Kill Team April 2022 Tournament Stats

Looking over all the competitive data for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team for the month of April!

Welcome to today’s Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team article where I go over the April Tournament stats from the BCP app! I’ll be going over faction winrates, matchup winrates, results without compendium teams and much more! Read on to see how the tournament meta is evolving for Kill Team! If you’re interested I’ve also done this as a more in-depth video which you can watch here:

Tournament Stats

Today I’ll be covering all the tournament data up until the end of April 2022 for Kill Team. Normally I’d do these as quarterly reviews but now that Kill Team is getting lots of regular tournaments internationally I can now do these as monthly updates. Still not enough games for weekly updates but I should be able to continue with these monthly updates as long as people want to see them! Big thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy who has done all the work, wouldn’t be able to do this without him!

As for the accuracy of data, the usual caveats apply. Firstly the biggest issue is BCP faction recording. Corsairs only recently got added as a faction to the app meaning we’ve had to slightly merge Craftworlds and Corsairs in places. Also, we have the issue of people using the wrong faction names which we can’t really differentiate between. All tournaments with 8 or more players have been included although we have left out some qualifying tournaments due to incomplete submission data for things like the final round and overall results etc.

If you want to help us improve stats for Kill Team, get in contact! The biggest flaw of our data is pretty much only being able to record results reported on BCP. If you don’t use BCP and want to submit your data, just send it our way!

Also we will not be including factions that have been requested as to be not be used for matched play which can be found in the balance dataslate.

April 2022 Stats

For win rates, 45% to 55% is considered healthy. 40% to 45% and 55% to 60% are warning signs that kill teams in those zones may need slight buffs or nerfs depending on where they sit. Anything above 60% is not healthy and is actively bad for the game whereas below 40% means that faction desperately needs some help to perform better.

So charting from the launch of the new balance dataslate up until the end of April, Void-Dancer Troupe Harlequins are definitely dominating the game. They’re maintaining a huge meta representation with a win rate we haven’t seen since Custodes on launch. They’ve also had 8 event victories with 15 undefeated event runs, proving they are quite the menace currently.

Orks are doing well too but can be ignored due to their low game results.

Novitiates are doing well although have seen a drop of 7% in wins since the balance dataslate. Pathfinders and Wyrmblade have all improved with Talons of the Emperor being the best of the compendium teams. Legionary are also doing surprisingly well with a big meta representation as well, perhaps they are not as bad as I first thought.

Veteran Guardsmen have seen quite the drop on the other-hand. Kommandos have taken their crown as most popular kill team and their overall win rate has dropped. Maybe the time of the guardsmen is over?

At the bottom we have the poor Hunter Clade. Their win rate is down along with the number of people using them. They desperately need some kind of buffing help.

Winrate Excluding Mirrors

Looking at win rates without mirror-matches, Quins slightly improve to a 72% win rate. Kommandos see a huge jump in win rate showing that their seemingly biggest foes are themselves oddly. Stats otherwise closely mirror overall results.

Matchup Winrates

While this only shows percentages, we do record games played too which we can show off in the next update. Key things to take from here: Harlequins are only losing to Talons of the Emperor, all other factions give them a 50% win rate or higher and usually much higher than 50%. Legionary are doing surprisingly well, notably beating both Pathfinders and Vet Guard consistently who are their worst match-ups technically. Big wins for CSM there. Pathfinders are also doing not so well vs both Harlequins and Legionary, technically 2 teams that the Tau should be beating on paper.

Number of Undefeated Tournament Wins

Now we chart the top kill teams showing off how many undefeated event runs they have compared to their total games played. While the Harlequins shine down on the other kill teams from above with their glorious stats, everyone pretty much has close to the same percentage of undefeated event wins with Kommandos and Vet Guard tied due to their high representation.

Points Differentials

This is another new stat we have compiled showing off how many points a kill team is winning by in general along with how many points they are conceding on defeat. Pathfinders and Harlequins average out on a 9 point lead when winning with most of the other bespoke teams averaging out on 8 points. For conceding on defeat, Hunter Clade are oddly the best performing with only about 6 points when losing whereas other bespoke teams are closer to 7.

Compendium Removed Stats

Now here are all the stats with no compendium teams. Interestingly Kommandos and Vet Guard don’t seem to being doing too well vs the other bespoke teams, maybe a sign of the newer teams being better equipped to deal with the launch kill teams? Outside of Harlequins, the newest teams seem to be doing fine but Novitiates are leading in the way.

Top Tier Faction Winrates

Now here is a weekly progress report. Quins started at a shocking 87% win rate which has slowly dipped until a sudden drop at the end of April. Pathfinders were holding their ground till the end of the month as well. Vet Guard have seen a rise in results whereas Novitiates have been bouncing around until ending the month with a sudden spike. Will the nuns be able to maintain their momentum for May or will the Quins close the gap?

List of Events Used

Here is a list of all the events we used for those interested. Obviously Spanish tournaments have the most usage due to the high frequency of their events but we still have a decent spread of events from the rest of the world.

April Stats Overview

Overall for April, yeah, Harlequins are leading it all. Although big surprises are their for the popularity and success of the Legionary Kill Team. They are doing much better than expected and their high usage is coupled to lots of Space Marine players proxying the CSM rules for themselves. Perhaps we will also see a high usage for the Phobos team when they drop? Vet Guard and Kommandos aren’t doing as well as they were previously but are still highly represented. Novitiates are still doing well and, spoilers for May, are becoming a menace too. Hunter Clade continue to struggle which is just a shame to see.

While Quins are dominating April, they do see a slight dip in performance for May (but I’ll leave that for the May update). Generally the game is still fairly healthy from a meta perspective although there are still things which feel like they need to be addressed. However, I’ll leave talks of balance for another day.

We’re reaching nearly 1,000 games as we approach the end of May for this period of time so we’ve got quite a decent sample size. We’re also (hopefully) due another balance dataslate soon so it’ll be interesting to see how things evolve until then.

If you’ve enjoyed what me and Hotsauceteddy have done, let us know! We’d love to improve on the stats in anyway we can to get a clear representation of the competitive scene for Kill Team.

So until next time, keep rolling crits, especially if you’re a dedicated Hunter Clade player who doesn’t care about no stats!

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