Luscious Loot

I didn’t get to go to any tournaments this week but instead I picked up a lot of tournament loot. Today I’ll go over what I’ve won at Shadespire tournaments since the game launched as well as why I play at so many events.


My first trophy I actually got from a Shadespire tournament was 2 weeks ago at Wargames Workshop Northampton. It was my first event after the Grand Clash and I was able to play some very tight games with my brand new Skaven to get a win and some fancy glass.

2018-03-25 16.31.54

My first official GW trophy, which I picked up on Friday, was actually won back in February at Warboar in Bromely. I came 2nd there at their (and my) first tournament just after Shadespire launched and I returned in February to take a dominant tournament win with my Stormcast. It will always hold a special place for me as this was my first proper tournament win after fully embracing the competitive side of the game back in Janurary.

2018-03-25 16.48.51

The next set of loot is from my first Grand Clash at Warhammer World‘s first Shadespire event. I managed to come 11th and snagged all this fancy loot (along with the promo Hold Objective cards 1-5). Sad I didn’t win but coming 11th in my first national tournament is a great achievement.

2018-03-25 16.42.30

Now all this fancy loot is a complete OP Quarterly Kit which I won last Sunday at Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes. For coming 1st I got: promo fighter cards for Garek’s Reavers and Steelheart’s Champions, activation tokens for both mentioned warbands, a fancy card deck box, acrylic wound tokens and the Shadeglass trophy (as well as the 2 monthly promo cards Annihilation and Great Speed).


This was my loot from coming 2nd at Marquee Models last Saturday so now I have 2 complete OP Quarterly Kits! It was a great event where I got to meet awesome people.

It was great to finally win all this stuff after months of delays and was all of pretty good quality. Deffinetly another incentive to pop down to independent stores and play at their tournaments!

So with all this loot I know some people will wonder if I still plan to attend store tournaments with the Quarterly Kits now that I’ve won everything. Firstly yes because I need more Shadeglass in my life and secondly because I still want to pop down to independent stores and play at their events. I spent most of my hobby life playing 40k, AoS and WHFB where the most you got for winning events was bragging rights and trophies/card plaques. All this fancy loot is just a nice bonus as I’ve been playing at Shadespire tournaments even before the full GW support were all you got where in-store discounts. They’re still great environments for improving my game as well as a way for me to help support the scene by going to as many Shadespire tournaments as I can.

Shadespire has made me go to independent stores and gaming clubs that I never would have gone to before, I’ve also been able to meet a lot of great people and all these things make me eternally grateful for the game. My way to give back to the scene is via this website and also supporting the gaming clubs and independent stores by going to their events. Hopefully I’ve helped encouraged you to do the same if you haven’t already, they’re great experiences even if you don’t win.

Going to events may even help with rolling those all-important crits.

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