updated later today for UK Shadespire tournaments in April and May as well as the fact that I’ve got Twitter too (if you didn’t know already). Hit me up on @canyourollacrit if you ever want to drop a message about the website, Shadespire or in general. I may even be able to advise you with those all important crit secrets 😉

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