Crit ! Cast Episode 8: Learning Different Warbands

Crit ! Cast returns with another new monthly episode, all about how you can effectively learn to play with different warbands.

Check out episode 8 with the following link here!

Welcome to episode 8 of Crit ! Cast: Learning Different Warbands! Episode 8 sees Warhammer Underworlds veteran Aman, of Path to Glory fame, helping me expand on how you can play different warbands effectively at the same time in Warhammer Underworlds. We go over the motivations as to why you’d want to play more than 1 warband, difficulties you’ll face as well as how to tackle the task and any difficulties you may encounter.

Whether you’re trying to get the most out of your Warhammer Underworlds collection or looking to improve your general skill as player, then this is the podcast episode for you. The episode does repeat itself a bit in regards to ensuring you have good Warhammer Underworlds fundamentals, but we try to break it down to the best of our ability so that learning different warbands is not an overwhelming task.

Closing Crit


That’s pretty much it for now. Episode 8 of Crit ! Cast is just over 60 minutes, clocking in at average length for regular episodes. Whether you’ve wanted to play more Warhammer Underworlds warbands and weren’t sure about how to successfully approach subject or just wanted more advice on how to improve your general warband knowledge, then this episode is for you. As mentioned earlier, me and Aman give all our thoughts and experiences on the topic to help you as much as possible.

Remember you can listen to the latest episode here.

You can find all my previous episodes on my podbean page here.

I’m also on iTunes too now and the latest episode can be accessed on Crit ! Cast’s iTunes page via this link here with the direct link to Episode 8: here.

You can now listen to Crit ! Cast on Spotify too! Do so via the direct link here.

So until next time, thanks again to my good friend Aman for joining me on the show and I hope you all enjoy it. Remember, you can find all his content on his website at Path to Glory. So until you have mastered the art of playing multiple warbands at once, keep rolling crits!

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