Grand Clash Round-Up 9

It’s time to see who’s best at the fest.

This Saturday past I went to the Warhammer Fest Grand Clash. Last year I had come 3rd, being beaten out by the now-dead Katophrane Relic list. This year there were no such obstacles in my way. I’ve already won 2 Grand Clashes but it’s always nice to have a 3rd under your belt.

For the tournament I’d be using Thundrik’s Profiteers. They’re my main warband now and I just have so much fun using them. Unfortunately my decklist has to remain secret for now as I’m going to the UK Game Expo 2019 Grand Clash ans so I just need to keep it secret a little longer. In regards to practice I had about 30 games with the warband, which included winning a 20 player tournament. I was confident, especially after playing tough opponents such as David Smee (Underworlds’ best statistician) and Aman of Hexes and Warbands.

Despite no decklist, I can share some tactics. I enjoy Profiteers for many reasons, namely their inspire mechanic and threat range. I’ve talked about the inspire mechanic a lot already in my Warband Review but the threat range is an important subject. Despite being movement 2 (3 upon inspiring), this gives the warband a general threat range of 5 hexes (6 when inspired)! That’s better than movement 3 warbands with range 1 attacks who have a threat range of 4 and as good as movement 5 fighters with range 1 attacks when inspired. This allows me to chase down people trying to hide away or out-pace slower warbands with ranged superiority.

With that we had 90 players at the clash. It wasn’t 164 like back in January but it’d still be tough. There would be around 5 to 6 undefeated players which meant you had to go 2-0 every game for a guaranteed place in the final.

Captain’s Log: Smashing

Round 1

First game of the day was against Tony and his Ylthari’s Guardians. Normally this is a bad matchup but I’d played against some of the best Ylthari’s Guardians players in the country and was confident with the pairing now. Wining boards, we both placed the Arcane Nexus and I set it in diagonal configuration.

Losing priority, Gallanghan charged in but failed to roll any smashes. Lund rolled a smash, driving Gallanghan back to score What Armour and promote Drakkskewer. Ylthari charged in and successfully casted the reaping with a crit, doing 1 damage to him. Seeing her exposed, I gave Drakkskewer Potion of Rage. He charged in rolling 2 smashes and a crit. She took 3 damage and died. I scored only 1 glory but immediately crippled the opposing warband. Ahnslaine charged against Lund but I beat her smash with a block. I then played Seek the Skyvessel to move Alensen through a lethal hex and score Calculated Risk, inspiring Ironhail. With Rapid Reload he charged Gallanghan. 2 crits and a fury scored me Get Thee Hence and then Headshot. I then fired again and blasted Ahnslain for 1 damage. I gave him Fighter’s Ferocity and reacted with Ready for Action. He attacked Ahnslaine a rolled 2 crits. She took 2 damage and scored me Death From Afar. Skhathael charged Drakkskewer but missed.

I won priority for phase 2. Lund had Archer’s Focus and Gloryseeker. He shot Gallanghan with a crit and a hit which killed him to score me Seeking Advancement. Skhathael attacked Drakkskewer but only did 2 damage with 2 smashes. I put Ironhail on guard. Skhathael attack again rolling a crit and hit so then Drakkskewer died. Ironhail charged and rolled a crit with a fury. The Sylvaneth took 2 damage and then was driven into a lethal hex. The rest of the game was spent cycling cards and I won 16/5.

Game 2 had me lose boards but deployment remained the same.

Tony went first and put Gallnghan on guard. I moved Alensen through a lethal hex and scored Calculated Risk. Gallanghan charged in and did 2 damage to Drakkskewer with a crit. Lund shot back with 2 smashes but Gallanghan rolled a crit so he took 1 damage. Ylthari charged Drakkskewer. A crit and a focus meant he did and she inspired. Lund attacked again and missed. Skhathael moved up. Lund shot and missed. Ahnslaine charged Lund but rolled 2 fury. Lund shot Gallanghan again with a crit and he rolled 2 crits. Oh well.

I won priority for phase 2 and charged Skhathael with Lund only to roll double fury. Ykthari then killed Alensen with Sphere of Aqshy and got the Reaping off on Ironhail and kill him. Thundrik went on Guard and Skhathael killed Lund with a crit and a smash. Thundrik then missed Gallanghan who rolled 2 crits for defence.

In phase 3 Thundrik somehow managed to survive through sheer luck but still failed to roll any successful attacks over 4 more activations. In the end I lost 1/12.

I won boards but we both kept our Arcane Nexus boards the same.

Gallanghan went on guard. So did Drakkskewer. He charged in but rolled 2 supports. Drakkskewer charged in and did 2 damage to Gallanghan so we both had scored Change of Tactics so I promoted Lund. Ylthari charged Drakkskewer and rolled a crit to do 1 damage and inspire. Lund shot Gallanghan who then rolled a crit to beat my 2 smash so I took damage. Again. Skhathael moved up so I gave Potion of Rage to Lund. He charged Ykthari and rolled a crit and a smash. She took 2 damage and I pushed her into a lethal hex to kill her. After this I scored What Armour? And Headshot. Ahnslaine charged but missed so Thundrik charged Gallnghan who once again rolled a crit to do 1 damage to Thundrik.

Losing priority, Gallanghan swung into Drakkskewer for 2 damage. Givining Lund Archer’s Focus, he charged and killed Gallanghan while taking 1 damage in return because he rolled a crit against my crit and smash. Ahnslaine then shot and killed Drakkskewer. Ironhail charged Skhathael and beat him with a single fury on 4 dice to drive him back and score Get Thee Hence. He then played Faneway Crystal, charging Ironhail with 2 smashes and driving him into and adjacent lethal hex.

Losing priority, Skhathael charged and killed Alensen but took 1 damage from Stand and Shoot, then put Transfixing Stare on Thundrik. This was fine. Skhatahel was wounded. Lund charged to be 3 hexes away and rolled a smash. I re-rolled the fury to another smash. Skhathael rolled a crit. Ahnslaine charged in with Gloryseeker and Potion of Rage to kill Lund via a smash and a crit. Thundrik shot and killed Skhathael to get 2 glory with Tome of Offerings. He then shot 2 more times, missing first then being beaten with a crit. This meant my big lead changed to a 14/15 loss.

I had narrowly lost but ended the game on +1 glory difference. I was unable to win the clash now but I’d still play on for fun and practice.

Round 2

Next I was up against Tim and his beautifully painted Cursebreakers. Winning the board roll, he placed the Shyishian Stardial while I set the Arcane Nexus wide.

Going first Ammis tried to cast Empower but rolled a focus so I then put Drakkskewer on guard. Rastus then tried to cast Empower but rolled a focus too. Drakkskewer charged Ammis, with 2 smashes she took 2 damage and I scored Change of Tactics, then I promoted Lund. Ammis then successfully casted Empower to score Harness the Storm. I played Seek the Skyvessel and moved Alensen to score Calculated Risk then moved Lund into position. He attack with 2 smashes and she died to score me What Armour? as well as Death From Afar. Stormsire simply shot back with a successful Fulmination to inspire.

Tim won priority and successful casted Empower to inspire Rastus. With Rapid Reload while being promoted, Ironhail charged Stormsire. The first volley of 4 dice only rolled a single fury which was easily defended. I reacted and attacked again with 2 crits and a fury to drive Stormsire back 2 hexes to score Get Thee Hence then Headshot. Stormsire then was equipped with Tempest’s Might and shot at Ironhail. A crit and a focus meant he was blasted away. Drakkskewer went on guard as did Stormsire. I drew a card as to not commit so Stormsire charged in but rolled only channels. He reacted with Lightning Assault only to roll a single focus which I defended with a block. Drakkskewer charged back only to roll double fury.

Going first, Rastus charged into Drakkskewer with 2 smashes to successfully score What Armour? I equipped Lund with Gloryseeker. He charged Stormsire and rolled 2 crits. His target rolled no crits and thus was blown apart to score me Seeking Advancement. My continuing attacks were unable to kill Rastus who went on to score Denial and Conquest but I scored more objectives to win 15/9.

I lost the board roll but we both kept the same boards. Tim set them wide.

Losing priority Ammis failed to cast Empower. Drakkskewer attacked in return only to miss as well. Ammis casted Empower then played Sidestep to be pushed adjacent to my fighter. Drakkskewer charged Stormsire and managed to damage him with 2 smashes. Ammis then promptly charged him, killing the Duardin with a crit and a smash to score Measured Strike. I then simply moved Ironhail out of range from Stormsire. Rastus casted Empower then moved up.

With some new objectives, I put Lund on guard. Stormsire charged Ironhail but rolled 2 channels. Lund charged back with a crit and a samsh. This scored me Change of Tactics, Headshot and What Armour? Ammis then moved up. I played Toxic Gases and she took 1 damage. I then gave Lund Gloryseeker and reacted with Ready for Action, a single smash later and she was dead to score me Seeking Advancement. I closed off the action phase by moving Thundrik into enemy territory.

Winning priority, Lund shot and killed Stormsire with 2 crits. Rastus then ran outside of charge range. Unable to kill him. I simply drew cards. Thundrik remained in enemy territory to stop Denial. Tim scored Conquest but I was able to score more and prevent Denial to win 13/9.

Round 3

Next I was up against Rob who I had played many times before, last week even. He was using Magore’s Fiends which I had practiced a lot against. Unfortunately we had to play each other. I won the board roll-off and we both chose the Arcane Nexus so I set them in diagonal configuration.

Losing priority and going first, I simply put Lund on guard. Rob played Spectral Wings and charged with Riptooth but failed to roll any fury. Lund shot him back for a single smash to score What Armour? Magore then inspired birds Furious Inspiration. With Commanding Stride, he pushed into charge range. He charged Lund but my dodge beat his smash. Lund attacked again with a single crit to score Headshot. The rest of the Fiends advanced while I failed to hit with my remaining attacks.

Losing priority, Magore charged Lund so I reacted with Stand and Shoot. 2 smashes and no crit meant he took 3 damage via Gloryseeker to score me Seeking Advancement. I promoted Ironhail and had him charge Riptooth, a single fury got through and I drove him back to score Get Thee Hence. Riptooth inspired via Inspiration Strikes then promptly charged and killed Ironhail. I played Toxic Gases on Riptooth who chose to take the damage. Pormoted Drakkskewer then charged the Flesh Hound who promptly took 2 smashes and died.

Phase 3 had Lund shoot Zharkus for 3 damage. He then charged Lund and drove him back with a smash and a crit. Thundrik shot back to kill the Khorne Blood Warrior to score Death From Afar. Ghartok charged through a lethal hex to score Calculated Risk. He attacked Drakkskewer but missed. He then played Great Strength with Ready for Action and attacked again but I successfully defended with a block. Lund charged and finished him off. The game ended 17/11 to me.

Game 2 had me win boards again so everything remained mostly the same.

I lost priority again so simply put Lumd on guard. Rob inspired Magore and I passed. He then played Spectral Wings so I played Distraction on Magore. Riptooth then charged but failed to roll any hits. Lund charged away doing a single point of damage then drove Riptooth through a lethal hex to score Change of Tactics. Ghartok then used Hidden Paths so I moved Alensen through a lethal hex to score Calculated Risk and moved Thundrik 2 hexes away. Promoting himself, he shot Ghartok over 2 activations to score Death From Afar.

Winning priority, I put Thundrik on guard. Riptooth charged into him, took 1 damage then I reacted with Stand and Shoot, rolled 2 crits and he promptly died. Ironhail charged Zharkus, rolled 3 crits to drive him back for Get Thee Hence. Zharkus charged with Faneway Crystal but failed to roll any smashes. He then proceeded to be dog piled by armored Duardin. The rest of the game was spent cycling cards and I won 20/7.

Round 4

Cursebreakers would be my final opponent played by Paul, another regular opponent of mine. We had played last week and I had triumphed but could I do it again? I won the roll-off so Paul placed the Cursed Oubliette while I set the Arcane Nexus in diagonal configuration.

Getting to go first I put Drakkskewer on guard. Ammis then failed to cast Empower. I charged Rastus with Drakkskewer. I rolled 2 smashes and he took 2 damage while scoring Change of Tactics and promoted Ironhail. I then passed. Ammis failed to cast Empower so I then gave Drakkskewer Tome of Offerings and reacted with Ready for Action. A smash and a crit later, he was dead giving me bonus glory and Seeking Advancement. Ammis finally casted Empower. Ironhail charged her rolling 2 fury and driving her back to score Get Thee Hence. Stormsier charged but rolled double channels so I used Seek the Skyevssel to move up Lund and Thundrik.

Drakkskewer with Gloryseeker charged Stormsire. 2 smashes meant he took 4 damage and died. Ammis charged so I reacted with Stand and Shoot. I rolled a single crit to do 1 damage and score Headshot. Drakkskewer took 3 damage via a crit and and a smash then was killed by Sphere of Aqshy. Ironhail charged back with Fighter’s Ferocity. The first volley did 1 damage thanks to a single fury but the second unleashed 3 crits which did 2 damage and killed Ammis. The rest of the game was spent cycling cards and I won 18/4.

Game 2 had me lose the roll-off but boards were kept the same.

Paul deployed further back this time in attempt to starve me. I put Drakkskewer on guard and charged. Only his pistol was in rage but it allowed me to score Change of Tactics. The rest of the Cursebreakers inspired via Empower while Stormsire successfully casted Sphere of Aqshy at Drakkskewer. He then shot my Duardin with Fulmination, rolling a crit and a smash for 2 damage.

I spent phase 2 cautiously moving up while the Cursebreakers stood still as they were in an easy position to kill any of my fighters if I got too close. Stormsire then made an advancing charge, blowing apart Ironhail with a double focus. Then Paul equipped Deathly Fortitude to Stormsire.

Phase 3 had me try to score objectives but I couldn’t get close due to a powered up Stormsire and his threat range. I still tried keeping in the game but enden up losing 3/16.

I lost boards but once again setup remained the same.

Paul made the mistake of placing Stormsire in the corner. I took the chance and put Drakkskewer on guard. Paul then tried to Empower Ammis but failed. I then charged an inspired Stormsire. Drakkskewer rolled a single fury but his target only rolled a single block on 2 dice. Due to him being trapped my attack went through and I scored Change of Tactics. I promoted Drakkskewer then gave him Potion of Rage and reacted with Ready for Action. I was 2 hexes away and attacked with the Skypike. I rolled 2 smashes on 4 dice. Paul failed to roll a crit so Stormsire died which scored me Seeking Advancement. Ammis then Empowered and charged so I reacted with Stand and Shoot. I rolled a crit (BELIEVE) to score Headshot then took 3 damage in return.

Winning priority, Rastus charged and killed Drakkskewer. I played Toxic Gases on Rastus who took a damage. Lund charged with Gloryseeker and killed the Stormcast to score What Armour? Ammis made a big charge then tried to setup a magical explosion but Paul got Cry of Thunder mixed up with Rend the Earth in terms of effects. Still he killed Alensen with Distraction by pushing him into a lethal hex and then playing Shardgale. My warband promptly jumped on her and Thundrik finished her off to score Death from Afar. We spent the remainder of the game cycling cards and I won 17/9.

Once the results where finalised I had finished 12th out of 90 with the scores of 1-2, 2-0, 2-0, 2-1 and a glory differential of +39. Not my best result but not my worst either. I didn’t beat my 3rd place position of last year but there’s always next time. Special thanks go to Aman from Hexes and Warbands for being an awesome training buddy, awesome dude and managing to make it to the final as the only undefeated player at the event!

I was also able to snag some fancy loot.

I’ll be playing around at the UK Game Expo on Friday the 31st of May for their Grand Clash. If you’re around, come and say hi! Till then I’ll be busy rolling crits 😉

2 thoughts on “Grand Clash Round-Up 9

  1. It was a nice game!! Glad to read the report and know that i played against one of the best players!!
    Regards from Spain ^^

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