Hexbane’s Hunters

Hunting witches and wizards in Nethermaze!

Welcome to my Warband Review of Hexbane’s Hunters for Warhammer Underworlds Nethermaze! I go over the faction in-depth as well as all the cards that come within this warband expansion! Before I get into things, thanks goes to Games Workshop for providing this to review for free. As always, I aim to be honest, impartial and constructively critical.

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Hexbane’s Hunters, somehow surviving drowning to enter Harrowdeep, have made their way into the Nethermaze to banish evil witches and wizards. Will they succeed in their task or will their quarry finally have them cornered?


Hexbane’s Hunters are a 6 fighter warband, which is on the larger spectrum of size. They’re a fragile swarmy warband, relying on chain activations and combos to deal with powerful foes. Overall the miniatures aren’t really my thing. While nicely sculpted, they feel like non-GW models, except for Hexbane himself. Don’t feel like they fit in the Age of Sigmar universe, although great for Old World Warhammer games.

Miniatures come on an odd grey plastic sprue. They go together well with no real issues. My favourite model is Hexbane as he’s easily converted into a Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor.

Fighter Cards

Hexbane is your leader and rather weak. He inspires on taking an enemy out of action but is very weak in his base form. The Price of Victory reaction is shared by several fighters and is alright. It’s a nice way to get free upgrades and extra activations. However that 3 wounds is still rough.

Hexbane Inspired is much better, having also learned how to use his stick in melee. Inspiring him is a must.

Aemos is a Brawler and oddly not 4 wounds. He has a reliable melee attack and inspires when your leader is the target of an attack. He also has a unique aura effect that counts him as a supporting fighter when a friendly Hunter is attacked within 2 hexes, neat.

Aemos Inspired goes to 3 smash with Cleave, not bad.

Brydget is 2 wounds with 1 dodge. She inspires when your leader inspires. Dual Axes are alright but the Volley Pistol is interesting. Volley gives you either +1 dice or +2 damage when used first in a round at range 1. A good way for some burst damage.

Brydget Inspired goes to 2 dodge, gains Scything and 3 smash on her dual axes, while her Volley Pistol goes to 3 fury with Cleave. Nice.

Quiet Pock is also 2 wounds but a 2 block. He inspires when one of the dogs are out of action. His Crossbow Launcher is nice but capped to oncer per round shooting.

Pock Inspired goes to 3 smash on his gun and 2 smash on his Crossbow Stock.

The dogs are identical. They inspire when Pock or the other dog is out of action. What is silly is that the dogs do not give glory when the first one is killed. So what you do is first activation, immediately suicide a dog through a lethal hex to give no glory to your opponent while inspiring both Pock and the other dog. Odd this got through development but it’s legal and you should do it every game. The hardest part is picking which dog you want to save.


Now I’ll cover the cards that come in this warband expansion. First I’ll cover the faction cards going over cards I think are okay or bad then my top picks. After that I’ll go over the universal cards.

Faction Objectives

Burn Them Out is fine but causes risky plays round 1 and isn’t reliable.

Uncover the Truth forces you to play too aggressively for only 1 glory.

Loaded for Bear is too many upgrades for 1 glory.

Proof of Guilt is just too situational to score consistently.

Fear the Righteous is just too hard for this warband to score consistently.

Interrogate the Wicked makes you keep a fighter alive when you really need to kill them to minimise threat backlash.

Sowing Doubt is just too situational and unreliable.

Faction Objectives – Top Picks

Weapons of Justice is great for an easy Surge.

Tools of the Faithful is pretty good, especially as it is 2 glory.

Due Process is another easy Surge, especially when you see the rest of the faction cards.

An Eye for an Eye is very easy and another good Surge.

Lives Well Spent is a surprisingly good round 2 and onwards objective.

Faction Gambits

Santified Sharpnening Stone is too situational, Determined Effort is better.

Circle of Silvered Gravesalt is too situational.

Ward of Martyr’s Blood doesn’t provide enough defence, especially as most of your fighters are 1 defence.

You Stand Accused is alright but not great.

Faction Gambits – Top Picks

Making a Point is agreat gambit attack, especially if you can trigger the Finisher effect.

Prayers of the Faithful is great for early round plays.

By Order of the Vault you get a free upgrade with optional draw power, great.

By Hook or by Crook is great surprise damage negation.

Lead the Crusade is a great combo card for the warband.

For the Order helps for double charges with a single fighter.

Faction Upgrades

The Lantern of Vengeance is just a situational and unreliable bound spell.

Woodcutter’s Strength is locked to Aemos and noth that great.

Bane of Evil is very slow stacking effects.

Faction Upgrades – Top Picks

Deep Scars, while locked to Pock, offers great wounds buff and damage negation.

Charmed Horseshoe is excellent dice accuracy buff.

Protective Brand is nice defence buff at the cost of supports.

Cold Iron Hands basically works as extra glory per range 1 kill.

Retractable Pistol is silly broken. Cannot be modified but not 1 shot AND is range 4, triggering off enemy moves. Way too good for what it does. Should have been range 1 or 1 use only.

Lucky Hexbeak Foot is great defence boosting.

Martyr’s Fervour is a slightly worse Gloryseeker but still really good.

Universal Objectives

All of these objectives are just too sitauational and not great for the glory they give.

The same applies for these 4 too.

Universal Objectives – Top Picks

Divine Attention is great for Chaos Warbands, probably an auto-include.

Bottom Feeders is great for swarming aggro teams.

Universal Gambits

Doom Foretold is just a poor gambit spell.

Flying Bludgeon is too much of a cost for 1 damage by sacrificing an attack action upgrade.

Blind Gamble isn’t bad but takes too much slow setup to be reliable for my liking.

Drifting Tides is just too slow and not great.

Once again a bunch of very situational cards for some not very great effects.

Universal Gambits – Top Picks

Disciplined Strike is great accuracy for order fighters, namely Assassins.

Sadistic Strike is basically Twist the Knife for Chaos at a slight cost of 1 damage to yourself.

Reality Check is great Stagger application for people being too aggressive on you.

Universal Upgrades

Channeled Force ain’t great, just go with base attacks.

Threshing Throw is alright but not amazing.

Grave Baron, just make a better objective deck.

Once again a bunch of situational cards that aren’t great, although I do like the art for Breathing Tube.

Universal Upgrades – Top Picks

Cursed Musket is some nice ranged damage and threat.

Penumbral Key is great for aggro warbands.

Reflecting Mask is amazing if it works while out of action. Heavily punish anyone attacking your fighters.

The Edge of Darkness is great for ranged fighters who can abuse cover hexes.

Warband Overview

Overall this warband is odd. They are incredibly weak via their low wound pool and inconsistent high damage. However, they have a lot of ways to equip upgrades quickly along with some powerful faction cards. They are an interesting warband for sure.


  • Great models for converting or if you play Old World games like Mordheim
  • Powerful faction cards


  • Hard to play and a lot of rules to remember
  • Very low overall wound pool and base damage

So would I recommend Hexbane’s Hunters? If you like them, sure. Personally I wouldn’t buy them because I’m not a fan of how they look and their gameplay style doesn’t appeal to me. They’re not bad, far from, just not what I look for in a warband. As I said, if you like the look of them from this review, then you won’t be disappointed. It gets a lot better if you only play Rivals or Rivals+/Warlords format.

If you want to buy this warband you can do so via Games Workshop or my affiliate link at Element Games that will get you a 25% to 15% discount with no additional cost to yourself and helping to support me.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you want to see Hexbane’s Hunters in-action, I’ll have a battle report of them soon on my YouTube channel! So until next time, you can always roll crits even if you’re a wizard or witch being hunted by Hexbane!

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