Upcoming Grand Clashes

Grand Clashes are in the air!

The Warhammer Fest Grand Clash is happening this Saturday on the 11th of May but there are quite a few coming up all over the world. If you’ve never been, a Grand Clash is a national tournament were players compete for victory and that coveted 1st place trophy. While mainly competitively focussed, prizes start from the top 64 as well as best painted. Plus these events are great placed to turn up and play while socialising with the amazing Underworlds gaming scene.

They’re not as common as regular store tournaments but I always recommend to check a Grand Clash out at least once. Here’s a list of upcoming Clashes from across the world:

May 11th – Warhammer Fest

Come down to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for a 1 day Grand Clash! Battle for glory while browsing what’s on offer in between games. I’ll be down so feel free to say hi if you’re there! It’ll also be showcasing a playable build of Warhammer Underworlds Online.


May 31st – UK Game Expo 2019

On a Friday for another single day Grand Clash. The UKGE is always tough but it has an enjoyable environment for board game lovers. Once again I’ll be there too.

2nd June – Objective Secured

Travel down to Pert in Western Australia for their Grand Clash!



July 6th to July 7th – Warhammer World

Warhammer World’s first 2 day Grand Clash! I’ll be there to enjoy the momentous occasion. No event pack is out yet but I can’t wait to see the format! The best thing is that it still costs the same as a 1 say Grand Clash!


July 13th to July 14th – American Team Championship (ATC) 2019

Americans get to play in a full team Grand Clash! Players of 3 team up to take on others. The UK Team Championship was so much fun and you lucky Americans will love this format too. Just remember all unique factions and no sharing of cards between players!


August 1st to August 4th – Gen Con 2019

Check out GenCon in the lovely Cincinnati in August for their 1 day Grand Clash!


August 7th to August 11th – European Team Championship (ETC) 2019

Now this is something I’ve been helping to setup and I’m very excited about it. Friday the 8th hosts a single day Grand Clash. Saturday to Sunday hosts the 5 player team tournament! Teams of 5 from all over the world face-off for ultimate battle. Who will emerge victorious? With 80 players and 14 teams for both events, it won’t be easy. I’ll be there with my team too 😉



August 24th – Tabletop Scotland 2019

Tabletop Scotland is hosting another single day Grand Clash in Perth! Come down for the test of Scottish power while enjoying the beautiful scenery. I’ll be there too, defending my title as last year’s winner for my first Grand Clash victory.


August 29th to September 1st – NOVA Open 2019

A strange formatted Grand Clash with the first 3 rounds from Thursday to Saturday with the final on Sunday. If that schedule suits you then pop down and play in another American Grand Clash!


October 26th to October 27th – SoCal Open 2019

Play in lovely SoCal for their Grand Clash. Another American Grand Clash too!


That’s all the upcoming Grand Clashes for now. The UK has a lot but Europeans and Americans will have Clashes to play at too. Come down if possible for a great time, you’ll probably even see me at one of them too haha. Come for the glass, stay for the crits 😉

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