Crit ! Cast Episode 13: Warhammer Underworlds Dealing with Tilt

Crit ! Cast returns with another new monthly episode, focused on the issue of tilt and how you can prevent it ruining your games of Warhammer Underworlds.

Check out episode 13 with the following link here!

Episode 13 has me joined by Matt from Set the Tempo as we cover the subject of tilt in relation to Warhammer Underworlds. We cover what is tilt, how to deal with it, triggers you need to identify and how tilt can not only ruin your own games but as well as ruining the experience of your opponents too.

Closing Crit


That’s pretty much it for now. Episode 13 of Crit ! Cast is just over 60 minutes. Whether you’re a person who has experienced tilt or wondered about the topic itself, then this podcast is a great listen for you. It goes a bit self-reflective at points with mine and Matt’s own experiences with tilt but we do so to help you better understand the subject matter. The issue with tilt is it can be very broad and triggers can change depending on the person. We try to help you identify what may put you on tilt, how to deal with tilt and how to make an overall better gaming experience for you and your opponent. We even cover the sneaky subject when your opponent tries to purposefully put you on tilt too.

Before I go, please check out Matt on his excellent blog at Set the Tempo if you haven’t already!

Remember you can listen to the latest episode here.

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I’m also on iTunes too now and the latest episode can be accessed on Crit ! Cast’s iTunes page via this link here with the direct link to Episode 13: here.

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So until next time, thanks again to Matt for joining me on the show and I hope you all enjoy it. Remember, even if you roll lots of crits, you can’t let tilt take hold of you!

2 thoughts on “Crit ! Cast Episode 13: Warhammer Underworlds Dealing with Tilt

  1. A very interesting episode! I completely agree that tilting not only hurts you, but hurts your opponent too.

    One of the best things that’s helped me deal with tilt has been playing Blood Bowl, actually. In tournaments, in leagues, and in casual one-off games. 99.99% of the community is so chill, it’s hard not to laugh at your own errors and fluffed dice rolls and curse the god of Blood Bowl Nuffle. Plus, it’s just such a silly game – it’s really hard to get mad at a game where orcs and elves are running around in NFL gear, where one of the goblins is bouncing around on a pogo stick and the referee has just been murdered by the fans. This laid-back attitude to even top-table tournament games has carried over into other games I play, which I’m really happy for 🙂

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