Kill Team Warhammer World Team Tournament Review

Reviewing the Kill Team team even in March at Warhammer World!

Welcome to another Kill Team tournament review! Today I’m going over the team tournament that happened in March 2022 at Warhammer World. I’ll be briefly going over the tournament format, prep and how each round went as a whole. For a more in-depth look I’ve done a YouTube version which you can watch here:

Team Format

The team format for this even required 3 players using different and unique factions. For each round, you roll off for who is team A and team B. Each player puts forwards one of their players as a defender and then gets to pick 1 of the 2 attackers from the opposite team, starting with team A. The 2 un-paired attackers then play against each other. Defenders then get to pick 1 of 3 boards to play on with set missions. Overall it rewards planning but also picking the correct matchups. You also get varied points as shown above, with the most being rewarded for getting 3 wins as it is quite hard to achieve.


As mentioned, the tournament had 60 tables grouped into areas of 3 tables with fixed missions. These were usually 1 Octarius board, 1 Vertigus and 1 Chalnath or Nachmund board. Once again Warhammer World provided the gold standard for Kill Team terrain, with varied asymmetrical terrain that over clever and subtle buffs towards players who were the defenders.

The Nachmund boards were the most interesting to play on as they had no L or U shaped terrain, mostly just blocks. All terrain rules were in use as per the board being played on and all rules were provided on separate sheets next to the table.

Event Prep

Event prep was rough. For the 2 weeks I had allocated practice time to, I got COVID so me and Charles could do no practicing. Then, a week before the event our 3rd player dropped. Originally it was Pathfinders (me), Veteran Guardsmen (Charles) and our 3rd as Novitiates. After the drop, we quickly found a replacement with our friend Alex, who had never played Kill Team before. So I allocated him my Ork Kommandos as they excel at being picked up quick and Alex is a good tabletop player overall.

Alex then had an intro game at his local GW on the Tuesday before the event, then me and Charles taught him how to play on the Friday at Warhammer World. We had no delusions of winning but at least we knew we would have a fun weekend regardless of what happened.

As for the new balance dataslate, only the chain activation rules and A Worthy Cause changes were in-effect.

Round 1

Game 1 had us play against a team of Sisters of Battle, Pathfinders and Tyranids. Winning the roll off for Team A, Charles picked Sisters while their Pathfinder player picked Alex. I was paired against the Tyranids on Chalnath with Domination.

The Tyranid player went with 3 Warriors (leader with deathspitter, venom cannon then double melee weapon) and 5 Genestealers with adrenal glands. I went with 13 operatives, all the specialists, gun drone, shield drone, marker drone and 2 ion rifles. His 2 Genestealers that rushed the mid point were killed by the gun drone and a fusion grenade turning point (TP) 1 and I killed a warrior via dunking 5 markerlights on it. We controlled 2 objectives each and then TP2 I killed another warrior and 2 more stealers. TP 3 I killed the leader, leaving the last stealer alive but with -1 APL via my Interference Specialist so all it could do was charge stuff. I maxed out my Tac Ops (Faction Tac Op 3, Overrun and Plant Signal Beacon) while almost maxing primary to get a win.

Charles narrowly beat Sisters while Alex lost to Pathfinders, although he did kill a lot with rockets and dynamites. That left us on a decent 2-1 victory.

Round 2

Round 2 had us against Command Point UK who were ranked 1st after round 1 with the only 3-0. We thought we would have played them on day 2 round 4, if at all, so playing them round 2 was bad for us as we thought we were going to get a 0-3 loss. Winning the roll off again, Charles picked their Kommando player while their defender with Pathfinders picked Alex. I was paired against Harlequins on a Vertigus board with Secure Archeotech.

TP 1 I just markerlighted 4 quins to score my faction Tac Op 1 and used my Shield drone to claim the bottom objective via the Drone controller and with +1 APL. Interestingly my opponent pointed out to me you can drop something you pick up for free at any time. So he claimed 3 of the objectives and picked up some, then immediately dropped them to move them back 1-2 inches.

TP 2 I had popped Mont-Ka but my opponent got a good play off with a quin who charged, then popped a plasma grenade and killed my Drone controller and Interference Specialist. I thought the game was over then but played on to claim another objective while my opponent activated the rest. I did only lose 4 Tau that turn and killed 4 quins in return, on top of Markerlighting, to max Tac Op 1 and get a point for Faction Tac Op 3.

TP 3, my opponent Interloped with a Quin, then charged and killed my leader to score Capture Hostage and Infiltrate, however this left him with 3 operatives to my 7. Winning priority again, my sniper point-blanked his wounded 3rd Quin and then picked up the objective he held. His 2nd quin moved and shot my medic with a neuro pistol but poor rolling and lucky save meant my medic only took 1 hit. I had another Pathfinder kill that quin and my medic claimed an objective. His leader fell back with an objective while my Blooded (who had +1APL from the end of TP3) then moved and placed Plant Signal Beacon. He killed her via overwatch but then my Comms moved up and claimed the objective she held.

At the end of TP, I had picked up 5 objectives out of 6 so got 10 on primary and 5 from Tac Ops to put me on a 17-12 win. A shockingly tough but fun game. I turned to Charles and found out he also narrowly beat Kommandos! Sadly Alex lost but he said he had killed AND learned a lot. Somehow we had played our toughest match-up and got a 2-1 win.

Round 3

Round 3 had us against the Winners (in binary). Once again I won the roll off for Team A and Charles went against their Sisters player, their Hunter Clades picked Alex and I was against Tyranids again.

I was on the bad Octarius board (only one with too much open space which the events team were aware of) with Consecration. I had been defender again and he was using 8 Hormagaunts and 3 gun Warriors. TP1 I EMP grenaded 3 gaunts on objective 4, killing 2 and wounding the 3rd so I could contest. I markerlighted and shot the warrior in the middle to death and killed the Hormas running down my right flank.

TP 2 I killed another warrior and the remaining gaunts while moving up the board. TP 3 had me kill the last warrior and then I secured to board. I maxed out faction Tac Op 3, got 1 point on Vantage and 2 for Plant Signal beacon. It was a rough game for my opponent but he was a great sport and person.

Turning to Charles and Alex, both had won their games so we ended on a 3-0 at the end of day 1!

Round 4

Day 2 was against the last undefeated team. We won the Team A roll off again (again), and Charles picked their Space Marine player. Their Kommando player picked Alex and I was paired against Vet Guard on Chalnath with Sieze ground.

TP 1 was cautious but I killed the over-extended demo vet and grenaded apart several guardsmen with an EMP. I abused obscuring with Markerlight and my Interference Specialist. TP 2 had me kill most of the vet guard and swarmed towards my opponent. By the end of TP 3, we had run out of time but he only had 2 models left and I was controlling 5 points with Overrun, Plant Signal Beacon and Faction Tac Op 3 all maxed.

Charles had won vs Space Marines as 5 models can only do so much vs 14 but Alex lost the mirror as he was rushed to death by surprise straight aggro Kommandos.

Round 5

Round 5 was against Kilt Team. Winning (surprise) the Team A roll off, Charles picked their Wyrmblade, their Kommando picked Alex and I was paired against Daemons. We were on the same board but swapped around.

He had gone with 6 Daemonettes and 6 Plaguebearers. I went full engage. Thanks to markerlights I killed 3 plague daemons and a nette. TP 2 I used A Worthy Cause for the rail gunner who was on 4 to run into the nearby Daemonette. I rolled 4 5’s and did 8 mortal wounds, instantly killing her and basically winning me the game. We played on but my opponent’s luck got worse as somehow my Tau were evening beating him in CC despite him charging. By TP 4 he was wiped out and I had maxed everything.

Charles and Alex both won their games too. Despite the 0-3 loss, the Kilt Team guys were still a blast to play and have a laugh with.

Round 6

Round 6 was the final countdown. If we got a 3-0 win we would win the tournament. Winning the final roll off again, we went as Team A. Charles picked their Novitiate player, their Hunter Clades picked Alex and I was put into the mirror. We were on Octarius with Secure Archeotech.

My opponent went with 12 operatives via the Recon drone whereas I went with 13. He picked infiltrate for scouting whereas I picked fortify to place a 3rd barricade in my drop zone and made him go first. After a cagey TP1, I basically killed guys he left in the open or too far from terrain. He killed my ion rifle and gun drone in return but I had killed 2 of his pathfinders and injured a gunner.

TP2 I killed 5 more pathfinders (including the Recon drone) and locked him out of Faction Tac Op 1. TP3 was effectively mop-up where I popped Mont’ka and set myself up for TP4. In the final turn he had 1 guy left, I used the Marker drone via Drone Controller to score Plant Signal Beacon, maxed out Overrun and already maxed out faction Tac Op 3.

Sadly my team mates had narrowly lost out on both of their games via 2 VP each. Super close yet still a fun way to end the event. However, we found out that the Narrative rules for gaining acts of faith via Novitiates was meant to be used in competitive play, which majorly warps the game for Novitiate players (judges confirmed this to us).

Tournament Overview

Overall, we came 2nd! Each getting 3 lovely silver trophies. It was an amazing event and Warhammer World again set the gold standard for Kill Team events. We were honestly shocked and didn’t expect to podium at all going into the event. Either way we all had a great time with amazing opponents, staff and venue. All thanks has to go to my teammates Charles and Alex, especially Alex as without him we wouldn’t have been able to play at all.

The team event was a great experience and was super fun. I’ll be down in June for the next Kill Team tournament at Warhammer World and hope to see some of you there as well! Remember, you can always roll crits, especially when back by your teammates!

2 thoughts on “Kill Team Warhammer World Team Tournament Review

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this report. Do you know if there are another photos of the other tables ? I find difficult to place board on my own, so I try to replicate Warhmmer World tournament tables, thank to you.

    Have a nice day


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