Can You Roll a Crit?

Can you roll a crit? Today let’s answer this ancient question.

People always ask me how I roll so many crits but to reveal my secret we have to trace the origins of crits, all the way back to ancient Greece.

“The rolling of Crits is the most important part of the game”

Plato was one of the originators of the great crit debate. Ancient Greeks didn’t play Shadespire but they played an ancient variation: Criticus Maximus. It was a very bloody game, some even say it was the downfall of their empire…

After that there was a long lull in the rolling of crits. Role-playing Games involved them but it wasn’t till Shadespire that crits became truly important.

“Crit on, Crit off”

Here are the basics of rolling crits:

Believe in the Crits

Believe in the crits that believe in you. If you have the strength to will them, the crits will be your’s.

Don’t Believe in the Crits

To call out the crits is to invite failure. Demanding the dice to roll you crits before rolling will only invite your doom.

Blind Rolling

Try to not look or close your eyes when rolling dice. Let the results surprise you with plentiful crits.

Find Someone Who Rolls a lot of Crits

You don’t always need to be the crit roller. Find a friend or player who rolls a lot of crits. Pay them, bribe them or use whatever means necessary to make them roll all your dice. Please note I will not be your dice roller.

Trust in your Dice

Play with the dice you’ve used for the longest time. Trust your dice with crits and they will in-turn trust you.

Don’t Trust the Dice

Dice can be malicious little things. Use a new set every game to confuse them into rolling crits lest they be locked away in the dark corners of dice bags.

Let your Opponent Roll your Dice

Let them be the instrument of their doom. Turn the power of crits against them.

Hopefully all these tips help you with rolling crits. Please tune in next week when I’ll be talking about how to always roll the illustrious Double Support.

As always, can you roll a crit?

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