Quarter 1 Loot

There are perks to winning a lot of tournaments.

*gasp* I didn’t go to any tournaments this past weekend!

I have, however, been to a lot of tournaments since the Organised Play support was launched for Shadespire and I’ve won most of them too. Today I’ll be showing off breaking down what loot I have won since February now that the Quarter 2 kit has launched.

Let’s count it all out:

  • 5 Shadeglass Trophies
  • 1 non-GW Glass Trophy
  • 1 Shadespire Metal Plaque
  • 2 cards of Shadeglass
  • 3 sets of acrylic move and charge tokens
  • 3 Shadespire board organisers
  • 4 sets of acrylic activation tokens
  • 8 sets of acrylic wound tokens
  • 9 sets of Khorne and Stormcast card activation tokens
  • 8 Shadespire card deck boxes
  • 2 sets of shiny fighter cards for Garek’s Reavers and Steelheart’s Champions
  • The fancy Warhammer Fest Shadespire lanyard


Here be all my promo cards that aren’t currently in decks:

  • 4 sets of Hold Objective 1 to 5 cards
  • 10 Supremacy cards
  • 10 Shardfall cards
  • 10 Annihilation cards
  • 10 Great Speed cards
  • 2 Illusory Fighter cards
  • 3 Coordinated Attack cards

And there you have it, all my luscious loot!

With the Q2 kit, I hope to win as much stuff again (time allowing). I think I’ve got the most Shadeglass Trophies in the world and enough prizes to run at least 2 Quarterly tournaments myself. If you attend as many events as I have, you’ll sure to have as much loot as me. Just pop down to support your local independent gaming store. Rolling more crits than me, on the other hand, is something I can’t guarantee 😉

2 thoughts on “Quarter 1 Loot

  1. Hey man! We are missing some new content, everything alright? Give us those top tier tips and tricks, and your always entertaining posts about your tournament experiences : D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just a bit swarmed with work and events so I had no time to blog 😅

      I’ll have a new article later today but thanks for the query!


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