Hedkrakka’s Madmob

Feel the primal power of the Bonesplitterz!

Welcome to another warband review, this time of Hedkrakka’s Madob! This warband is the 6th released for Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm. As always thanks to Games Workshop for providing these to review for free. Still, I always aim to be impartial and honest. With that all out-of-the-way, back to the article at hand.

As an aside, if you prefer video format, I’ve done a YouTube version of the review which you can watch below:


Image Credit: Games Workshop

While on a pilgrimage through Ghurr, Hedkrakka was beset with the booming voice of his god Gorkamorka, channelled through Mista Fangs. Quested with the task of carrying out the biggest hunt the mortal realms had ever seen by killing the Beastgrave, Hedkrakka and his Madmob eagerly departed on their savage task. Joined by his Bigboss Toofdagga and his loyal warriors, the Bonesplittas ventured deep into the Direchasm to slay whomever got in their way.


Image Credit: Warhammer Commuinity

Hedkrakka’s Madmob are another 4 fighter warband for Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm. The warband consists of: Hedkrakka Gob of Gork, Toofdagga, Wollop Da Skull and Dakko Sharp-Stikka. Each miniature is a savage and feral Orruk Bonesplitta, bearing lots of muscular bare skin and tribal weapons. My favourite is Toofdagga. He’s big, mean and stylin’ on Wolverine! He even has an X on his head too!

The miniatures come in Orruk green plastic, the best of colours. Assembly is fine although feet sculpted into the base are a bit annoying. Still, everything goes together nice and can be painted fairly easily in subassemblies.

The Fighters

Hedkrakka’s Madmob are a 4 fighter warband which puts them closer towards the elite spectrum of warband size. As a 4 fighter warband, Hedkrakka’s Madmob occupies a great space in terms of defensive and offensive deployment while also helping you use your activations more efficiently (1 activation per fighter each round). The fighters generally all share a movement characteristic of 3 (inspiring to 4), 4 wounds and defend on single dodge symbols.

Each fighter has the Primal Surge ability which lets you gain the Primacy token after an activation when a friendly fighter takes an enemy fighter out of action. This is pretty awesome as it makes gaining the Primacy token much easier for Hedkrakka’s Madmob because you don’t have to worry about 1-shotting unwounded fighters or killing enemy leaders as the main way to get Primacy. Having an effective 4th way to get the Primacy token compared to all other warbands (excluding universal cards) makes Hedkrakka’s Madmob the Primacy warband!

Hedkrakka Gob of Gork

Hedkrakka Gob of Gork is the leader of the warband. He is a level 2 wizard. He is armed with the Wurrgog Staff which is range 2, 2 fury and 2 damage. He also has the Bone Krusha spell attack action which is range 3, hits on focus and does 1 damage. It has the Krushin’ effect which gives Bone Krusha +1 damage to adjacent enemy fighters, making him surprisingly damaging at close range. He also starts off at 2 dodge for defence.

Hedkrakka also has the Primal Portent ability which lets him inspire a friendly fighter each time you gain the Primacy token. This is basically like how Thundrik and Morgwaeth inspire their fighters. However, it must be noted that like them, if he dies then your warband can no longer inspire so keep your leader safe!

Hedkrakka Inspired

Hedkrakka Inspired has his Wurrgog Staff increase to 3 fury. Bone Krusha’s Krushin’ ability increases to +2 damage, making Hedkrakka do 3 damage at range 1! Outside of that he doesn’t really gain much from inspiring, meaning Hedkrakka should really be one of the last fighters you inspire from the warband.


Toofdagga is a Hunter and is armed with Toofdagga’s Daggas which are range 1, 3 fury and 2 damage. He has the Tireless Trackers rule which lets you choose up to 2 other friendly Hunters at the start of the game and then push them 1 hex towards an enemy leader. Tireless Trackers is thematic and flexible. That extra pre-game positioning makes up for the generally slow movement too.

Toofdagga Inspired

Toofdagga Inspired has his Toofdagga’s Daggas go to 4 fury and gain Savage which does +1 damage when you ROLL A CRIT. Oooooh yeah! With a 4 fury attack profile, that gives you a 51.8% chance to roll a single crit! He also has his dodge characteristic increase to 2. Inspiring Toofdagga is a pretty good option. He becomes more accurate, more damaging and also better at defending.

Wollop Da Skull

Wollop Da Skull is the muscle of the warband while also being a Hunter. He is armed with his Big Chompa which is range 1, 2 smash and 2 damage with Leveller. This ability grants the Big Chompa +1 damage against enemy fighters with 4 or more wounds. With a single +1 damage upgrade he becomes a menace to all 4 wound fighters.

Wollop Inspired

Wollop Inspired has his Big Chompa gain Cleave. The only other thing he gets is Lucky Warpaint which lets you re-roll 1 defence dice for Wollop. It’s nice although still only being 1 dodge is painful. Wollop is still a great candidate for inspiring first thanks to Cleave and the extra movement. Choosing to inspire Wallop or Toofdagga first will generally come down to the opponent you are facing, with more elite targets needing the power of Wollop Da Skull.

Dakko Sharp-Stikka

Dakko Sharp-Stikka is a Hunter and armed with the Stinga Bow. This is range 3, 2 fury and 1 damage with Lotsa Arrers. This reaction lets Dakko shoot again after an activation if he has no move or charge tokens but then he gains a charge token after this. His most important ability is Primal Tracker, although he oddly does not have the Primal Surge ability.

This ability lets Dakko give you the Primacy token if he holds an objective in enemy territory after his move action and that there are no enemy fighters within 2 hexes of the objective. This is awesome. It’s a guaranteed free way to gain the Primacy token and inspire while also punishing opponents who try to sit back and hide away. You can only trigger this after Dakko’s move action so beware of Slickrock. Be sneaky and combine this with Potion of Grace for potentially 2 free Primacy tokens in a single round!

Dakko Inspired

Dakko Inspired has his Stinga Bow increase to 3 fury. Otherwise he just gets Lucky Warpaint which is exactly the same as with Wollop. He’s fine but I would leave him to inspire last. Even Hedkrakka is more useful inspired. You mainly want Dakko for his Primal Tracker ability anyway.

Faction Cards

Now we’re at the card part of the review! As always faction cards then universals.

Faction Objectives

Biggest and Meanest is 1 glory for having a single friendly fighter with the highest surviving wounds characteristic. As you all start at 4 wounds including Mollog and Hrothgorn existing, just pass.

Eye of Gorkamorka isa Dual objective that needs you having the Primacy token and Hedkrakka holding an objective. Even with how easily the warband gains Primacy, it is just a lot of work for 1 glory. 2 glory would have made this much more desirable.

Great Hunters is an alright Hybrid. It is a 3rd end phase objective you score if all surviving friendly fighters are in enemy territory AND you have the Primacy token OR there is no more than 1 surviving enemy fighter. It’s fine and balanced, just hard to score consistently.

Heralds of the WAAAGH! is an end phase objective you score for having all friendly fighters inspired. This is just too much work to score, especially early on in the game.

Weird Omens is…weird. 2 glory for having the Primacy token and having friendly fighters in enemy territory, your territory and no man’s land. It’s interesting but a single Distraction can mess you up as well as losing 2 friendly fighters. Fun but loses power in a best of 3 game.

Faction Objectives – Top Picks

Bring it On is a Surge and Dual objective which you score for 1 glory after an enemy fighter charges you and doesn’t take you out of action. Buffed Too Dumb to Die! Amazing. Really solid, especially in the aggro meta of Direchasm.

Dead Sneaky is your classic Surge for making 2 or more reactions in a single phase. Simple and fairly easy to trigger.

‘Ere We Go! is another great Surge and Hybrid which you score after an activation where all friendly fighters are in enemy territory or have 1 or more charge tokens. Reliable with multiple ways to score.

Green Fury is a balanced Calculated Risk. 1 Surge glory for succeeding an attack action while wounded. Either do a simple counterattack or charge through a lethal hex to trigger (and hope you hit). Great and can be scored with any range of attack action too!

Hunt the World Spirit is an interesting Hybrid. It’s a twist on Path to Victory for holding 2 or more objectives while having the Primacy token or you hold 3 or more objectives. While not amazing for an aggro-centric build, it allows interesting playstyle options for focusing into a hold objective-focused build.

Smash ‘Em is a great Hybrid. Score this in the end phase if 2 or more enemy fighters are out of action while having the Primacy token or if 3 or more enemy fighters are out of action. For 2 glory this is a steal as the first option can be easily scored round 1.

Stab! Stab! Stab! has an amazing name and scoring conditions. This is a Surge and Hybrid you score via either making a successful attack action against an opponent on Guard or with a block characteristic OR when you take out an enemy fighter with a higher wounds characteristic. Considering how many fighers go on Guard now, this is great. Although you need more access to Cleave outside of Wollop inspired to make this more consistent.

Faction Gambits

Kunnin’ Beast Spirits is cast on a single channel and grants +1 defence to friendly fighters in the next activation. It’s easy to cast and useful but just hard to predict when an opponent will swing after this is played.

Never Tiring is nice but replaceable. +1 move in the next activation but if you have the Primacy token this persists until you lose it or until the end of the round. +1 move for the round is nice but Spectral Wings or Outrun Death are better options due to gaining +2 move instead.

Warpaint Ward is dodgy but fun. Play this reaction before the deal damage step against a friendly fighter. On the roll of a focus, reduce the damage by 1. However, if you ROLL A CRIT, the attack sequence ends! Hilarious if you roll a crit but interesting damage negation. Unreliable but very Orruk-y.

Faction Gambits – Top Picks

Brutal Beast Spirits is a great gambit spell. Cast on a focus and grants +1 move and +1 dice to friendly fighters in the next activation if made during a charge action. Combine with Mighty Swing for extra hilarity.

Da Big WAAAGH! is +1 dice to friendly range 1 attack actions in the next activation. If you have the Primacy token, however, this persists until you lose the Primacy token or until the end of the next round. It’s a great accuracy buff.

Da Great Stomp pushes all friendly fighters 1 hex towards the nearest enemy fighter. You can’t hide from the Madmob!

Primal Brutality is SO good! Gain the Primacy token or discard it and make a range 1 or 2 attack action with a fighter with no charge tokens, then give that fighter a charge token. This is sooooo strong. Either a free Inspiration Strikes (along with all the benefits of gaining the Primacy token) or a pseudo-Ready for Action! Remember you can use this even on fighters that have a move token.

Primal Kunnin’ is extra sneaky fer yer smurt lads. It works as a Sidestep. However, if you have the Primacy token, you can give it to the opponent to push that friendly fighter up to 3 hexes instead. Sure giving away the Primacy token may seem bad but a) you gain a 3 hex push and b) you can then use this to make an attack action based on the push and gain back the Primacy token with a kill to inspire another fighter again! Risky? Yes. Big brain Orruk-y smarts? Yes!

Strange Portents is a better Curious Inversion. Play it to make your fighters more defensive by switching them to blocks or go for something crazy like 4 smash Toofdagga Inspired. Not essential but extremely fun as well as being powerful in the right hands. Don’t forget it switches spell symbols too!

Unhinged Ferocity is another powerful faction gambit. After a failed attack action made during an activation, discard the Primacy token to either make an attack action OR inspire that fighter. Gets rid of the Primacy token for you to potentially get it again later in the round or just inspire out of primal RAGE!

Faction Upgrades

Berserk Might grants Knockback 1 to range 1 and 2 attack actions. While you have the Primacy token, you get +1 damage too. It’s fine but there are currently a lot of reliable +1 damage universal upgrades you can take instead.

Green God’s Glare is Archer’s Focus. Really good but you don’t really want to use your range 3 attack actions that much. It is pretty good on Hedkrakka Inspired if you want to make range 1 attacks with Bone Krusha.

Lucky Bone is an interesting re-roll card. Discard the upgrade after any attack, defence or casting roll to re-roll any and all dice in that roll. It is a one-use item but the level of re-rolls is pretty tempting.

Faction Upgrades – Top Picks

Killa Instinkt is da best yer here! Toofdagga only but gives him Cleave AND Ensnare! Make him the true blender he always dreamed of being.

Morkish Familiar lets Hedkrakka re-roll a single casting dice. Flexible for magic builds as well as running an offensive in your face Bone Krusha Hedkrakka.

Power of the Beast is amazing! +1 wounds or +2 instead if you have the Primacy token! Yes it does push you into the 6 wound 2 glory threshold but 2 wounds with no mobility downsides is awesome!

Spirit of Gorkamorka lets you re-roll 1 dice during range 1 and 2 attack actions. Always take. So much accuracy in this warband!

Spirit of the Beast sounds complicated but is pretty easy to understand. Have the Primacy token when equipping this upgrade? That fighter becomes inspired. Gain the Primacy token? The equipped fighter becomes inspired. While you have the Primacy token? This fighter is on Guard. Speeds up inspiring the warband AND gives you Guard too! Bonkers with Toofdagga Inspired.

Stamina Reserves is a super Potion of Grace. Discard this upgrade after a fighter’s move action to remove 1 move token from them. After a charge, discard instead to change their charge token to a move token. Then combine with Primal Brutality (if you have the Primacy token) for another attack again! This upgrade is just so flexible and sneaky too.

Thick Hide makes this fighter immune to being dealt exactly 1 damage. Basically immunity to lethal hexes as well as mostly all ping damage.

Universal Cards

Now we come to the part of the review where I go over the universal cards which come within this warband expansion.

Universal Objectives

Feast and Famine is another take on Path to Victory. This Dual objective is scored when 2 or more enemy fighters are out of action and 2 or more friendly fighters have 3 or more Hunger counters. Basically only the Crimson Court can score this but even then they will struggle scoring this early with the kill 2 or more enemy fighters.

Lie in Wait is…interesting. This Hybrid gives you 2 glory for having 3 or more Hunters holding objectives or 2 or more fighters holding objectives while also being Quarries. It’s nice but Hunters are generally fragile aggro fighters. Hunting Season makes this very good but it’s still a lot of work for 2 glory.

Magic Morsel is a Dual and Surge which gives you 1 glory for taking a fighter out of action that has 1 or more Hunger counters or the enemy is a wizard with 2 or more upgrades. Too situational, even for Hunger decks. Run if you’re only fighting the Crimson Court I guess.

Moment of Glory is good but situational. It is a Surge and Dual your score for 1 glory if you have 3 or more friendly fighters and they are all inspired. Depends on how easy the warband inspires. Good for teams like Drepur’s Wraithcreepers and even Zarbag’s Gitz but just very situational.

Show No Fear is 1 glory for having all surviving friendly fighters as Quarries. Basically you need Hunting Season to score this. Too much work for 1 glory.

Universal Objectives – Top Picks

Fleeting Primacy is amazing! This Surge and Hybrid objective is scored after an activation if you control 3 or more objectives or your warband holds 2 or more objectives in enemy territory and you have the Primacy token. You basically take it for the first scoring option but this is great for hold objective players, even at 1 glory. It also unlocks the Primacy for you which is a huge bonus too.

Myriad Incantations is only good if you’re a magic-heavy user. 1 glory for having more gambit spells in your discard pile than your opponent. Considering how rare magic is, this is another great objective for 1 easy end phase glory.

Primal Display is a greedy aggro objective but I love it. This Surge and Dual objective is scored when you take an enemy fighter out of action while also having the Primacy token. Really good for Hedkrakka’s Madmob but doubly so if you have lots of reliable ways to get Primacy.

Primal Supremacy is great for Primacy Hold Objective players. Score 3 Dual glory for holding 3 objectives and having the Primacy token. Not that easy but there are now a lot of ways to get Primacy without even needing to kill.

Wasteland is only 1 glory for having no objectives in 1 or more players’ territories but it is good for Feed the Beastgrave decks. Outside of that it is very niche but it is great for that deck build.

Universal Gambits

Claim to Domination is a nice way to gain Primacy. At the end of the next activation, gain the Primacy token for having the most fighters in enemy territory. A really good Primacy backup for aggro players but you either need to be playing against elite warbands or have mauled your opponent’s fighters.

Horrific Aspect is cast on a single focus and means enemy fighters cannot end their move actions adjacent to the wizard. It really messes up range 1 fighters but generally most warbands can play around this. At least the spell can be cast without needing line of sight while sitting alone at the back of the board.

Too Hungry to Care is nice, just only really good for niche Hunger builds. Your fighter is considered to have a supporting fighter for each Hunger counter they have when attacking. Nice aggro reliability but not really essential to Hunger builds.

Universal Gambits – Top Picks

Cunning Paths is extra sneaky. Chose to either give +1 move in the next activation OR have a Quarry flip a feature token each time they move into one. Amazing flip and Feed the Beastgrave support. Slakeslash just became even more of a problem!

Fury Barbs is another excellent Trap card. After an enemy fighter’s move action, react to make their attacks have fury instead of what they have normally until the next activation. Screw over wizards and 2 smash attacks.

Heeded Instinct is a buffed Sidestep. Push a friendly fighter 1 hex or 2 if they are a Quarry. Really good for hold objective players who generally run lots of Quarry cards.

Predatory Impulse is another great aggro tool. One friendly fighter gains +1 move and range 1 attack actions gain Ensnare in the next activation.

Primal Power is only for magic users but it is a great card for that archetype. Re-roll 1 magic dice in your next casting roll and roll an extra dice if you have the Primacy token! Great for gambit spells and spell attack actions alike.

Savage Contest is a little situational but still quite easy to use. After a Hunter’s or Quarry’s successful range 1 or 2 attack action, react if the target is a Hunter or Quarry and deal 1 damage to the target. Considering Hunters are everywhere at this point and Quarries are still as popular as ever, extra ping damage is great. Skaeth’s Wild Hunt, Rippa’s Snarlfangs and so on love this.

Suffocating Heat is an amazing Hunger tool. After any fighter makes a move action, they gain a Hunger counter. If fighters have 1 or more Hunger counters, they get -1 move down to 0. If they have 3 or more Hunger counters, they are at -1 wounds. This persists till the end of the round but it is amazing Hunger generation, especially for the Crimson Court.

Universal Upgrades

Amber Realmstone is a Realmstone card. Each time you kill an enemy fighter, place an Amber counter on this card. If a fighter has 1 Amber counter they gain +2 move, 2 Amber counters work like Great Strength and 3 or more Amber counters give -1 wounds. It’s fun and balanced but not really that helpful. Interesting for sure though.

Famine’s Ferocity is a range 3, focus, 1 damage spell attack action. It also does +1 damage if the wizard has 3 or more Hunger counters. Just…pass. There aren’t really any level 2 wizards with no spell attack actions and even the Crimson Court struggle to make use of it being level 1 wizards without additional upgrades.

Hunger Siphon is an interesting Hunger card. The equipped fighter gains 1 Hunger at the start of the round and when activated you can either remove 1 Hunger from each adjacent fighter and give it to the user or remove all this fighter’s Hunger counters and give them all to an adjacent fighter. Works on friends and foes but the Hunger redistribution is just very niche.

Universal Upgrades – Top Picks

Armour of Confidence gives +1 defence if you have the Primacy token. This is soooo good as you can build some fearsome Primacy builds whether on the offensive or defensive.

Look, we know why Biting Axe is here, right? I am honest and impartial. Biting Axe is range 1, 2 smash, 2 damage and does +1 damage if YOU ROLL A CRIT! Ahem. Very good.

I like Savage Agility. The equipped fighter becomes a Hunter but you can react after failed enemy range 1 or 2 attack actions to deal 1 damage to the attacker. Hilarious on fighters like Mollog or fighters with high defence characteristics but really good for the Dread Pageant too on Slakeslash or Vasillac.

Hunger for Success is amazing Hunger aggro tech. After attacking during an activation, gain 1 Hunger counter. After a failed attack action, remove 3 Hunger counters to attack again but if this fails too, then deal 1 damage to the equipped fighter. Great in the Crimson Court but gives reliable Hunger generation (especially with range 2+ attack actions) to any Hunger build. Plus that extra ability to attack again!

Silent Sword is an interesting Silent Relic. It is range 1, 3 smash and 2 damage. While in no man’s land it gets +1 damage. If you have 2 or more Silent Relics, it gains Ensnare too. A little situational but can be very powerful.

Soultooth Net is awesome. Range 2, 3 fury and 1 damage with the usual re-rolls against fighters with move and/or charge tokens. If this succeeds, give the target a charge token. After attacking, discard the upgrade. Makes the equipped fighter a Hunter as well. Kinda useless if the target has a charge token but dunking a charge token on Mollog etc who already has a move token is huge.

Spiteglass is hilariously evil. After an attack action that targets this fighter, discard one of the attacker’s upgrades. Remember you need to be alive to react with this but once again extremely cruel when put on Mollog or Hrothgorn etc.


Now to the deck section! Once again these are sample decks to get you going and build off of. They’re not super competitive but designed to be optimal and fun. First I’ll do a deck with only Beastgrave cards and then a deck for Championship Format.
Special thanks goes to Underworldsdb.com! As Games Workshop released all the cards during the week I now have an up-to-date deck builder to use for this. It’s a lifesaver.

Vanguard Format

Playstyle: Aggro


The Vanguard Format deck is a simple aggro deck focussed around Primacy. You have the strong faction Surge objectives along with Surge of Aggression because you get the Primacy token fairly easily. Awesome Predator and Unassailable support this too. Clean Kills is just an amazing aggro objective in general. The Hunt Advances is for your aggro pressure as well as Unafraid.

Gambits generally focus on mobility and accuracy buffs for melee as well as Primacy token manipulation. Outrun Death is needed to help with getting into charge range. Fury Barbs is a nice reaction for Dead Sneaky and helps keep your friendly fighters alive. Beast Trail is just there for surprise movement. Hedkrakka will need to be made a Hunter to use Beast Trail but you have tools for that in your upgrades.

Upgrades focus on killing and durability. Armour of Confidence is nice defence while owning the Primacy token. Soultooth Dagger is mainly for Hedkrakka to make him a Hunter but the potential to do 3 damage is nice and works with Dakko too. Savage Strength is for extra damage, Proud Runner for movement with easy Primacy and Scavenged Armour for some aggressive defence!

Championship Format

Playstyle: Aggro


The Championship Format deck once again expands on what the Vanguard Format deck does but better. Gathered Momentum gives you an easier way to get glory. Team Effort and Untouchable Swarm add more reliable end phase glory you score just by moving up and charging.

Expanded gambits let you add Spectral Wings to couple with Outrun Death for super speed! Inspired Attack is more deadly accuracy and Duel of Wits is a reaction while also giving you reliable card draw. Upgrades add more dice bonuses with Augmented Limbs. Gloryseeker and Great Strength give more damage power. Great Fortitude is for more durability and Proud Runner gives speed along with another way to get Primacy.

Warband Overview

Hedkrakka’s Madmob are an interesting aggro warband. They are wholly dependent on Primacy but have so many ways to get it. Movement 3 is a pain but the new Orruk-y trend of inspiring to movement 4 is great as they can fairly easily get the Primacy token without even needing to kill. Defending mostly on single dodges is a bit of a handicap but 4 wounds across the board makes up for that and pretty much every fighter has their own unique role within the warband. Wollop is your big hitter but Toofdagga inspired is just as damaging. Hedkrakka’s Madmob does need to inspire to get going and needs good synergising play which is a nice offset to their amazing aggro potential.


  • Solid durability with 4 wounds for each fighter
  • Multiple easy and reliable ways to get the Primacy token as well as discarding it
  • Inspiring is actually fast and fairly easy
  • Faction cards give lots of Primacy and aggro tech
  • Hedkrakka can become a very damaging range 1 attacker while inspired without any upgrades
  • Wollop Inspired and Toofdagga Inspired are accurate and damaging
  • Dakko is great for getting the Primacy token reliably without needing to kill or use power cards
  • Mista Fangs


  • Movement 3 until inspired
  • Only defends on mostly single dodge
  • Still generally an aggro only warband
  • Dakko is only really good for getting you the Primacy token
  • Hedkrakka must be kept alive as you lose your way to inspire once he is out of action
  • Low damage output until fighters are inspired
  • Primacy will now forever exist in Warhammer Underworlds when playing against Hedkrakka’s Madmob

In summary, Hedkrakka’s Madmob are a sneakily fun aggro warband. Thanks to how they interact with the Primacy mechanic, they can use faction cards to get extra attacks or mobility to have the chance to immediately regain the Primacy token. This also offsets their low damage output when you can have Wallop swinging twice for 3+ damage twice, making them aptly good at hunting high wound fighters. The fact that this warband will also mean Primacy always sticks around in Warhammer Underworlds may be a future problem, but like with the Crimson Court and Hunger mechanic, we will just have to wait and see.

So would I recommend getting Hedrakka’s Madmob? Yes if it is safe to play regularly where you are in the world right now. Despite being tied to Primacy, Hedkrakka’s Madmob utilise it to make themselves a fun and tempo-heavy aggro warband. They work like a weird fusion of Thundrik’s Profiteers and Grashrak’s Despoilers where you need your leader to inspire everyone and then Primacy takes the place of Ritual Counters. The fact that Hedkrakka’s Madmob has so many ways to get Primacy reliably without needing to kill while not being overpowered makes them still feel good to play even if you do end up missing a lot. Plus I do like the overall look of the warband with the added space for freehand tattoos but that is a lot more subjective.

If you want to buy Hedrakka’s Madmob you can get them via the direct link to Games Workshop here or via my affiliate link to Element Games here which will net you a minimum 15% discount (20% during pre-order week) while helping to support my content, all at no additional cost to you.

Closing Crit

Now we come to the end of the Hedkrakka’s Madmob warband review. The warband is a really interesting take on aggro within Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm season, even more so than with Khagra’s Ravagers. They make great use of the Primacy token from how to get it as well as using it in interesting new ways. These Savage Orruks offer crazy tempo once they get going but can still gain momentum if their attacks miss early on. Primacy will now forever exist with them yet at least the opponent can capitalise on its usage too. They still can’t charge gung-ho into the opponent immediately but explode with power once they get the Primacy token for the first time.

Hedkrakka’s Madmob have made their way into the Direchasm to hunt the biggest beasts around. No matter the size, they’ll cut you down with primal power! Will you be able to stave off their attacks or will you be a new bone trophy adorned on their bodies? Test yourself against the power of primal crits!

7 thoughts on “Hedkrakka’s Madmob

  1. In Universal Objectives: Top Picks, I think you might have mixed something up because you put Heeded Instinct instead of the objective there.
    Other than that, very good article!

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  2. Hey John, thank you for your content. One question: If you already have the primacy token, can you regain it, in order to inspire or do you have to lose it / remove it first in order to regain it?

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