Weekend Tournament Round-up 5

I may have a tournament addiction 🤔

Well it’s been another weekend and I managed to get another Shadespire tournament in before the Grand Clash at Warhammer World this coming Saturday. This time it was at Wargames Workshop Northampton. I had won their last tournament back in March but would I be victorious game again?

After an unexpectedly late arrival (thanks British rail) my first game was against David, an opponent I’ve faced a few times at various events. Our games are always close and last time we played I lost 2-1 at Ibuywargames 2 weeks ago. This time he was using the new Magore’s Fiends. Luckily for me, my friend and I had played a few games just the day before and the Khorne guys were very rough for my Skaven to deal with. Thanks to my new card changes and anti-Khorne tactics, I was able to secure a 2-1 win.

Round 2 I was matched up with a Skaven player. After a very bloody action phase 1 with only Lurking and Festering Skaven left, Lurking was able to kill Skritch in action phase 2 and become a killing monster machine, helping me drag out a win by 2 glory. The second games went a lot smoother for me and ended up with a 2-0 win.

In the final round I was paired against an amazing opponent. He placed 16th at the first Grand Clash I went to in Warhammer World and placed 10th at Adepticon later. Using his Orruks, he was able to give me a thorough thrashing in game 1, killing Skrich in action phase 1 with a combo of Shardfall, Spectral Wings and inspired Gurzag. The second game was just as bloody, with both our leader dying in action phase 2 but I was able to sneak out a 7-5 win thanks to some crafty Skaven tricks. For game 3, the reverse happened of game 1 and I was able to secure a solid win. Overall it was probably my toughest game and opponent to date but he was such a joy to play against, truly a great dude. Definitely one of the many benefits of attending Shadespire events when you get to meet such awesome people.

With that I was given this awesome plaque (pictured above) to go along with the trophy I received there previously in March. If you haven’t been to the store before, I’d deffo recommend it. Another great time had but also great practice with my new deck and tactics in preparation for the upcoming Grand Clash. Time will only tell if my weeks of preparation will pay off. Let’s hope my ability to roll crits stays strong 😂

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