Kill Team: November 2022 Tournament Stats

Reviewing the global tournament stats for Kill Team in November 2022!

Welcome to the November Stats Show for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team where I cover all of the global tournament data for Kill Team! Let’s dive into the stats and see how the game has evolved over the last month! I also cover the Q3 stats and see what it can tell us for the next balance dataslate!

I’ve also done this as a more in-depth YouTube video which you can watch here:

November 2022 Stats

Once again the standard caveats apply for the stats. All collated from BCP (Best Coast Pairings) and events that their TOs have submitted to us. Big thanks, as always, goes to Hotsauceteddy who’s collated all the data and who this wouldn’t be possible without! He’s also got some updates shown above as to what he’s working towards next!

Note we’re also valuing draws as 0.5 wins for winrates as it’s something the AoS guys were doing but will probably make our stats slightly different from Games Workshop’s own.

November Winrates

As we can see, November has kinda gotten worse for balance with 3 factions above a 60% winrate. Blooded also shoot up but with a low meta representation. Even Warpcoven and Wyrmblade have risen too! Vet Guard and Kommandos have risen up since last month but Starstriders come up to a surprising 46.3% winrate. Sadly Fastalker Kinband, Phobos Strike Team and Hierotek Circle all have really bad winrates. It’s a shame to see them all with a sub <35% winrate.

Next we have the new GT+ rating which takes into account tournaments that had 16 or more players with 4 or more rounds (close to one of Games Workshop’s balancing factors). Hunter Clade and Gellerpox improve even more while Quins stay about the same. Phobos oddly do slightly better while Kroot and Hierotek do worse.

November Game Data

Next here are the breakdowns for all the games in November. Left is all games, right table are GT+ results. For some interesting data, Kill Team is actually rising in popularity tournament-wise each month, with the last 3 months seeing the best the game has done for global events. Compendium teams also account for a low number of overall games now. They’re still being used but only factor for about 6% of games for GT+ results./

November Winrate vs Popularity

Here’s the table for winrate vs popularity. Once again left is all results, and right is bespoke teams only. Compared to last month, we have way more of a swing between the high and low teams. Legionary and Intercession still take the lead for popularity but the winrate ranges have become sadly wider than in previous months, lining up with the trend we saw in October due to the inclusion of Into the Dark events and results.

Q3 Winrates

Now here is the Q3 2022 data, covering September, October and November. This is basically the data Games Workshop will use for the next Balance Dataslate in December (or January if it gets delayed). Gellerpox and Quins take the lead with a >60% winrate overall. Blooded are up there in 3rd (but with low usage again) while Breachers, Hunter Clade and Pathfinders all sit just above 55%. Below 45% we have several bespoke teams: Starstriders, Phobos, Kroot and Hierotek. At least Phobos aren’t the worst anymore.

With GT+ results, things change slightly. Gellerpox remain top with Hunter Clade now in 2nd, both with >60% winrates. Next we have Quins, Pathfinders and Breachers all with >55%. For those below 45% we have: Kommandos, Kasrkin, Starstriders, Phobos, Kroot and Hierotek with a shocking 10% winrate.

Now if I were a betting man, the factions I would expect getting nerfed are: Gellerpox and Hunter Clade, then Quins, Pathfinders and Breachers. None of this would be surprising too as they’re all considered the best 5 factions in the game. For those that’d I’d expect buffs for: Startstriders, Phobos, Kroot and Hierotek, with a possible buff for Kommandos and Kasrkin. Only time will tell if I’m right.

November 2022 Stats Overview

Overall we’ve had another crazy month for stats with Kill Team. Several factions with a >60% winrate and lots above 55% as well as below 45%. It’s interesting how October and November have kinda destabalised the stats. Now balance isn’t horrible, we still have most of the factions in the game within the 45% to 55% range but it’s odd how much has change in such a short time. The majority of the factions used as still elite teams from Legionary and Intercession but the top tier kill teams are still horde ones. Obviously Into the Dark has done a lot too.

November also had several important tournaments like the Spanish 94 player event, the London 2022 final and of course the GW US Open final but there have been a lot of other events too. Unsurprised to see Hunter Clade doing so well and not so much with Gellerpox too. It’s a shame to see so many bespoke teams under-perform too. All that’s left is to see what the next balance dataslate does!

But thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy again who makes all this possible. Remember to also check out my Discord as well as my Patreon too if you want to give me some more support!

So until next time, no matter what the stats say, remember you can always win as long as you can roll a crit!

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