Weekend Tournament Roundup 2

This Easter weekend I went further than normal for some Shadespire tournaments.

Saturday: The Outpost

Saturday marked my furthest tournament in my gaming history, a place even further than Warhammer World! The mighty Outpost in Sheffield.

Originally I had planned to go to a closer tournament South of London but they pulled their Quarterly kit. Looking for alternatives I remembered about the Outpost. Luckily my friends were driving up to Sheffield for the last UK X-Wing regional so I was able to secure a ride and attend. Thankfully I had my friend Mike from Hex Appeal to guide me to the site on the day, another great fellow Shadespire blogger.

The tournament was incredibly tough with 16 entrants and 4 rounds, easily my hardest played Shadespire event outside of the Grand Clash. Everyone was very skilled and I only had a single game that was 2-0 (but. Even then it was still a close set of games), the other 3 where all 2-1. The Warbands were: Fyre Slayers, Skaven, Fyre Slayers and then Skaven again (all played very differently to each other).

Most of the players there had competitive gaming experience in various different systems (mainly Guildball) so it was quite difficult. Their positioning and decison making was on point. A lot of wins came down to dice rolls that would decide who would win, usually being on crucial attack and defence rolls. Once again I was exposed to playstyles I had not seen before so I had to rely on my positioning and Shadespire experience (as well as a decent number of Crits 😉) to pull out a tournament win. I even managed to win best painted.

All in all the tournament was a great event to have attended. Everyone there was super awesome and welcoming, totally worth a visit if you’re in Sheffield and I recommend going to the Outpost’s events. I will plan on trying to return there myself for Shadespire at some point.



Sunday: Magic Madhouse EXP

My next event was back in London at my nearest store; Magic Madhouse EXP. I was able to get just enough sleep after returning back to London at 03:30am and then head off again for another Shadespire tournament.

The event had 8 players with the majority being people I knew already beforehand and having quite a bit of Shadespire gaming experience with already. I hadn’t played at a London tournament for a while so I forgot to consider how playing in event would be where a lot of people already know how you play.

My first game was against Orruks. After a tight game 1, I snuck out a win by 1 glory point and then managed to win 8-1 in the final game thanks to Skritch going crit mad in Action Phase 3 and with some sneaky positioning on my part.

The second game was super tough, I played a very tough Skaven player and was able to edge out a win partially thanks to me remembering Skritch was on guard and preventing him from dying to a Hero Slayer Hungering Skaven. It was also thanks to my opponent allowing Skritch to be brought back as we both forgot he was on guard but remembered he did roll a Shield (thankfully it wasn’t too late into the Action Phase). Either way it was a very enjoyable game with a tough and sporting opponent.

Lastly I played against Orruks again. This time it was a much easier round than earlier but opponent was still good, able to kill a lot of my rats in game 1 although I still managed a win. Sadly his newness to the game and lack of playing against Skaven meant I was able to win 2-0 and claim another Shadeglass Trophy as my own.


It was a great gaming weekend and I now have 4 Quarterly OP kits for Shadespire, enough to run my own store tournament! I have 3 more tournaments coming up in the next 2 weeks so I’m planning to keep my streak going strong, along with all my glorious crits.

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