Mollog’s Mob

Meet Mollog and his amazing friends!

Welcome to the second warband review featuring the mighty Mollog’s Mob! Once again this was provided to me for free by Games Workshop so thanks to them for choosing me in order to get this article out early to you all. Without further ado let’s delve into the Troggoth and co.


Sleeping in his deep dank cave beneath the Dessert of Bones that surrounds the mirrored city, Mollog’s peaceful slumber was disturbed by the emergence of a certain Skaven swarm. After he held dealt with their passing, his cave was left in ruins so Mollog departed for pastures new with a mob of fellow cave creatures.

After traversing the long desert, he made his way into Shadespire and quickly sought shelter underneath. Instead of finding a cave he instead found the labyrinthine maze of the Mirrored City and trudged on ever forwards in search of his new home.


Mollog’s Mob contains 4 miniatures: the Dankhold Troggoth known as Mollog and his 3 tag along creatures consisting of a spiteful mushroom, the BAT SQUIG and a Stalasquig. Each are wildly varying in shape but all share the design hallmarks of cave creatures ranging from the bases all the way to fungal growths.

My favourite model is the BAT SQUIG but each fighter has a surprising amount of detail, even the Stalasquig! Despite their ramshackle nature, the warband still feels as a combined force even with all the individual traits.

The plastic sprues come in a shade of lavender while also being quite sturdy. While Mollog is quite robust, you’ll need to be careful when assembling the miniatures and don’t forget their tongues!

The Fighters

This warband comes with 4 fighters which can be rather limiting at times. However this makes them quite flexible when it comes to deployment.

Mollog the Mighty lives up to his name with an impressive 7 wounds and a range 2, 2 smash 3 damage attack with knockback 1! He even has a whirling club attack to deal with bunched up targets. Also he’s not a wizard. Gasp! A decent move characteristic of 3 with a single block makes him fairly standard in those areas.

What makes Mollog truly scary is his ability to make a move or charge action even if he already has a move token. This means he can move then charge to give him a threat range of 8 over 2 activations. This reach is immense and allows him to quickly cover ground so hiding away isn’t really a possibility.

The Troggoth inspires by having 3 or more wound tokens. Upon inspiring he gains knockback 2 and damage 4 on his club while his whirling attack goes up to 3 fury. The true boon is his ability to now move or charge even if he already has a move or charge token! Double charge baby. This alone completely changes any game once Mollog inspires. Just beware he’s very dice dependent and 2 smash only goes so far.

When he was only a boy Bat Squig witnessed his parents being brutally shot down by a Stormcast Eternal Vanguard Hunter. Since then he swore an oath of vengeance to hunt down the golden warriors of Sigmar. Also to tag along with Mollog.

He may seem rather weak with a 2 fury 1 damage attack and 2 wounds but he has movement 4 with 2 dodge as well as ignoring lethal hexes while passing through occupied hexes. He can’t be given weapons or hold objectives but that’s not the Squig’s true purpose.

Bat Squig (and the rest of the warband) share the same inspire mechanic of Mollog taking 3 or more wound tokens. Inspiring gives Bat Squig movement 5, 3 dodge and 2 damage. He shares an important role of providing support and picking off weakened enemies and becomes even better with card support.

Stalasquig is a Squig possessing rock. Now immobile but hungry, this creature sits around nobbling away at unsuspecting targets. He has a 1 smash 1 damage attack with 2 block and 2 wounds. He has movement 0, cannot be pushed, given attack action upgrades, move, charge or hold objectives. So what is good about him?

This rock’s greatest strength is its setup ability. Instead of deploying normally it is placed after warbands are deployed but before the priority roll which effectively makes the warband 3 drops. Wherever it is placed is important. You can stick it out of harms way or onto an objective in enemy territory to be a nuciance they have to deal with.

Inspiring upgrades the attack to 2 smash 2 damage. Apart from that the Stalasquig gains little from it. It’s deceptively useless but the Stalasquig can be a huge boon when used correctly.

Spiteshroom, the toxic sentient mushroom. Once again it can’t hold objectives or be given attack action upgrades but it does have a 2 fury 1 damage attack that hits all adjacent enemy fighters. It also has a reaction that causes 1 damage to all adjacent enemy fighters so attacking closeup will be a risk for your opponent.

Upon inspiring this shroom gets 2 damage and 2 dodge making it slightly better. Still the 2 movement makes it very slow and it is unreliable as an attacker. Keep back or use as bait.

The Cards

Once again we return to the card section of the article. As usual I’ll be going over the faction cards first and universal cards after. Keep note these are my own views so your card thoughts may differ.

Faction Objectives

Is it Asleep?: Good when everyone is dead or you’re trying to stall out for some reason. Funnily enough you can score this if Mollog was dead for the entire action phase.

Carnage: Varies on worth depending on your regular opponents. Generally this is not a very easy to score card, even against more numerous warbands.

Rampage: Like Carnage but better (worse?). Seeing as there are a lot of 3 fighter warbands out there, this objective is very unreliable.

Protect the Lair: Denial but only 2 glory. Run if you want to stack both.

Faction Objectives – Top Picks

Got Them: Not necessarily easy but amazing for 2 glory. Will have to set up accordingly but Centre of Attention is great for supporting this.

Feeding Frenzy: Another great score immediately card. This time just need any of your surviving fighters (minimum 3) to be adjacent to opponents. Easy to score quickly early on with the Stalasquig and push cards.

Easy Pickings: Use Mollog or the Spiteshroom for this (Mollog). Synergises with Got Them. Just pack some upgrade support.

Earn Your Keep: Another great aggro objective. Hit them with Mollog and charge in with Bat Squig!

Demolished: Takes investment with a strength upgrade on inspired Mollog but is a very useful objective, especially late game once the killing has started.

Faction Gambit Ploys

Follow Your Instincts: A worse version of the universal Rethink Strategy. I find it’s always better to manually change objectives than rely on cards for it.

Feast: Not bad but at least it’s useable by any friendly fighter.

Sporeburst: If you like 50/50 damage output then this is for. Good way to sneak in extra damage but it’s just not reliable enough for me.

Faction Gambit Ploys – Top Picks

Predatory Growls: Faction version of Distraction. Awesome.

Flit: Bat Squig copying the Omega Beams! The 3 hex push is very important and bypasses occupied hexes too.

Brutal Savagery: Faction version of Determined Effort. Great at maximising Mollog’s attacks or any other friendly fighter.

Wind Up: Help score Demolished early or kill pesky 4 wound fighters without needing to inspire.

There the Whole Time: Bring back your opponent’s worst nightmare on a 50/50. Great to annoy opponents investing into killing your Stalasquig.

Hobble: 50/50 to punish being adjacent to the Stalasquig. Great when you play the Stalasquig aggressively and place it on enemy objectives.

Shrouded in Gloom: Range 3 is quite common now so punish those ranged fools and also hilariously wizards whose magic attacks become a single fury.

Faction Upgrades

Wrath of Living Rock: If you really need cleave then here it is.

Inescapable Jaws: Make the Bat Squig embrace smashes or just be like me and rely on crits.

Spore Cloud: A better ranged damage output but at the mercy of the scatter mechanic.

Rooted to the Spot: If you really want to hold objectives. Combine with Tome of Glories in order to actually be able to use it.

Regenerate: Faction version of Regeneration and Regenerative Charm. I’m not a fan. Run all 3 if you really want to get the most use out of it unless you’re unlucky enough to bottom-deck all 3.

Jabbertoad: Single use ranged attack with knockback 1. Not bad but Shadeglass Darts is better.

Faction Upgrades – Top Picks

Blooming Spores: +1 damage for Mollog? Yes please!

Foul Temper: Faction Awakened Weapon. Oh baby!

Unswattable: Free auto pushes are great especially for a fighter with 2 or 3 dodge.

Horrific Stench: Great for the whirling club attack action but oddly useable by the whole warband. What’s not to love?

Universal Objectives

Digging Deep: Rather good if you can chain score immediately objectives but not entirely reliable for 1 glory unless you want to spend 4 activations drawing cards.

Didn’t Even Want it: Should have been objective 5 thematically. Still if love objective 1 then this is for you.

Heroic Effort: Non-leader version of Tireless Effort. Stack with the Warden or use for Varclav.

Frugal: Debatably good but it’s basically a win more card.

Envious Acquisition: Not bad not great.

Universal Objectives – Top Picks

Keep Chopping: Keep Them Guessing but for aggro players. All Khorne warbands rejoice!

Massive Overkill: Another Crushing Force but not as good. Still love it against the popular more numerous warbands.

Press the Advantage: The reverse of Catching Up. Punish those players for letting you go first!

Disdain for Knowledge: Katophrane Tomes are becoming more popular so punish those who invest in books.

Get Thee Hence: What Armour? but for fighters with knockback. Amazing.

Giant-Slayer: The popularity of Deathly Fortitude and Sudden Growth make this surprisingly easy to achieve.

Universal Gambit Spells

Sorcerous Riposte: Pretty situational but great for a tooled-up Stormsire.

Quintok’s Gamble: Another great shuffle mechanic locked behind crits. If you can pump out a lot of magic dice then this is for you.

Universal Gambit Spells – Top Picks

Sphere of Chamon: Michael Jackson’s favourite card. This spell is amazing when you realise it can be used on friendly and enemy fighters. See that inspired Snirk? He’s 1 block now. Very versatile.

Universal Gambit Ploys

Fearful Visage: Not bad but can be difficult to achieve with so much range +2 in the game.

Taunting Challenge: Only useful when your opponent charges 2 or more of your fighters.

Whip into a Frenzy: Good for Orruks but it is a neutral +1 damage card.

Grievous Riposte: If you can roll a lot of defensive crits then this is for you.

Universal Gambit Ploys – Top Picks

These are all just…sooooo good.

Shadowed Step: A toned down Illusory Fighter. Great for getting Snirk to move up the board or repositioning out of range fighters.

Transfixing Stare: This is just amazing. So many uses and shuts down so many fighters. Should have been a spell or work on the roll of a smash or crit. See that Mollog who moved? Now he’s stuck. Mollog moves into 2 hex range of your leader and now traps them there. A flexible card that can be used efficiently by any playstyle. Just watch out for Misdirection.

Commanding Stride: Grimnir players rejoice as you combine this with Treasure Lust for a 6 hex push effectively. Great for all aggro players. My only downside is that it doesn’t choose your leader but then Skritch doesn’t need even more buffs. Control players everywhere will hate this card. Just don’t forget it has to be an empty starting hex.

Universal Upgrades

Possessed Weapon: Good for Orruks and fighters that can be resurrected.

Envoy’s Prerogative: Draw an objective card first then discard one in your hand. A reverse on the normal method to help those who want to see what they draw first. Personal preference if you want to spend a glory to do this.

Nullstone Dagger: Best artwork so far but not too great. 3 fury, 2 damage with cleave on crits and re-roll vs wizards is nice but I prefer Nullstone Sword. Far more balanced than Shadeglass Dagger.

Universal Upgrades – Top Picks

Unstoppable Force: Great for scoring Get Thee Hence plus knockback 1 is useful in general.

Challenge Seeker: A nice twist on Glory Seeker. A very useful card that lots of fighters will love.

Bag of Tricks: Best upgrade in the game. Searching is such a huge thing. Combine with Second Wind for 2 searches in a single action phase (edit: Not actually possible unless the bear has already charged due to wordings and changes of the token system). So many uses that only aggro warbands with 3 fighters may find difficult to use.

Tome of Vitality: +1 wound and more importantly is a tome which synergises with Acolyte of the Katophranes.

Warding Scroll: Board-wide dispel scroll. Laugh when your opponent rolls 2 or more crits, takes 1 damage then you stop the spell.

Loathe Stone: Stick it on Riptooth or your main charger to effectively shut down magic with a nice 2 hex range.

Blessing of Vytrix: Make Zarbag’s Gitz super reliable casters of magic. Opens up magic builds for warbands who lack faction innate channels.


Here are some sample decklists I’ve created with the first being Nightvault only cards and the second being mixed with all available cards.

Note this are just a basis for you to start and adapt from so may not be the most competitive lists but will give you a solid starting point to delevop something more suited to your tastes.

Nightvault Only Cards

Playstyle: Aggro

You want to hit and hit hard. Included are a few support cards to draw in enemy fighters while you also have a few objectives to score which don’t require killing. Regal Vision is there to get Mollog Inspired early.

All Available Cards

Playstyle: Aggro

As the Nightvault only deck but with additions like Healing Potion to help Mollog once inspired and Inspiration Strikes for the sudden power up from the start. Change of Tactics is an easy to score objective with Bat Squig and Ready for Action squeezes more attacks in there. Awakened Weapon is there to stack with Foul Temper so you can re-roll both attack dice (but not the same die twice).

Final Thoughts

Mollog’s Mob are a meta-defining warband. Not only do they offer a unique way to approach and play the game but also how people play in order to take down Mollog. It’s a warband dedicated to aggro play but still has enough tricks that seasoned veterans will find them a joy to play, just like newer players.

Don’t underestimate the rest of the mob. They’re not necessary to make the warband work but do make Mollog’s life easier. The warband gives as much as you put in. Just remember Mollog can still be taken down rather easily once he’s out of activations and left on his own.

So would I buy this? Yes. Mollog’s Mob is probably the best expansion to buy as your first warband outside of the core set. This expansion offers a super enjoyable and forgiving warband for new players while veterans will like the new twist Mollog brings to Warhammer Underworlds as well as all the amazing universal cards on offer. Preorder your copy from here and may the crits be with you.

11 thoughts on “Mollog’s Mob

  1. Hi, what does the ‘meta’ mean in ‘Mollog’s Mob are a meta-defining warband.’? Minis are great and band character seems to be very distinctive, I totally want to have them.


  2. I think Mutating Maul just became one of the best weapons in the game.

    Bag of tricks isn’t the best upgrade in the game… it’s the best card in the game imho.
    It will end up banned or restricted. The more cards that come out the better it will get. They have to be very carefull with new cards now. Getting to use raptor strike repeatedly is pretty nuts. Double frozen in time?!

    If bag of tricks isn’t broken already, it soon will be.


    1. Bag of Tricks won’t pick cards from the discard pile, only your power deck. It’s very good but you still need to sacrifice an activation for it and reveal the card to your opponent.


  3. I wonder if it’s worth a try to take 1-2 keys (stalagsquig upgrade to control objectives) and maybe 1-2 objectives for the specific board objectives. Stalagsquig can start on whatever one you want, and Mollog is mobile enough that you could maybe work your way towards a board objective later in the game.
    Or even just 1 key. If you happen to get the right number in your zone you could park him there and upgrade to claim objectives. He’d have to be dealt with or basically get a free 2 glory.
    May not be worth it also as you’d need 2 upgrades just for the stalagsquig.
    Or just bring one key hoping to put it on Mollog. Worse case you’re opponent would have to play around the fact that you have a specific key, even if they knew what number.

    Trying to think “outside the box” so my deck build isn’t not just “kill, kill, kill”


    1. I don’t think keys are viable at all for Mollog’s Mob, too much of an investment. You’ll have to vary the glory in other ways such as with Extreme Flank and Shining Example.


  4. A guy in our game group came in second in a 10 man tournament with this list, maybe one or two gambit/upgrades were different and the objective deck was a little different, but overall almost exactly what you posted. This is a very nasty and effective listing for Mollog.

    Liked by 1 person

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