Banned and Restricted Updates, FaQs and more!

It’s happening again.

Well the time has come and Games Workshop has updated the errata and FAQ side of Warhammer Underworlds. Today I’ll be going over the main changes as long as some useful gameplay tips as appropriate. So read on!

New Restricted Cards

Tome of Offerings was kinda expected really. It’s in every deck and absolutely busted with Mollog. Now that it’s restricted horde warbands can breath a sigh of relief. Aggro players lose out but only marginally. Maybe Mollog players will take it but as a restricted card I’d rather take Sudden Growth, Deathly Fortitude or Sudden Growth.

Longstrider is our second new restricted card. Basically a Mollog only card. It’s a shame for other warbands that tried to make the most of it but it was pretty much religiously used by the wandering Troggoth. I’d compare this to the restriction of Loner and Perfect Planning where hard control players were hit with their uninteractive play, now Mollog players need to choose between having a reliable objective deck or a buffed up Mollog from restricted power cards.

Forbidden Chamber Board Names

Shattered Refractor is the official name, ayyyyyyy. You heard it here first haha. Molten Shardpit is a great name but I’ll forever miss you Amber Catacomb.

New Organised Play Rule

July Warhammer World Grand Clash players would have already known about this rule but it’s a great change. Balances out certain boards and forces people to think about what they put down. Helps mitigate Calculated Risk and people spamming long boards. Thundrik’s Profiteers are probably most hurt by this change.


Let’s get the big one out of the way. I love the magic changes. With the full release of Nightvault, magic went from fun to insane. These changes ease a lot of those problems, namely you need you have line of sight to cast a spell and you need a valid target for the spell so no more casting spells just to trigger objectives.

Empower spam being removed is also a welcomed change. I was tired of seeing Cursebreaker players sitting back at the edge of the board just spamming Empower over and over again. Cursebreakers are hit hard by all these changes but they still do the aggro and magic game reliably, they just stopped being a brain-dead faction. No longer can you autopilot your way to victory.

Tome of Healing and Insight officially have the Katophrane Tome keyword now, great.

Keep Them Guessing no longer counts fighter card reactions. Amazing. I loved this card but reactions counting towards it made the card busted.


General FAQs

Relics are now official dead and it’s good. Trading Up was the main offender but even then, getting to 8 glory is easy with the current game state. Now if you want relics you need 12 glory. No tricks or workarounds.


Also this.

Rebound happens before you determine damage for Fated Blade, meaning you choose to Rebound no damage or pass to risk taking 0 to 5 damage in return. Good to see I was right.

Yeah I was wrong about Snirk and fighters that cannot be pushed. My bad 😅

Score immediately objectives now are only scored after an action or charge is completed. Slightly slows down objectives a bit but hurts Calculated Risk and Cover Ground etc when used as part of a charge action. Thundrik’s Profiteers players need to especially take note of this change.

A neat little clarification. Basically there’s a small gap after an activation where reactions occur before any score immediately objectives are scored.

Clarification on modifying stat changes. Great to see you multiply the base stat then add/subtract modifiers. Will it stop people asking if they can score The Bigger They Are with 1 damage attacks that have been modified? Probably not…

Please read the rulebook people. It’s great GW are answering this but this is all in the core rules under modifiers. Sigh.

Faction FAQs

I’m not even going to dignify reading out most of these. Do people not read the core rules at all?

Anyway, the Insensate point basically means Pit Trap will damage you as it occurs after an action which is after an activation.

Oh no. Bodyguard for a Price. My baby, what have they done to you?? You were so pure and innocent. Goodbye sweet prince.

General FAQs

Hidden Paths now clearly counts towards Keep Them Guessing if there was any doubt.

Clarification on Keep Chopping and My Turn/Aggressive Defence.

Subtle Blue Horror buff with Charmed Life.

Calculated Risk clarified to end out of the hex and that you can go on to move into the same or another lethal hex again to die and score Martyred.

Clear clarification that you can’t use both My Turn and Ready for Action with Ghoulish Pact.

Faneway Crystal and Inescapable Vengeance ignore Baffling Illusion, making that card even worse haha.

Good clarification with Baffling Illusion as some people where trying to argue that you couldn’t charge when that card was in effect.

Aggressive Defence is fine.

Crown of Avarice gains glory after the fighter is taken out of action. It is now much better actually.

And there we have it. Overall I’m really happy with the new changes. For restricted cards I would have liked to have seen Sphere of Aqshy restricted but Tome of Offerings and Longstrider being hit is good for the game. The new erratas and FAQs also cover lots and are just generally really useful. Also people clearly don’t read the core rules.

Anyway remember to check out all the changes here and keep rolling crits!

13 thoughts on “Banned and Restricted Updates, FaQs and more!

  1. Thanks for the article!
    As a thundrik’s profiteers player, I now have to think about some possible change in my deck: do you think keep them guessing is still good enough?i’m thinking About replacing it or “the bigger they are” with the new “warning shot” objective.
    Same thing with tome of offerings: I find it too good to exclude it from the deck. Maybe I will swap one of the two “trap” effects with a non-restricted card.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still think Keep Them Guessing is a solid card for Profiteers, no longer an auto-include tho.

      Adding in Warning Shot is fine too.

      You could but then reduce the damage of the warband.


    2. I’m not sure I understand the logic behind GW’s ruling of calculated risk and martyred. If the score immediately cards only score after the whole action is resolved then surely they cannot both be satisfied at once?


      1. You satisfy the conditions of the objectives at different times and score once the action is complete.


  2. Wait, so with Crown of Averice you basically gain the glory that your opponent eat would ha e gotten from the kill? So it’s a 2 glory swing which your opponent can’t really stop, except by just not taking that fighter out of action?
    Seems really good, especially for fighters who can be really annoying, but not vital to take out of action. I’m thinking Godsworn Hunt as all their fighters can be dangerous, it not so much you’d want to take out the fighter with the crown.


    1. Basically your opponent doesn’t get the glory from taking your fighter out of action but would still get additional glory from objectives and cards like Tome of Offerings.

      It’s better for Sepulchral Guard and Spiteclaw’s Swarm personally.


      1. Except that not only do they not get the glory, but you also gain a glory right? So essentially when the fighter with the crown is taken out of action, the controller gains 1 glory while the enemy gains 0.
        Seems pretty good to me. For me it seems maybe better for glass cannon type fighters like Reavers or GSH. But Sepulchral guard and Spiteclaw’s Swarm actually seem cool also as you can use the crown multiple times, lol.


  3. I’d like clarification on a previous ruling I missed. As Awakened Weapon does not allow you to re-roll dice from a magical attack, can you not use Archer’s Focus for a range 3 magical attack either?


    1. Awakened Weapon specifies attack dice only. Archer’s Focus works on any dice in an attack action so is fine with a magical attack action.


  4. Do attacks as reactions from Ghartok and Zharkus count towards Keep Chopping? The ruling on Aggressive Defence and My Turn only happening after the activation seems a bit odd to me when they are played as reactions to attacks in an activation.

    Keep up the good work btw. The other blogs are lagging a bit behind you.


    1. Yes as Gorefist occur during an attack action which would be during an activation.

      My Turn and Aggressive Defence occur after an attack action. As per the FAQ an activation ends at the same time as an action so an attack from My Turn or Aggressive Defence would not be during an activation.

      Thanks (:


  5. For those of us who don’t get to play that often (or are casuals) it really is getting difficulty to keep track of changes and the state of how the game now plays. That new board ruling is a bit odd, and a cumbersome way to resolve a very slight issue.
    Adding caveats to certain cards to not work as the text says and specific score immediately objectives changes (unless that has been changed again), is getting fiddly.
    I get to play maybe 1-2 games a week if I am lucky, it would really suck to be caught out by a change I was unaware of and either hinder my progress or at worst accidentally cheat.
    For those who play the game solely and get to play a lot I imagine it is fine. For the rest of us it is starting to get a bit silly.
    Hopefully Beastgrave and/or the mentioned ‘lite’ version that is in development can fix a lot of these issues and make the game smoother to access for players.
    Maybe GW could add a ‘several ways to play’, like they are fond of in their core games. Casual, and Competitive.


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