Forsaken and Restricted List Updated January 2020

It’s time for the forsaken and restricted list update!

Welcome to another short but sweet article focusing on the newly updated forsaken and restricted list. You can check out the official article from Games Workshop here. The article provides the updated Championship Format and Alliance Format lists to help shakeup the game again! It also includes a brief description by Dave Sanders (the game’s lead designer) about why these cards have been hit, which is a welcome sight.

Forsaken Cards

Oh yes, 2 new cards have been decreed forsaken! These are: Keep Them Guessing and Aggressive Defence.

Keep Them Guessing hits the forbidden list. To those shocked by the decision, it has been forbidden in relic format since the early life of Beastgrave. Honestly I’m glad to see it forbidden. While I’ll miss the reliability of it, the card has just had so many FAQs and erratas that it’s just becoming a real chore to keep a track of. It just becomes confusing due to interactions with new mechanics and warbands. Goodbye sweet friend.

Aggressive Defence is something I’m totally glad to see gone. It’s just too confusing. A reaction within a reaction, even I can’t properly remember how it interacts with all the reaction windows out there now. It was a chore to play during Shadespire and Nightvault but it just became too much with Beastgrave. The pitfalls of old wordings.

Restricted List

It’s not just forsaken cards! Time to update your decks. The new restricted cards are: Temporary Victory, Scrum, Rebound, Transfixing Stare, Tome of Vitality.

Temporary Victory is an amazing objective that opens up hold objective play for everyone. Some people are against such a card being a universal card but I feel it’s fine, especially when restricted with only 3 cards to choose from.

Scrum is great for horde warbands, too great. This being restricted with the prior card helps keep horde warbands more in-check such as Thorns of the Briar Queen and the Grymwatch. Gitz are sad to see this hit too as well as crazy aggro players running this you glorious close combat fanatics.

Rebound. Yeah it’s restricted. It probably shouldn’t have been added again but it’s basically banned now. Thorns of the Briar Queen may still run it as it’s a really good card for Treacherous Foe but is it worth a costly restricted slot? Is the restriction an overreaction? Well you could say Rebound just got rebound.

Transfixing Stare is an amazing card, almost too good now. Glad to see it restricted which will also help aggro play overall and encourage the use of other cards that give move tokens to enemy fighters. Amazingly strong but with a cost now.

Tome of Vitality. A surprise to some but it is quite popular due to being a Tome and generally the 3rd card in a player’s deck for +1 wounds. Adds a little more difficulty to Tome decks as well as in players making tank-like fighters.

That’s it for now. All of these are great additions to the game which will help shakeup the meta again. The only card I would have like to see added mainly is Restless Prize, it’s just too good and is incredibly popular. In that vein I would have liked Two Steps Forward restricted too but as I said maybe the restriction of Temporary Victory will be enough. Still with all these new forsaken and restricted cards only the players will be able to show how effective the update really is. The January Warhammer World Grand Clash is going to be very interesting indeed. Remember click the link here for the newly updated Forsaken and Restricted lists.

So till next time, keep your phone updated with the latest game changes to keep those crits rolling!

2 thoughts on “Forsaken and Restricted List Updated January 2020

  1. How do you feel about Survival Instincts? Maybe I’m not playing it correctly, but it seems like it can make a fighter essentially impossible to hit.

    I took it out of my Rippa’s deck built around Bonded/Spiritbond/Low Cunning because it made a fighter effectively invincible.


    1. It’s strong but it keeps Snare and Pit Trap in-check. It can do silly things with Rippa but it’s 3 to 4 upgrades into a single fighter that can be ignored by the opponent. It’s what I do when playing against it.


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