Crit ! Cast Episode 7: Running Tournaments and Events

Crit ! Cast returns with another new monthly episode, all about how you can run tournaments and events for Warhammer Underworlds

Check out episode 7 with the following link here!

Welcome to episode 7 of Crit ! Cast: Running Tournaments and Events! Episode 7 sees the King of Canada, Derek, talking about his experience TO’ing the Canadian Grand Clash. We also go over how you can approach TOing events, finding a venue, ensuring attendees, making and enforcing rulings, prize support, managing scale and other factors to ensuring successful and fun tournaments.

Whether you’ve been interested in running your own Warhammer Underworlds events in-person or online, this will be of great use to you.

While it is still unsafe to play in person globally at the moment (outside of basically Australia, New Zealand and Canada), there are many ways you can run your own events safely such as via webcam gaming, Vassal and Tabletop Simulator. Even then, you can use the information here to help plan an event for when it is safe to do so in a year or 2.

Closing Crit


That’s pretty much it for now. Episode 7 of Crit ! Cast is just under 90 minutes, clocking in at being a bit longer than normal for regular episodes. Whether you’ve had an interest of running a tournament or event for Warhammer Underworlds, this episode will give you a good basis of all the work involved for running successful tournaments and events as well as revealing how much effort is required to do so. Me and Derek share all our knowledge to help you out as best we can.

Remember you can listen to the latest episode here.

You can find all my previous episodes on my podbean page here.

I’m also on iTunes too now and the latest episode can be accessed on Crit ! Cast’s iTunes page via this link here with the direct link to Episode 7: here.

You can now listen to Crit ! Cast on Spotify too! Do so via the direct link here.

So until next time, thanks again to my good friend Derek (the Canadian one) for joining me on the show and I hope you all enjoy it. Shout outs go to Derek, the Canadian community and the amazing Steve Wren from Games Workshop who does an amazing job at supporting Warhammer Events everywhere he can. So until we can all play safely again together, enjoy this Canadian audio extravaganza and always remember to keep rolling crits!

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