Weekend Tournament Round-Up 15

Nightvault launch weekend means double tournament time!

I was lucky enough to get a weekend off with tournaments on both days, an offer I couldn’t pass up. I used the Underworlds fan event page to help find my events this time. Check it out when you can, it’s a fan powered and covers events all over the world.

From now on I’ll be using the correct terminology as found in the core rules, something I only recently found out about myself.


I was down in Loughborough at the Weekend Warlords for their Nightvault launch tournament. I was supposed to be down in London for a certain store’s launch event but it was merrily messed up, so my X-wing friends recommended me the Weekend Warlords. It was a last-minute switch but I was totally glad I did.

I only had my Skaven and Nightvault warbands with me but they were not allowing the use of the game due to no one having access to it yet, which is totally fine. Instead I went with my Skink Skaven as practice for the upcoming Team Tournament next Saturday. I was testing out just some minor tweaks for cards that I wasn’t finding efficient. Still, the basic list was similar to what I used to win the Scottish Grand Clash.

With a perfect turnout of 8 people, I was itching to claim the Nightvault launch day as win.

Round 1

The day began with a Skaven-off played by the young chap Charlie.

Assuming he was playing hold objectives, I lined up the boards square-on with my 2 objectives as close to no man’s land as possible to mitigate their movement of 5. With the opposing Skaven going first, Lurking went onto an objective. I then put Krrk on guard. Moving his Festering Skaven, I then charged into Hungering with Krrk. Rolling 2 hits, he slashed the rat apart scoring me Change of Tactics and Precise Use of Force. I then played Confusion to swap Skritch who was next to Festering Skaven. The enemy Skritch charged into Krrk so I used Quick Thinker to put my Skritch within 2 hexes of his Krrk. Thankfully he missed but them pushed Skritch back with Nervous Scrabbling. I closed out phase 1 by giving my Krrk Bodyguard for a Price and then using Illusory fighter to put him next to Skritch. It ended with me up 5/1 thanks to me scoring Ploymaster, Master of War and Honed Survival Instincts.

With Sneaky Stab-Stab, I went first and pushed Skritch into range of enemy Krrk. With a smash and a crit, the opposing rat was red mist. The other Skritch inspired and charged in but bounced off my skating on-guard Skritch. Using Incredible Strength, Skritch slid past his opponent and gouged him open which scored me Skritch is the Greatest and Victorious duel. Krrk then charged into Lurking Skaven but missed with Skritch charging into Festering and skewering him on his weapon.

Phase 3 began with Krrk rolling 2 smashes at the adjacent enemy Lurking Skaven yet these bounced off with a single crit. Now that Krrk had Awakened Weapon he charged into Lurking again, rolling a single smash after a re-roll which was countered with a successful dodge. Skritch then charged in, finishing the job with a smash and a crit. Game 1 ended with a 21/1 win to me.

Game 2 had me winning boards so I only had 2 objectives to play with which was perfect for me. Letting my opponent go second, he began by moving Hungering onto an objective whereas I put Krrk on guard. Next the enemy Lurking moved onto another objective. My Krrk charged into Hungering Skaven but rolled a fury and double support yet still granted me a glory via Change of Tactics. Festering moved onto a 3rd objective while I drew Musk of Fear, using it to inspire Krrk and put him on guard. He was then charged by the opposing Skritch who rolled double fury. I then played Confusion to swap Skritch and Festering Skaven around while inspiring them both. He then charged within 2 hexes of Lurking Skaven and the enemy Skritch. With no reactions played, Skritch rolled 2 crits to kill Lurking and score me Advancing Strike as well as Skritch is the Greatest.

In the Upgrade phase I played Bodyguard for a Price on Krrk who was adjacent to Skritch who himself had Sneaky Stab-Stab. Phase 2 began with Skritch and his epic sliding. He pushed himself, while still on guard, and doubled smashed the enemy Krrk away scoring Precise Use of Force. My opponent then brought back Lurking Skaven to my side of the field. Skritch pushed himself in range of his doppelgänger and a smash to put 3 damage onto him. The other Skritch hit back but thanks to Acrobatic I had 3 defence dice and rolled a crit. I hit back but rolled 2 more fury symbols despite having Awakened Weapon. For his 3rd, Lurking moved onto my objective. I used my last activation to roll a crit and a smash to slay the enemy leader, rewarding me with Victorious Duel. Phase 2 ended with Festering Skaven moving up.

Phase 3 was mostly mop-up. Skritch managed to slay 2 clanrats while Krrk finished off the last. The game ended with a 22/2 win to me.

Round 2

Magore’s Fiends were my second foe, ran by another young dude called Harrison.

Losing the roll-off, I placed my standard board down. Surprisingly my opponent responded by setting it up length-ways. I deployed as far back as possible leaving only Lurking Skaven within charge range of Riptooth. The dog charged in but Quick Thinker saved my rat from certain death. I then drew a power card as the Fiends advanced. Krrk charged in, after going on guard, rolling 2 smashes compared to Riptooth’s single dodge. Skritch charged and rolled 2 fury. Even with Ready for Action I rolled another fury with a double support.

Phase 2 had me win priority. Skritch swung at the dog, rolling a smash but was met with a defensive crit. Riptooth then charged in, rolling 3 smashes. Skritch attacked back and slayed the Khorne dog. Krrk then charged into Magore but failed to hit. He hit back and knocked Krrk down to 1 wound. Skritch counter charged using the power of crits to leave Magore with 1 wound left. Magore charged back and left Skritch with a single wound too.

Khorne took the priority in phase 3 and attacked again rolling 2 single supports. Skritch immediately answered with a 2 crit attack. Magore died scoring me Skritch is the Greatest and Victorious Duel. With the last 2 Fiends out of range, the rest of the phase was spent cycling cards. It ended with a 12/1 win to me.

Winning the board this time, I went with a normal board setup. The Fiends slowly advanced as I spent my first activation moving my rats out of their reach. With Change of Tactics, Skritch ended out the phase by killing Riptooth with a smash and a crit. Illusory Fighter was then played to keep him safe from a potential phase 2 Khorne dogpile.

Phase 2 had Ghartok try to charge into Krrk but Quick Thinker saved him from potential harm. Drawing a card, Zharkus moved up. Skritch went on guard for extra protection as Magore also advanced. Skritch then charged into the enemy leader, however the dice were not on his side.

Going first in phase 3, Skritch rolled 2 smashes and slayed Magore which gave me Victorious Duel and Skritch is the Greatest. With Deathly Fortitude, Skritch easily took the brunt from Ghartok’s charge and cut him down with 2 smashes. Zharkus then tried to flee for safety. Skritch quickly closed the gap but only rolled a fury and single support. After the dust settled, it was a 12/0 win to me.

Round 3

Magore’s Fiends were once again my opponent, this time wielded by Jake. It was finals time and we were both undefeated although I was heavily ahead in glory difference.

Game 1 had me lose deployment but Jake set it up horizontally with a small choke point. As I placed my fighters, Riptooth was placed further back which basically meant no Khorne warrior could charge me in phase 1 without Spectral Wings or inspiring. Charging early into Ghartok, Skritch failed to hit. Time Trap was no help either as once again Skritch could only roll fury. Still, I used Illusory Fighter to bring him to safety and ended phase 1 with 3 glory thanks to Ploymaster, Shining Example and Honed Survival Instincts.

Riptooth charged into Lurking Skaven but Quick Thinker helped avoid any damage. Krrk charged into the dog and did 2 damage with a successful smash. Zharkus then charged in and killed Hungering, scoring Advancing Strike and Precise Use of Force. Using Hidden Paths, Skritch swung at Magore but failed to do any damage which closed out the phase as I was able to score Alone in the Darkness, Escalation and Master of War.

With Deathly Fortitude, I went first and swung at Ghartok but once again rolled a fury and double support. Magore quickly moves away from Skritch who hit again at Ghartok but rolled double fury this time. Riptooth charged into Krrk and finally slayed my faithful lieutenant. Skritch swung in with a crit but was crit’d back in response. Ghartok charged into Skritch, however he underestimated my 3 dodges and the attack bounced off. With my last activation, Skritch charged into Magore and rolled a single smash. The Khorne leader rolled a double support and fell, scoring me Victorious Duel. Thanks to that I scored Superior Tactician and ended the game 15/8 to me.

Game 2 began the same as before. Going first Jake moved up. I once again kept my defences up and put Skritch on guard. As the Fiends slowly advanced, I stood my ground a bit further away and managed to score a single glory point.

Skritch and Krrk were now adjacent to each other with Bodyguard for a Price. Being given first activation, I simply put Krrk on guard. Magore then used hidden paths to get adjacent to Krrk to which I responded with my own Hidden Paths to bring him 3 hexes away behind Skritch on another edge hex. With Magore trapped, Jake moved Riptooth behind him. Skritch then attacked Magore but was beaten back by his love for rolling fury. Drawing a card, Great Concussion was played to space things out. Skritch then charged in again but was crit’d back yet I did score Change of Tactics. Spending a glory, Skritch was equipped with Incredible Strength. Ready for Action was played in response and Skritch rolled a smash with a tasty crit. Magore died, scoring me Skritch is the Greatest and Victorious Duel. With no one in range, the Fiends moved up.

Riptooth commenced Phase 3 by charging into Krrk but the Quick Thinker I had been holding onto came into play. Skritch then slid up and cut the dog in a single swing. With no one else in range or who could do damage, card cycling was done until the end. The game closed out with a 9/0 win.

Both sets were close with crucial tipping points in phase 2. I was just able to edge it out with my positioning and combos as well as the tons of practice against Fiends despite it being a terrible matchup for Skaven.

Closing out the day with 3 round wins and no losses, I claimed my first full Q3 kit. Not to mention, another trophy for the pile and also winning a free Nightvault boxset too! It’s funny somehow ending up with 2 starter boxes for free haha. I had an amazing time down at Weekend Warlords, the staff and players there are all superb. Totally worth a pop down for an event or just casual play. They even have a stream setup…


Not content with a single day of gaming, Sunday had me set out to Firestorm Cards with 2 of my good friends who are Xwing veterans. British Rail did us no favours and we ended up an hour late but the store was grateful enough to wait.

This time I was using my newly painted Thorns of the Briar Queen. I was also using my own deck list which I had developed myself and was refining use with. I won’t be publishing it (yet) as I really enjoy playing the Thorns and plan to use them at upcoming Grand Clashes if they continue to work for me. As I’ve said previously, it’s under wraps for now 😉

Still, the event had 5 players so someone had to take a bye every round. With great eagerness, my first Nightvault-legal tournament began.

Round 1

My mate Alex would be my first opponent using his Cursebreakers with a decklist that I had written up in my Warband Review article on them.

Losing board placement, I used the new “pyramid board” as my own and placed the 3 objectives around them. Going first, Stormsire tried to blast a Chainrasp away with Fulmination but rolled 2 channels. Activating Varclav I pushed all my ghosts out of charge range and onto the 3 objectives in my half. Ammis successfully casted Empower while the Ever-Hanged went on guard. Rastus inspired too and was then charged by the Hanged, a crit beating out the block to leave the Evocator with 2 wounds left. Rastus hit back with 3 smashes and left my Chainrasp with a single wound. The Briar Queen charged in but failed to roll any hits. Thanks to Endless Malice, I struck again and rolled a crit with a fury. Rastus died scoring me Treacherous Foe as well as Precise Use of Force. Stormsire charged at the Ever-Hanged but once again failed to roll any focuses. I closed out phase 1 with a successful Supremacy.

Phase 2 began with Stormsire blasting apart the Ever-Hanged with a crit and a focus. In response I played Sudden Appearance, placing the Briar Queen next to Stormsire. With no response, I began my activation and she inspired which put her up to damage 4 thanks to Great Strength. Rolling 2 fury and a crit, the Stormcast was ripped apart by ethereal thorns. The last 2 Evocators backed up but the Briar Queen charged in and eviscerated Rastus.

Phase 3 had Ammis charged in, killing a Chainrasp. The Queen charged back. With a crit and a fury, the last Stormcast was torn asunder. Spending the rest of the activation cycling cards, the game ended 22/3 to me.

Game 3 had me win boards so I had to play around having only 2 home objectives. Going first, I moved all the Chainrasps back with Varclav. Ammis inspired via Empower while the Ever-Hanged went on guard. Rastus casted Empower as well while the Ever-Hanged charged into Stormsire, failing to roll any smashes but scoring me change of tactics. Using Deathly Fortitude and Ready for Action, he struck again with a smash doing 2 damage. Averon used his Fulmination but the Ever-Hanged dodged out-of-the-way. I then used Sudden Appearance to place the Briar Queen next to Rastus but in range of all the Stormcast. Inspiring, her vines struck out at the weakend enemy leader and once again cut him to ribbons.

With Great Strength the Briar Queen struck first in phase 2. With a crit and 2 fury Rastus was torn asunder like his leader previously. Ammis, in no position to harm my leader, charged into a Chainrasp and obliterated the ghost. The Queen charged into her female foe, rolling a single fury. Ammis tried to duck out-of-the-way but with a double support she too was killed by a flurry of ethereal roses. The rest of phases 2 and 3 were spent cycling cards and the game ended with a 20/3 win to the Thorns of the Briar Queen.

Round 2

Darren was my next opponent yet this time he had Steelheart’s Champions. Once again it would be trying to figure out which style of play they would be.

After boards were setup, I had 4 objectives in my zone despite winning board placement. Going first thanks to 3 crits, Varclav moved the ghosts back as much as possible and onto 3 of my home objectives. Obryn charged in but failed to roll any smashes. Tireless Assault was played which allowed Obryn to score precise use of force by killing my Ever-Hanged. I spent the rest of the phase moving around and chipping away at the Stormcast. Thanks to Change of Tactics and Treacherous Foe I was able to score Supremacy and Escalation.

In phase 2, Brightshield charged into a Chainrasp. 3 crits ensured he died allowing her to score Lightning Strikes. At risk of being overwhelmed, an inspired Queen with incredible strength managed to cut down Obryn with 2 fury. Sevrin was out of range so all he could do was move forwards.

Phase 3 had Brightshield charge in, obliterating another Chainrasp. However now she was deep within my territory and unable to be activated again. Turning my attention to Sevrin, Drifting Advance was used to get Chainrasps everywhere. With an adjacent ghost to her target, the Queen rolled a double support with 2 single supports. Sevrin defended with a block but was overwhelmed by the Nighthaunt and dragged to his death resulting in a 15/8 win for my first game.

Game 2 went like the first in regards to setup. Darren went first this time, charging in with Brightshield. Her single smash was countered with a crit and she was left stranded. Once again I used Varclav to move my Chainrasps to safety. Once on my objectives, the Briar Queen began harassing Brightshield with her thorns. By the end of phase 1 she was dead.

Supremacy and Our Only Way Out had been scored so I could relax a little with the objectives. Obryn charged into the Ever-Hanged but failed to do any damage while Sevrin survived the assaults of the Queen but was unable to do any damage himself. Obryn was then given Deathly Fortitude.

Going first in phase 3, I used Varclav to make sure the Chainrasps were at least 2 hexes away from Obryn. He had 6 wounds now so it was too much work to kill him so I just ignored the Stormcast as he only had movement 1. Sevrin struck at the Briar Queen but she blocked back with crits. Whipping it good, Sevrin was hacked apart. Cycling cards, game 2 ended 15/5 for the ghosts.

Round 3

For the final showdown I’d be facing my good friend David again. He was using his Cursebreakers to close out my Stormcast Sunday.

Going first, Averon casted Fulmination with a single focus but my Chainrasp dodged successfully. Using Varclav, I moved everyone away. Avercharged in but this time rolled 2 channels instead. My ghosts continued to move around thanks to Varclav while the rest of the Cursebreakers inspired themselves. I closed out phase 1 with a sneaky Supremacy and Our Only Way Out.

The Cursebreakers went first again. This time Stormsire inspired rolled a focus and a crit, scoring Advancing Strike and Measured Strike as he obliterated a Chainrasp with magic. Using Sudden Appearance I inspired the Queen as she tore Rastus apart with her Briar Whip. Ammis charged deeper into my lines and slayed another Chainrasp.

Going into phase 3, the Cursebreakers had overtaken me thanks to their aggro push. Averon charged into the Ever-Hanged but missed. The Briar Queen, who now had Inescapable Vengeance, appeared behind Stormsire and tore him apart with her thorns. Ammis then vanquished the Ever-Hanged with 3 smashes. Using Varclav to space everyone out, I ended phase 3 with Escalation, Alone in the Darkness, Superior Tactician and A Destiny to Meet so that game 1 ended with a super narrow 15/14 victory to me!

Game 2 had me with the home field advantage. Averon charged in with a magical blast. With 2 focuses, he pushed back a Chainrasp and used Trap to finish the job and score Advancing Strike. Varclav then pushed all the remaining Chainrasps away. Ammis next inspired herself with Empower. Drawing a card, Hidden Paths was played to put Ammis next to Varclav. I then used Great Concussion to space her 2 hexes away from Varclav while also pushing the Cursebreakers further back. Rastus spent his last activation inspiring while Varclav moved the Chainrasps again to score me another Supremacy combo with Our Only Way Out.

I had previously played Sudden Appearance and placed the Briar Queen next to Rastus. Now with Great Strength I went first. Rolling 2 fury, Rastus was torn apart. Stormsire tried to blast apart another Chainrasp but failed to get any focuses. Using Inescapable Vengeance the Briar Queen materialised next to Averon and slayed him with her ghostly touch. With not much left to do, Ammis killed the Ever-Hanged.

Going first, I used Varclav to get more objectives with his push. Ammis now had both strength upgrades so I gave Varclav Deathly Fortitude. The Evocator rolled a crit and a smash. Twisting the Knife, Varclav (re)died. Her victort was short-lived however as the Queen appeared behind her and ended the Stormcast’s brief rampage. After cycling, game 2 ended with a 22/9 win for the Thorns.

With 3 round wins my ghosts had done it! It was very tough at points but the super mobility of the warband helped me edge out a lot of wins. There are definitely changes and refinements to be made but I’m very happy with how well they did.

If you’re ever in the area, you should check out Firestorm Cards. They’re a little difficult to get to but run events very well. Plus the staff and regulars are great too. Once again I’ll also recommend Weekend Warlords. They’re seriously awesome as well.

With that it’s time to decide what to use for the Team Tournament Grand Clash on Saturday. My teammates are assembled and our crits are united.

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