Kill Team: February 2023 Tournament Stats

Reviewing the global tournament stats for Kill Team in November 2022!

Welcome to the February Stats Show for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team where I cover all of the global tournament data for Kill Team! Let’s dive into the stats and see how the game has evolved over the last month! This update also includes the Q1 2023 data to help show what teams may be affected by the next Balance Dataslate too!

I’ve also done this as a more in-depth YouTube video which you can watch here:

February 2023 Stats

Once again the standard caveats apply for the stats. All collated from BCP (Best Coast Pairings) and events that their TOs have submitted to us. If you don’t use BCP, just contact us with the details and we can add them in! Big thanks, as always, goes to Hotsauceteddy who’s collated all the data and who this wouldn’t be possible without! Remember, if you share the stats and images, just remember to credit him and me as it helps us both out.

February Winrates

Looking at the February data, once again we have the usual offenders above 55%: Starstriders, Breachers and Troupe. Hand of the Archon are there too but with barely enough games to make it a credible result. On the losers side, Pathfinders shockingly have their worst winrate ever at 33%, joined by Wyrmblade who also had a really bad February. Exaction Squad didn’t do great but it’s the same situation as their Soulshackle counterpart. Too early to tell for both teams.

For GT+ results, we now have 7 teams above 55%! Yay! Oddly Blooded have now been performing above 55% for months now. It’s likely due to ITD but if Pathfinders are nerfed due to over-performing on open board, then surely we must treat Blooded in the same light? It is interesting to see so many teams over-performing in GT+ compared to all results. Pathfinders exactly mirror their own score while Phobos tumble down to 23%.

February Game Data

Here’s all the data but in numbers format. It’s crazy to see Intercession almost reaching 1,000 games a month! Legionary are close at 700 while everyone else sits around 200 sans Breachers who have over 400 games. The two mentioned elite teams also dominate the podium standings, no team comes close. Compendium teams continue to trail off as the meta slowly consolidates into a bespoke-only meta.

February Popularity Over Time

March results are included for clarity’s sake but aren’t the final results for the month and help shows how swingy mid-month results can be. Remember, THICCer the better and no one is as THICC as Intercession Squad. This data only shows bespoke teams but everyone is closely matched for winrate apart from Hierotek.

February Podiums Data

Once again we have podium data for February, tracking those who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as some of tournaments from the month! Intercession dominate with 26 podium placements and 6 wins, followed by Legionary with 17 and 7 wins then finally Breachers with 7 wins and 14 podiums. Corsairs, Kommandos and Vet Guard all place really well while being closely followed by Starstriders and Novitiates.

February Global Tournaments

February is another record-breaking month for Kill Team. We have the most players again ever, despite still basically being the quiet time of winter! We also had 58 events, the 2nd most for the history of the game too. Just all amazing to see as new countries are hosting events every month!

February Winrate Chart

Again, when it comes to balance 45% – 55% is good, >55% is bad and <45% is also bad (with nerfs or buffs needed depending on the position). Compendium muddles it a bit but overall we have a…mostly balanced set of teams.

Q1 2023 Data

Now this is a look at the January and February 2023 dataset, which is likely what Games Workshop will use in the next balance dataslate. In general, we have Starstriders, Gellerpox and Breachers all above 55%. Below 45% we have Kommandos, Kasrkin, Pathfinders, Phobos, and Hierotek.

When we look at GT+ results, above 55% are: Start Striders, Gellerpox and Troupe (all above 60%) with then the Breachers and Blooded. If Games Workshop value GT+ results more we could see Blooded nerfs, especially as how close they are to 55% overall. For teams below 45%: Pathfinders, Warpcoven, Kasrkin, Kommandos, Kroot, Hierotek and Phobos crashing down to last. Phobos ain’t gonna let any Necron amateurs steal their bottom spot!

Then the next table just shows the range for Q1 data in non-bar graph form.

Average Points Scored in Tournaments

Next is something special for a future video I’m working on. Thanks to Hotsauceteddy, this is all the data from average scores in games of Kill Team. Basically, since Crit Ops launcher, the average points across the board has gone up whether you win, lose and draw. People have in general gone from 14 points on average winning to now 17, draws from 9 to 14 and losses from 6 to 11. Quite the huge jump when the max is 18 (excluding painting bonus). What does this mean? Well that’s for that future video although it was amazing Hotsauceteddy could get all this data as I didn’t think it was possible when we were talking about it.

February 2023 Stats Overview

Overall, another weird month an Q1 for Kill Team. Most teams sit in the healthy range and in-general we have a very healthy meta. But we have consistent high performers with Starstriders (mirroring the over-buffed history of Hunter Clade), Gellerpox and Breachers with basically the Blooded too. Then chronic bad performers with Hierotek and Phobos. Crit Ops is likely a big factor as well as the surge of ITD events. We are technically due a balance dataslate this month but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed a month.

Either way I think the game needs a Crit Ops tweak with adjustments to the over and under performing kill teams but that’s for the future. The majority of kill teams still feel quite balanced with each other. I’m looking forwards to what March brings as we should have more representation from the Soulshackle teams as well as potential balance changes.

But thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy again who makes all this possible. I hope you enjoyed basically 12 months of Kill Team stats reviews. It all would have not been possible without Hotsauceteddy as well as everyone’s feedback.

Remember to also check out my Discord as well as my Patreon too if you want to give me some more support!

So until next time, no matter what the stats say, remember you can always win as long as you can roll a crit!

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