Warband Deconstruction: Offensive Steelheart’s Champions (Tactics)

The third and final part to the series.

Previously on Canyourollacrit? I covered the deck and deployment options in part 1 and part 2. For today, I’ll be looking at general tactics against the warbands you’ll be coming to face.

Now I won’t be going too in-depth with the tactics as partly because there’s so much to cover with each warband and I don’t want to give too much away about my own strategies (gotta keep some secrets to myself πŸ˜‰). For each warband I’ll be focusing on how they generally play and not delve too deep into their alternate builds.

Steelheart’s Champions

The mirror-match is something a lot of people forget about with their warbands but for me it’s always the first thing on my mind. While a lot of people think they know their warband so well that they don’t need to consider the mirror, some things still need to be thought out as you know the strengths and weakness of the warband.

Target priority should be Brightshield first. This is because she is the Stormcast killer. With her 3 hammers and 2 damage, you’ll be using her to finish off any Stormcast wounded by Sevrin or Obryn. Even when they are inspired, her 3 attack dice should beat out their 2 defence dice. The same applies to you, so taking out their Brightshield first makes the game easier.

Obryn should be the next target simply because he has cleave when inspired. After that, Sevrin should be easy pickings for the rest of your fighters.

Garek’s Reavers

The Reavers can be tough due to their mobility and ability to hit hard. Targor and Arnulf are traps to ignore killing as they help inspire the warband faster. Instead you want to go for Saek first, Karsus second and then Garek. Each gets a big boost from inspiring and Saek gets cleave. Taking him out early also stops the Reavers doing any damage 3 off the bat.

Reavers also throw out the most attack dice in the game. Don’t be too concerned about not inspiring or upgrades that give you more defence dice, Soul Trap is far more useful. m

Sepulchral Guard

Skellies can be quite a tough match-up for the Champions because of how many bodies there are. As a rule you want to use your push cards to get the petitioners off the objectives and kill the 3 wound fighters as you move up.

Do not kill models that have not yet charged, especially the Champion. You could kill the Champion but then the opponent uses Restless Dead to bring him back inspired to charge with 3 movemen and 3 hammers.

You need to focus on your instant objectives and rush in, doing as much damage as possible and preventing them from getting on the objectives.

Ironskull’s Boyz

Greenskins are another tough match-up. They have more wounds and bodies than you as well as having surprising mobility. Be aware of losing board control and being pushed in by them.

Ideally you always want to go for Gurzag first, then Bonekutta and leave the last 2 to your leisure. When Gurzag is dead, your warband gains a massive advantage.

Also you have better neutral objectives than them. Try stalling out for a turn as the Orruks waste a phase or 2 moving up. Then, in phase 2, charge with your upgraded fighters.

Spiteclaw’s Swarm

Skaven are a very tough match-up. Movement 5 basic, more bodies and an easy inspire mechanic that gives them as many defence dice as you (even if they are dodges).

Positioning is key here due to how targets may never be available in the first phase. Use the mobility cards to cover ground and bunch up to prevent stragglers being picked off.

Kill Skritch whenever you can and don’t forget that the 3 dead clanrats can come back to life on your starting hexes.

The Chosen Axes

The toughest match-up for offensive Steelheart’s Champions and one of the main reasons that I don’t run them anymore. They’ll generally deploy far back leaving only one Fyre Slayer in range if you’re lucky. Always go first for the phase 1 charge.

Go for Grimnir first or kill Vol and Tefk (both only 3 wounds un-inspired). Either of those targets dead means a big win for you. Grimnir inspired is a huge target, go for +1 wounds to save fighters from being one-shot by him.

Sadly this match-up relies on you having a lot of push cards in your first hand, otherwise it will be a very hard game.

The Farstriders

An interesting pairing. The Farstriders are weaker but have more range. They’ll slowly weaken you while your warband advances but it should inspire you along the way. Just keep applying the pressure and use your push cards to make the charges happen.

Magore’s Fiends

Not as hard-hitting like the Reavers, the Fiends are tougher and will wear you down. Just like the Orruk, starve them for the first phase then go in for the kill.

Remember that they are more mobile when inspired but not before then. Go for Riptooth first due to his dice, damage and mobility. Next is Magore due to his permanent Cleave. Lastly you have the 2 other warriors to kill at your leisure.

With that, the series for Offensive Steelheart’s Champions is complete. Using all the parts combined should help you have a better understanding of how the warband works along with how to efficiently use it. I’ll think about what warband build to cover next but feel free to tell me any specific ones you’d like to see in the future. Until next time, keep rolling crits πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “Warband Deconstruction: Offensive Steelheart’s Champions (Tactics)

  1. Fantastic series of articles! Love how well written and useful are your articles : D I’m really looking forward to a “in deep” guide for your Skaven Warband. I main the rats and getting to know how to manage to wipe out entire warbands will be very much interesting! I’m currently running a semi objective based deck, but I really want to switch it to an aggressive one so I don’t have to rely on my rivals not playing push ploys.
    Anyway, great job, keep it up!


    1. Thanks for the feedback dude, love to hear you’re enjoying my series. I’m getting quite a bit of requests for my Skaven so they’ll probably be done next πŸ˜‚

      Feel free to try out my deck list! It does take a lot of work to make it work tho


  2. Please do Farstriders, I play them alot and love them but I haven’t found much in the way of discussion in them regarding tactics and deck builds since they are one of the harder warbands to play.


    1. Problem with Farstriders is that they play how you choose to play them. The warband has no fixed role they excel at and is all down to player choice.


      1. How would you play them? I’ve been using a hybrid aggressive deck, have supremacy and eternal supremacy for instance, but then use kill based objectives like victorious duel, placing the objectives towards the enemy and advancing to them, could you float some ideas that you might have for them if you played them, it will give me and a few others i know something to think about and move forward with into new sets.


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