Warhammer TV

The Twitch takeover continues.

The April surprises don’t stop happening! Today I can finally reveal something I’ve been working at for a while now. This Thursday Warhammer TV will be dedicating the day to all things Warhammer Underworlds. The schedule is a follows:

16:00 – Warband showcase with Nick and Wade

17:00 – Tactics Corner for Thundrik’s Profiteers and Ylthari’s Guardians with Wade, Jay Clare and myself!

18:00 – Battle in the Nightvault, me and Jay Clare face-off with our respective warbands.

First Nick Bayton will be showing off all the warbands he has painted for Warhammer Underworlds (and it’s a lot!). He’ll going through how he painted them covering the whole process from conversions to inspirations.

Next me and Jay will be using our canny knowledge and long experience to give you all the tactical tips to get the most out of the new warbands. Card combos galore will be divulged upon you along with some sneaky warband specific tricks.

After that me and Jay will be finally playing against each other live on-stream! Who will be victorious? To help make up your mind I’ve got some facts:

  • Me and Jay are both tied on warbands that we’ve won Shadeglass Trophies with. Now we only have 3 warbands left (5 now thanks to the latest expansions), time will tell who will complete the task first.
  • We both have won 2 Grand Clashes. Jay has won Warhammer World’s first Grand Clash and the first ever team Grand Clash at the UKTC 2018 back in October 2018. I’m the only person to win 2 single Grand Clashes but it still leaves us tied.
  • Both our names begin with J.
  • I have the most Shadeglass trophies in the world but Jay is the Chuck Norris of wargaming.

As you can see we’re quite evenly matched. Who do you think will win?

Warband-wise I’ll be using the glorious Thundrik’s Profiteers while Jay will be using the mysterious Ylthari’s Guardians. We decided to put restrictions on ourselves too. We won’t have access to all cards available and instead will only use cards that come in our respective boxed expansions. This is so people get a better feel for the warbands as we can show off most of their faction cards and interactions. Decklists will be posted in the Twitch chat before the faceoff, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you have anything you want me and Jay to talk about (remember, we can’t cover FaQs/erattas as they wouldn’t be official coming from us!) just post a comment or message, even it’s just telling me that you’ll know I’ll win (I’m very modest). But seriously, drop a message or hang around in the Twitch chat live! Wade will do his best to contain us but there can be no promises.

Once the show is over (boo) please give your feedback to Warhammer TV on their Facebook page. Tell them what you loved, what you didn’t and what you’d like to see on future shows dedicated to Warhammer Underworlds. Keep in mind, we’re doing all of this to give you the best content possible!

So remember, check out Warhammer TV live on Twitch here, from 1600 BST on Thursday the 23rd of April. There’ll be glorious warbands, astonishing tactics and a sizzling showdown! If you miss it live then you can watch the show back on the channel’s Twitch archives for subscribers. Don’t miss it. There will be crits 😉

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