Token Storage

Last week I talked about plastic coin capsules. Today we’ll look at how to store and transport your Shadespire gaming tokens.

While coin capsules are a nice optional upgrade to your disk tokens to make them last longer, transportation is a more necessary aspect. You can just stuff everything into the starter box or carry case but there are more organised ways.


Plastic resealable bags are the cheapest and easiest way to store your tokens, you even get a few in the starter box as an added bonus. While not bad you will need a few unless you like storing everything in one bag.


The next is this small plastic box available from Amazon. Not too large but cheap and cheerful. the vertical dividers are removable so you can hold more things such as dice.

2018-02-03 10.33.04

This is the case I use. Also from Amazon but slightly more expensive than the previous entry. The downside is that the horizontal dividers also cannot be removed but the vertical ones can be. You just have to cut a part of the horizontal divider away and then you can easily fit in all your objective tokens as well as Shardfall tokens and room for more. The case also perfectly fits 4 coin capsule’d tokens in each slot.


Another option is the great KR accessory case. While a fairly costly investment when compared to the other entries, it is a tough little beast that also doubles as a dice tray for you and your opponent. I use this as well but mainly for my AoS and 40K token storage with the dice rolling tray aspect for Shadespire.

There are far more options out there such as combination foam trays that store miniatures and tokens/dice to custom MDF cases that do the same. I just wanted to chime in with what I’ve seen and used myself. Hopefully these are of some help to you for transportation and all your crit rolling dice.

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