Product Review: DnDice Folding Dice Tray

Dice trays are important too.

If you’re like me then you care about your dice and where to roll them. I use dice trays to prevent dice hitting miniatures, tokens, cocking and preventing dice from rolling off the table. Today I’ll be reviewing the dice tray by DnDice who were kind enough to give me this to go over for free.

So one good question is what made me decide to review this? Firstly I first saw my friend with one of these and was instantly drawn to the eye-catching design. Secondly was I getting unsatisfied with my KR Multicase Accessory Case. While it’s great for tabletop gaming, token storage and counting as two dice trays, I was finding that cocked dice were becoming a common occurrence. Now this is where the dice lands in such a way that it’s not flat and basically has to be re-rolled. Tired of this repeatedly happening due to the size of Underworlds dice, I opted for the DnDice tray for its depth and raised sides.

The tray is made of coloured felt and black PVC leather with a hard solid base. Once in dice tray mode it goes from a flat piece of felt to a sturdy place to roll dice. It’s robust and hard-wearing. The main problem I have with normal neoprene dice trays that share a similar design is that they’re just too soft and don’t hold well to rolling dice in my experience. The DnDice Folding Dice Tray offers the same storage ability as neoprene dice trays while being far more robust to roll dice in.

Next I’ll go over the size:

As you can see while unfolded it take up the space of half a game board. This makes it quite easy for storage purposes where I keep it in my laptop case amongst my other game boards.

To change it into a dice tray, simply clip the corners together into their metallic clasps and you’ll have something looking like this:

Stylish! It’s strong and firm. Won’t come apart unless you break it down again. The depth is also really nice so you can be stronger with your dice rolls as they’ll just bounce off the walls. Sadly you still get cocked dice but it’s much less common than compared with my KR Accessory Case. Noise reduction is also good as the felt absorbs most of the sound.

Now on to what’s good and bad!


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Strong and firm once folded into a dice tray.
  • Comes in 14 colours.
  • Felt helps keep dice noise to a minimum.
  • Feels like a high-end product, the combination of PVC leather and felt is really nice.


  • Price, around £1 more than my KR Accessory case but their website offers free UK shipping so it’s actually cheaper. Still more expensive than other foldable dice trays on the market.
  • Cocked dice is extremely rare but still happens (but that’s more so to do with the size and shape of Underworlds dice).
  • Felt can accumulate dirt if not stored correctly/kept clean.

Overall I’d highly recommend the DnDice Folding Dice Tray. While it is a little expensive I find the product to be really worth the money. Dice trays may seem like an excessive add-on to the game but it’s good to have a place where both players can roll dice so it doesn’t interfere with the game. Also the colour choice, I went with green (because green is the best) but you’re really spoilt for choice. The tray is also useful for other board games as well as RPGs.

DnDice also make a wide range of solid metal RPG dice if that takes your fancy. Rather expensive for dice but actually not so much for metal dice. They do look really nice but if they only did metal Warhammer Underworlds dice… *extremely heavy coughing*

Seriously though, another thing to add is how great DnDice’s customer service is. They’re quick to respond and friendly. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions before buying as well as helping guide your purchase. The free UK shipping is great and they even ship to the rest of the world with discounted shipping costs. For those interested, you can buy the DnDice Folding Dice Tray from their website here. You can also purchase it on Amazon at their page there if you wish instead.

I did get this for free but I would have bought it if this wasn’t the case. I’ve tested it over several days of gaming and it’s just a really good product. It even facilitates the rolling of crits, just ask my opponents!

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