Kill Team Q2 2022 Tournament Stats Review

Looking back at the tournament stats for Kill Team from April to June!

Today’s Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team article covers the tournament stats from April to June 2022. I go over each month’s win rates for every faction in the game as well as other interesting data such as event wins, popularity and undefeated runs. It’s time to see the trends between quarter 1 and quarter 2 for Kill Team and the state of the meta!

I go over this more in-depth as a video which you can watch here:

So today I’ll be cover all the tournament stats for Kill Team from April to June, the only place to comprehensively cover all the stats in-depth for Kill Team. Thanks first goes to Hotsauceteddy who collated and sorts all the data, would be impossible without him. Next are the standard flaws in the data: tournaments that allow picking of tac ops over randomly picking, people selecting the incorrect faction name for numerous reasons and tournaments not using the BCP app to upload results. Although, we have had more people sending us their results which is awesome.

As a rule we always ignore events that have less than 8 players as it warps results. We also look for a 45% to 55% win rate for a faction to be “healthy”. 56% to 60% is a concern and anything above 60% is too strong. 44% to 40% is a sign of under-performing while less than 40% means that faction needs some buffs.

Overall Stats

For Q2 2022 we had 4,712 games with 950 unique players which is great. Spain still stands supreme for events with USA jumping up behind. England only has 6 but oddly with about 60% of the players than USA with about the same for unique players (basically less England events but with more players)/ Then Europe racks up the rest with special shoutouts to the Philippines.

Overall, Void-Dancer Troupe closed-out Q2 2022 with a 61% winrate, 19 event wins and 25 undefeated players at events with an 8.91% meta representation. All amazing results, closing out as the only faction with a greater than 60% winrate. We’ll see if the balance dataslate changes are enough to bring them down.

Next are Veteran Guardsmen and are good insight as to why you can’t judge the game on winrate alone. Despite a drop in winrate to 49%, they had the second most tournament wins and undefeated players with a great player representation despite it also decreasing for Q1. Kommandos mirror these results too and show how well both these starter bespoke teams have aged.

Legionary have also done really well, now cemented as the most popular faction in the game. They’ve performed great over the quarter and done much better than a lot of people originally predicted (myself included).

Month-by-Month Results

Looking at month-by-month results, Void-Dancer Troupe had a dominating April and then leveled-out to a solid 57% winrate for May and June, all while rocking very high representation rates. Next standouts are the Legionary, they’ve been steadily improving over time and closed out June with the highest overall winrate at 58% (ignore Craftworlds and Drukhari, they had a very low playerbase) while being the most popular faction. Although, it did leave them with an overall winrate of 53% but considering how Games Workshop themselves admitted they focus on singular months rather than the whole picture, Legionary may get nerfed in the next balance dataslate for Q3 2022.

Novitiates continue to do consistently well. Interestingly, their winrate drops as more people flock to them after hearing their great results. Still, they show the power of having the infinite resources for not needing to roll dice. Pathfinders and Wyrmblade have similar results while Warpcoven had a really bad May. Veteran Guardsmen, on the other hand, had a really good May while April and June was not good for them, winrate wise. Kommandos also had a poor winrate until June.

What strikes me most notable is Hunter Clade. After their terrible April results, the team rose up in popularity and winrate. Reaching 40% and 41% for May and June is pretty good considering how bad April was. Really questions why Games Workshop buffed them so much and if they may have broken the faction, but only time will tell. I just really like how when the stats show an under-performing kill team one month, players flock to try and make them work for the next month.

Mirrorless Winrates and Popularity

Removing mirror matches shows a fairly unchanged result overall for winrates which is good to see.

Popularity wise, Legionary at top as already noted. Veteran Guard have climbed back up to second after dropping down a bit in April and May while Kommandos are just behind them, making sense as those 2 are starter set teams and very popular factions overall. Harlequins rock in at an 8.91% representation rate because people really like space clowns it seems. The rest of the bespoke team all maintain a good player rate (sans Hunter Clade) but even a few compendium teams are keeping pace like Deathwatch and Deathguard.

Match-Up Matrix

Here’s all the data for how each kill team is doing against each other. There’s a lot to go over here so I’ll let you browse at your own pace. Left is winrate percentage while right is the number of games played. Helps you get a better idea about how each kill team is doing.

Winrate vs Popularity

Next is overall winrate vs a faction’s popularity. Helps show how certain kill teams with a high winrate (Broodcoven and Phobos) is offset by their overall low playerbase. The higher the popularity with a strong winrate, the better the result.

Q1 Results and Overall Winrates

This is more just for a more holistic view. Left shows how the table stands now with 1 weekend of July results. Right is the results for Q1 2022 before the Q1 balance dataslate. Just an interesting note as to how results have changed from the end of Q1 to Q2. Novitiates have lost their top-dog status but are now a submarine of power whereas the same could be said of Vet Guard too. Pathfinders were rocking out too while Kommandos have continued to lose some ground.

Q2 2022 Stats Overview

So there we have it, my first review of a whole quarter of stats for Kill Team. It’s been a great journey since we started in March and I couldn’t have done it without Hotsauceteddy and everyones’ feedback. It’d be great to see what people think of this and anything we could improve upon. The game is in a pretty healthy state, stats-wise, so it will be intriguing to see how Q3 shapes out with the new balance dataslate.

For balance dataslates, it might be better for Games Workshop to do them after all 3 months results are taken in because we’ve had such varying results over the course of each quarter as we had a lot of changes from May to June alone. Although as I stated in the video, I think the grenade change will be the biggest effect so far because it changes not only how some kill teams play, but how players operate themselves too.

Are we due for a Hunter Clade dominance or will the Void-Dancer Troupe space tapdance their way to victory again? The only thing I am sure of, is the possibility of me rolling a crit!

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