Black Templar Army Set

Check out my unboxing and review of the new Black Templar box!

Greetings and welcome to another special product review! This time of the new Black Templar army set for Warhammer 40,000! First of all, thanks to Games Workshop for providing this to review for free. As always, I aim to be impartial, constructively critical and honest.

If you’re interested, I’ve also done this as a more in-depth YouTube video which you can watch here:

What’s Inside the Box?

The Black Templars army set is a pretty big and beautiful box. You have an outer-sleeve for the main box with some great new artwork on the front and box contents on the back. You get 13 miniatures, which I’ll get to later, with the majority being brand new Primaris kits for the Black Templars.

For these kits you get: the Emperor’s Champion, a Marshal, a Primaris Crusader Squad and a Redemptor Dreadnaught. These new kits feel a mix of Black Templar style while also being a fusion of Primaris technology along with knightly armour and trinkets. It’s really an awesome fusion. You also get a very detailed transfer sheet that even includes tilting shields.

After getting through the sprues, you are greeted with an art card separator. The front shows off the Black Templar codex artwork whereas the flip-side is more new artwork featuring a Marshal cutting down some heretic foes!

Inside you get the beautiful limited edition codex. Pictured behind is my old 4th Edition codex, 2 great books side-by-side! Honestly, the cover art is so good, the best art for Warhammer 40,000.


This codex supplement is actually packed with a mix of new and old artwork. It details historic and new crusades that the Black Templars have embarked upon over the many thousands of years since their inception. It is a great update and really brings out the feel of this Space Marine chapter while still honouring its links to Dorn and the past.

As always you are still treated to many beautiful shots of combined army pictures. I just love the new look of the Black Templars with the recent miniatures. It’s literally like the artwork made in model form. Above is my favourite piece solely for the image of Helbrecht leading from the center upon the foul Ork foes.


Rules-wise, first off for narrative play you actually get a lot of in-depth rules. These cover you starting and developing a crusade with a lot of effort put in to represent a Black Templar crusading force. I’m only briefly touching upon it but you get so much. If you’re a big fan of narrative crusade play for Warhammer 40,000 then you won’t be disappointed by the offerings found in here.

As covered in the Warhammer Community articles, you get a lot of new rules that overlap for both narrative and competitive play. I could talk for so long why I just love the relic bearers stuff alone, just so much fan goodness. Especially with the Holy Orb of Antioch! You get so many ways to mark out characters and sergeants as powerful dueling knights in their own rights.

I’m not a regular Warhammer 40,000 player anymore but the rules seem solid here, nothing broken but not too weak either. The army are close combat beasts and the newly improved High Marshal Helbrecht helps show that off. Look at his revamped Sword of the High Marshals! All characters and close combat units are so good when they’re in your opponent’s face.

The only real downside with the army is just a Space Marine problem in general, the lack of good delivery systems that can affordably get your units into close combat. If they had a 10 transport option for Primaris units or if the Impulsor transport tank was cheaper, then it wouldn’t be too much of an issue. The army does have some tricks, but I can’t see it competing in the upper echelons of the game right now, which isn’t the worst thing really.

One thing I will mention is Sword Brethren feel like kind of a letdown, rules-wise anyway. The miniatures are beautiful but the rules feel a bit lacking. Bladeguard just feel more useful. It’s a shame as, yeah, the models are just stunning. The main thing is that you cannot run multiples of the same weapon outside of power swords so you’re limited to what comes in the box, which makes sense but doesn’t work so well competitively/in-game. Just a minor gripe of mine.

Black Templar Army Set Overview

Overall, I love the Black Templar army set. Sure, it does have some flaws but I’m just so happy to see updated Black Templars miniatures and a codex which really captures the feel of the chapter. As I’ve said a lot, the codex feels like Games Workshop made the book based off everything I wanted when I was 12 and first started playing Black Templars. You have lavish artwork and even more space-knightly models! The value of the box is a bit questionable at £125. Ideally I would have liked another unit in here such as the Sword Brethren. I think this is probably the most acceptable limit you can get with a box like this.


  • Lavish box full of new Black Templar miniatures
  • Early access to the new army including exclusive army cards
  • Limited edition codex supplement with John Blanche cover art
  • Amazing codex for all long-time Black Templar fans


  • Value is a bit questionable due to only being 13 miniatures with 1 old unit
  • Need to buy the Space Marine codex to be able to fully play with the army

So there’s my review for the new Black Templar army set. Would I recommend buying it? Yes! Especially if you’re a big Black Templar fan. If I didn’t get it for free to review, I would have bought it myself. It’s just so good and I’m now in the process of building and painting up a new Black Templar army that I can use to play with friends as well as push myself hobby-wise for a fast scheme with weathering to represent my army being a long-crusading force. The only thing I need now are the rest of the Black Templar miniatures to be released!

If you want to buy the Black Templar army set, you can do so on Saturday throughout the weekend via the Games Workshop website or via my affiliate link at Element Games here.

The Black Templars were my second army ever and I’m just so happy to see them finally updated with the rules and models they always deserved. I haven’t been this ecstatic for an army release in years. The only thing that could top it would be a Craftworld Eldar full refresh, with another Phil Kelly book of course!

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this special product review. It may be a bit biased because of my Black Templar affection but I wish this is still a useful read. While there may be no crits here, we can still believe while we crusade in space for the Emperor!

2 thoughts on “Black Templar Army Set

  1. Does the box also comes with the upgrades sprue? specifically the relics (The Aurillian Shroud, Skull of the Cacodominus, Sword of Judgement, Witchseeker Bolts, Ancient Breviary, and The Crusader’s Helm.)?


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