Kill Team Essential Gaming Aids

The tools you need to snazz and speed up your games of Kill Team!

Welcome to a new Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team article! Today I’ll cover all the essential gaming aids that I highly recommend for usage in your games of Kill Team. These are all things I use which I find increase the speed of play for games while also making them clearer for both you as well as your opponent. If you’re interested, I’ve also done this as a YouTube video here:

So why use gaming aids? As I said earlier, they helps speed up games and assist with clearer gameplay. Now such things aren’t new to wargaming but you’d be surprised how many apply and are now exclusively made for the new edition of Kill Team! I’ll go over what I use while also covering them in general so you don’t have to use what I do, that’s just what I prefer. I’m also not sponsored by any of these companies too, it’s all been bought with my cold hard cash!

Token Case

Now this is pretty clear in itself, a case to hold all your tokens! You can use whatever your like but I find clear plastic organisers/jewelry boxes work best. They’re cheap and reliable while also coming in many sizes. Use what you want! I use the big one, pictured, as it holds everything I want. I get mine from amazon and if you’re interested in using the token case I have then you can get it via this link here.

Laser Pointer

Targetlock Laser Line (Best Seller)

While I try to be generic, I think the Army Painter laser pointer is the best around, especially for Kill Team. It projects a straight line that easily identifies cover lines and line of sight. All the pros use it and it makes games of Kill Team soooo much better. Fairly cheap and highly reliable. You won’t regret the purchase. If you’ve watched my battle reports on YouTube or played me in-person, you’ll see how much I use it! Such a life saver. For those interested, I have an affiliate link from Element Games for this, although most gaming stores stock this.

Score Tracker

No photo description available.

Now pen and paper is cheap and the classic, as well as the usage of dice, I find they’re too much of a hassle plus can easily get lost when talking about dice. Now there are a lot of score trackers out there but I highly recommend the Art of War Studio one for Kill Team. It’s clear, functional and tracks all individual scoring points for Kill Team. The only criticisms are that you have to colour it in (I used orange crayola crayons) and the VP total tracker is quite hard to turn when attached to the main tracker, although I just detach it for use separately during games. It’s clear while not being too big and just makes keeping an accurate track of scores a simple task as well as your command points too!

You can buy this via the following link here.

Wound Trackers

Tracking wounds is very important in a game like Kill Team where operatives have wounds ranging from 7 to 19 in general. Now dice are a fine substitute, especially d10s and d20s. However, I find them easy to misplace and incorrectly place what number is correct. For myself, I use acrylic wound dials. Now there’s no set brand as I use several from 2 different companies, just buy whatever you find appropriate and clear for your own games. Dials are just so much clearer for both you and your opponent.

For an example, check out Art of War Studio’s own wound dials here.

Movement Gauges

No photo description available.
Never miss a chance to brand

Movement gauges are amazing. While the trusty tape measure is always handy, as Kill Team generally uses much shorter increments of movement ranges, gauges have the edge. You get some nice plastic ones with Kill Team but I greatly prefer acrylic movement gauges. Once again, feel free to use whatever is easiest for you. Myself, I use Counter Attack Bases ones as well as many Age of Sigmar combat gauges I can get. They’re all just super useful from fighting in combat to measuring movement around corners and over terrain.

Counter Attack Bases movement gauges.

Turn Counters

No photo description available.
Number 4 joins my batch of 1, 2 and 3

Keeping a track of what turn it is always strikes for importance in gaming. While lots of people just mentally track or use giant dice, I swear by door numbers. You may laugh but I control who gets mail where I live while also making sure everyone knows what turn it is! They’re cheap, big and clear. Giant dice work too but I’m a door numbers man. I use Ebay and not, do I repeat, steal the numbers from my neighbours’ doors. There’s no proof anyway…

Acrylic Tokens

Image Credit: Buy the Same Token

Acrylic tokens are the best. While card tokens work just fine, I find them too thin and flimsy, plus everyone uses them! Acrylic tokens are clearer and also easier to pick up. You can use whatever brand you like but I now stick by Buy the Same Token. They do cost more but come pre-painted in high quality and they’re the best acrylic token makers in the gaming world. All double-sided too! You can just buy their activation tokens but you can be mad like me and buy it all. They’re honestly just super useful while looking good and have helped make my Kill Team games much better.

You can BUY these from Buy the Same Token here.

Closing Crit

That’s pretty much it. I hope you find this article useful. If you were to buy anything from the stuff I’ve mentioned today, please just get the Army Painter laser pointer. Honestly it’s the best gaming aid you can buy for Kill Team due it’s clarity for cover lines and line of sight. Cheap and useful. At the end of the day though, as I said before, buy what’s good for you and local if that is easier. All the companies I’ve mentioned in the article do ship internationally but are primarily UK based and you should be able to find something that matches closer to home, these are just stuff I use which I recommend.

I’ll be back with more articles soon, so remember to keep rolling crits, even with the assistance of acrylic gaming aids!

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