Kill Team July 2022 Tournament Stats

Exploring the global tournament data in July for Kill Team!

Today’s Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team video covers the global tournament stats for Kill Team in July 2022. This Kill Team stats show goes over all the important tournament data with the first results using the new balance dataslate. How will the changes affect the global meta?

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July 2022 Tournament Stats

So the standard caveats apply for the stats. The only major change this time is that we’re including ALL events and no longer excluding events with less than 8 players. We theorise that’s what is causing our stats discrepancies between Games Workshop’s stats but only time will tell. As always, thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy who collated all the data and did all the work. I am but the humble face of the operation!

Once again here’s the data we have. Spain remains on top but America is really gaining ground. Lots of tournaments increasing month by month, really good to see. UK continues good attendance, although with only 2 events for July.

Overall Harlequins remain on top. Winrates are pretty balanced/close and we continue to rank results by event wins and undefeated tournament runs as we feel those are important factors. Clearly the Q2 balance dataslate hasn’t done too much to halt the space clown dominance. Legionary are right behind them with a huge 12.89% meta representation, the biggest ever in the game’s history. Vet Guard and Kommandos rock up with impressive event wins and undefeated runs. Hunter Clades have improved again while we have poor Phobos Strike Team at 36% but with 3 event wins.

Month-by-month winrate shows Harlequins have remained pretty constant outside of their April spiking dominance. Novitiates are doing really well too. Legionary have actually gone down in winrate but this is either due to the Q2 balance dataslate changes and/or their rise in players. As mentioned, Hunter Clade continue to improve each month and it will be interesting to see how they perform in August. Poor Phobos however, a drop from 51% in June to 36% in July, quite a huge drop and makes them the worst performing bespoke team but the 2nd most popular team in the game. Very interesting.

With mirror matches removed, data remains mostly the same. Imperial Guard and Craftworlds have spiked results but the low volumes of games makes these results, sadly, unrelialbe. Especially for Craftworlds as that is basically from a single 6 player event.

Popularity wise, while the stats don’t show it, popularity-wise we are in an elite meta! Legionary and Phobos Strike Team are now the two most popular factions in the game. Will they continue this trend into August? Legionary I can definitely see remaining popular, Phobos Strike Team is more dubious though. Noteably Pathfinders are now the 3rd most popular faction globally. What a time we live in to see the Tau resurgence.

In our refined graphic, we have now included the 45% to 55% winrate “zone” of healthiness. This is what, ideally, all factions should sit in. Pretty much all the bespoke teams sit in this zone. The only noticeable exceptions are Warpcoven (40%) and Phobos Strike Team (36%). The compendium teams are floating about doing their own thing, although an interesting fact is that compendium kill teams only factor for about 18% of games now. Pretty much everyone is using bespoke teams now.

July 2022 Stats Overview

Overall, stats are fine. No one is really above a 55% winrate although ranking by event wins shows a different picture. Still, it looks like the balance dataslate hasn’t done too much to change stuff. While stats show a more balanced picture, the game feels a bit skewed within the top 5-6 kill teams, although this may just be my own personal bias. Once again, it will be interesting to see how August shapes up.

That’s it for now. Once again all thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy. So until next time, no matter what the stats say, you can always roll a crit!

2 thoughts on “Kill Team July 2022 Tournament Stats

  1. The fix, if needed, for Phobos teams is surely to allow them to take an Eliminator as one of the options for a straight increase in firepower to help vs elite teams in particular (and honestly is an odd omission as it would have made the team have all the Phobos options and would have been thematically great).
    Saying that Intercessor teams will likely eclipse them I feel (and as an aside, similar to Phobos not getting eliminators, why is there no option for a hellblaster in the intercessor team?).


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