Kill Team May 2022 Tournament Stats

Back with another stats show focusing on Kill Team results for May 2022!

Welcome to today’s Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team article where I go over the April Tournament stats from the BCP app! I’ll be going over faction winrates, matchup winrates, results without compendium teams and much more! Read on to see how the tournament meta is evolving for Kill Team!

I’ve also done this as a more in-depth video which you can watch here:

Drawbacks with the Data

To begin things, as always, all thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy who has compiled all this data for me. As we are locked into mainly gathered data from the Best Coast Pairings app (BCP), we lack data from tournaments not using this app. We are always happy to take data from non BCP events if people want to send us the results and data however. Next is faction allocation, you can have either people selection the wrong faction for their Kill Team or not have their faction on BCP yet which can muddy results, although Phobos Strike Team and the Blooded Kill Team have already been added which is amazing! The Warhammer Underworlds teams appearing as factions, not so much.

Another factor I’ve been requested to cover is terrain. However, as I’ve said previously, trying to separate stats based on tournament terrain isn’t really possible. All I’d do is may just mention what kind of terrain setup a tournament is using when doing individual reviews (e.g. Warhammer World terrain, ITC terrain, custom terrain rules, etc).

May Winrates

For May we have included event victories for each faction in addition to how many times they went undefeated as well as April’s winrates and a sneak peak at the incomplete June winrates.

Remember, as a general guide a 45% to 55% winrate is considered healthy/good. 56% to 60% is a sign that a faction may be doing too well and needs some addressing whereas 61% and higher is bad for the game. 40% to 44% is a more of a sign that a kill team needs some little help/buffs whereas anything below 40% is in need of urgent help.

Ignoring Blooded (who somehow snuck into May) and Hive Cult (Compendium GSC), the overall general winrates have actually evened out. Harlequins have dropped down from 70% in April to 57% in May but have the 2nd highest event victories at 6 with 5 players going undefeated in events from 150 games. Corsairs have jumped up from 45% to 57& with 76 games and 1 event win but having 4 players going undefeated. Novitiates remain solid in their stats while Vet Guard have gone from 46% to 54% but have the most event wins and undefeated players at 7 and 8 respectively. Legionary are also doing well again, now being the most popular faction globally with a 52% winrate as well as 4 event wins with 5 undefeated players from 182 games.

Nice results come out for Death Guard who have won 2 events despite getting a worse overall winrate and Hunter Clade who have had a rise in representation and winrate, now at 40% from 25%!

Overall the game looks much healthier in May from 472 players and 1,728 games which is just a little bit less than April 2022.

Mirrorless Winrates

With mirror-matches removed, winrates remain pretty much the same. Nothing too major here. To the right you can see the breakdown of popularity. Legionary and Void-Dancers remain some of the most popular factions with Kommandos still holding ground. Vet Guard have dropped a bit while Pathfinders have jumped up.

Match-Up Data

Here is the match-up data. I go over it more in the video but here is how each faction is doing against each other. An interesting note is with Legionary. Last month they were reliably beating both Pathfinders and Vet Guard, in May the stats have flipped and those 2 factions are now beating Legionary more. Pathfinders have also started krumping Void-Dancer Troupe which is another switch from April.

Undefeated Wins

More of an interesting show, this is displaying all the undefeated wins for a Kill Team vs total games played. April had Void-Dancer Troupe shining down their space clown glory over everyone but now the tables have turned! Now it is the loyal Vet Guard shining above everyone!

Weekly Winrates

This is weekly winrates for May including only bespoke and White Dwarf teams. It’s a bit erratic but shows how results can differ quite drastically on a week-by-week basis. Despite Warp Coven and Legionary being very up and down, overall its all pretty much closed out evenly. This is much better than what we saw at the end of April where there was a much larger disparity between factions.

Current Combined Winrates

Here’s a sneak peak of the current overall winrates from the start of Q2 in March post the Q1 reset after the latest balance dataslate. Ignoring Phobos Strike Team and Brood Cover, Void-Dancer Troupe remain the top Kill Team with a 61% winrate and 4th highest representation. Novitiates rock in at 2nd, earlier they were at a 60% winrate but have had a slight drop but are still going strong. Pathfinders have seen a rise due to May results while Legionary are improving too, reflecting their overall great progress. Corsairs are at a slightly raised overall winrate of 46% due to their great May results balancing out their poor April results. Vet Guard have taken a slight hit overall with Kommandos too. Hunter Clade are doing slightly better overall but need desperate help still.


Overall, May is looking a lot better than how April was with Void-Dancer Troupe dominating everything. Despite a more even winrate amongst most of the bespoke teams, the best performing teams are Void-Dancer Troupe and Veteran Guardsmen. If people were asking me which faction to take to a tournament they wanted to win at, based on the data, I’d highly recommend those two factions. Novitiates are also a solid shout but are more of a shadow pick at the moment but Legionary and Pathfinders are also good picks too.

Still, it will be interesting to see how June shapes up. We already have some interesting data with certain predicted kill teams doing as well as expected with a few surprises. Death Guard continue to be the most surprising kill team and fluctuate heavily on how well their Disgustingly Resilient rolls go, which is funny and frustrating. The game is still pretty healthy mostly despite 2 to 3 factions and grenade spam but balance is a separate issue.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this monthly stats show update for Kill Team. Always open to your feedback and big thanks to Hotsauceteddy again for all his amazing work as well as the Honest Wargamer team for helping us too.

So until next time, no matter what the stats say, you can always roll a crit!

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