Weekend Tournament Round-Up 23

Can Khorne do it again?

Once again I spent this Saturday at Marquee Models for their Warhammer Underworlds tournament. I was using Garek’s Reavers and trying to make another success with 1 of my 3 remaining warbands. I was contemplating using Zarbag’s Gitz or Godsworn Hunt but I just wanted to get Shadespire completed after the success I had with Eyes of the Nine last week. Also the event had 10 players and with 3 rounds I had to go 2-0 3 times to guarantee victory and I was most comfortable doing that with the Khorne Reavers.


Playstyle: Aggro

Pretty much the same as the last deck only trimmed down to 20 cards for the power deck. Originally I thought I had added enough passive cards to make the deck a flex deck but upon reflection it has very little ways to score without killing at all.

Overall I’m happy with the power deck now but I’m still having problems with the objective deck. It needs more refinement and some sacrifices until it’s in the right spot. Cover Ground is still a very solid choice for the warband as well as Master of War yet everything is still not gelling together correctly.

The aggro part still flows strong. I have 3 cards that all give +2 dice to attacks making Saek or fighters with Heroslayer very reliable when needed. Challenge Seeker helps with this too considering that the Reavers will be attacking fighters with greater wounds characteristics than they have.

Cardinal Combat Counter:

Round 1

To begin with I was matched up with Justin and his very well painted Mollog’s Mob. Losing boards I placed the Arcane Nexus while he set the Katophrane’s Reliquary wide.

Going first, Mollog charged into Arnulf but rolled 2 fury. Arnulf then charged into the Stalasquig but failed to roll a single fury. The Stalasquig attacked back but Arnulf successfully dodged. Targor charged in, a support and fury doing enough damage to wound the rock Squig. Using Predatory Growls, Arnulf was pushed into the lethal hex. Stalaquig attacked again but Arnulf rolled a crit (ayyy). Karsus then charged, rolling 3 hits due to being fully supported and killing the Stalasquig and scoring Blood for the Blood God. Bat Squig then moved up. Now having drawn Cover Ground I then played Spectral Wings and upgraded him with Tome of Offerings. Garek charged into the Spiteshroom and scoring Cover Ground. He rolled a smash and a crit to kill the vengeful mushroom, taking 1 damage in return. Off of this I scored Draw the Gaze of Khorne and in the end phase Keep Chopping.

Winning priority I simply had Garek charge into Bat Squig. With 2 crits the flying menace was dead and I scored Precise Use of Force for 3 glory thanks to Tome of Offerings while inspiring my warband. Mollog then smashed Arnulf into the ground. Giving Saek Challenge Seeker he charged in rolling a single smash in 3 dice. Mollog rolled a block which was useless due to cleave. I reacted with Twist the Knife and did 4 damage to Mollog while driving him back. Mollog then used Faneway Crystal to charge into Karsus, killing him with a smash and a crit due to Rebound failing. Targor went on guard then charged to score Change of Tactics.

Phase 3 had me win priority. Saek charged into Mollog who had Tome of Offerings. Rolling 3 smashes Mollog rolled a dodge. He took 3 damage and was driven back into an adjacent lethal hex and died which scored me Strong Start. We then spent cycling cards and I scored Master of War, Khorne Cares Not and Superior Tactician to win 16/9.

Game 2 had me win boards. Justin place the Katophrane Reliquary so I set the Amber Catacomb in a diagonal configuration.

Losing priority and given first activation, I simply moved Arnulf out of charge range. Mollog went on guard. Next I moved Targor 1 hex to the left. Bat Squig then moved up. I moved Saek up. Justin drew a card. Garek then moved 1 hex to the left so he wasn’t trapped then Justin drew a card. No glory was scored for anyone.

Winning priority I let Justin go first who put Mollog on guard. I then drew a power card (Distraction). Justin then played predatory growls on Karsus to put him in charge range. I played Distraction to push Mollog back a hex which was countered with Commanding Stride. Mollog charged in rolling a crit and hit. I reacted with Rebound but failed and thus he died which scored my opponent Change of Tactics, Strong Start. Saek charged in but rolled a support and a fury. My opponent drew a card then I used Hidden Paths on Garek. He attacked the adjacent Stalasquig and missed too.

In phase 3 I lost priority and Saek was smashed into a paste. Garek rolled 2 crits and actually killed the Stalasquig scoring Precise Use of Force and +1 glory from his shiny new Tome of Offerings. Mollog moved up and I put Targor on guard. Mollog charged and killed Garek with 2 smashes. Targor used Faneway Crystal and charged the Spiteshroom rolling 3 smashes. The game ended with a 7/16 loss to me.

Game 3 had me win boards. Sticking with the same boards, I set them long configuration.

Losing priority I was made to go first. I simply moved Arnulf back. Mollog then went on guard and I moved Targor back. Mollog moved up. I drew a card and pushed Mollog back with Distraction who then played Commanding Stride in response. Oh well. Mollog charged in and killed Karsus with a smash and a crit. I used Hidden Paths on Saek and attacked the Spiteshroom but he rolled 2 fury. Bat Squig scored Cover Ground with Spectral Wings. Saek attacked again but missed.

Losing priority Mollog charged onto an objective but missed, then Justin played Regal Vision and inspired the Troggoth. Saek finally rolled 2 smashes and killed the Spiteshroom to score Strong Start. Mollog then killed Arnilf with a boost from Tome of Offerings. I used Haymaker and Spectral Wings. Saek charged 6 hexes to score Cover Ground. Next the Reaver attacked and rolled a crit (do not steal) on 4 dice which killed the Squig scoring me What Armour? as well as Draw the Gaze of Khorne. Mollog charged Garek but missed.

Winning priority I decided to go first as I had the tools to kill Mollog who had 8 wounds. Garek charged and then missed. Mollog swung back and demolished my leader to score No Remorse and Victorious Duel. Targor then charged Mollog, doing 2 damage via 2 fury but this was healed with Healing Potion. He was then swiftly killed. Saek then just charged the Stalasquig. Rolling 2 crits, the stone monster was hacked apart and I played Twist the Knife for my own satisfaction as Saek had Great Strength. The game ended in a 7/14 loss to me. I had gotten the boards right in the last 2 games but you can’t starve an aggro warband with no way to score passively yourself. Justin had done everything right while I trapped myself. Should have just gone full aggro like game 1. Still it was a fun set of games.

Round 2

Paul and his Ironskull’s Boyz were my round 2 pairings. Winning boards he placed the Katophrane’s Reliquary while I placed the Ruptured Seal wide.

Game 1 began with Gurzag charging in but failed to roll any smashes. Arnulf charged in but failed to hit. Hakka charged and rolled a support but Arnulf successfully dodged. Targor charged Gurzag but also missed. The Orruks then began moving up due to being out of range. Garek charged, his single smash being blocked by Gurzag but still scoring Blood for the Blood God. Bonekutta moved and I played Spectral Wings and gave Saek Great Strength. He charged 6 hexes scoring Cover Ground. 2 smashes later Bonekutta was dead and scoring me Precise Use of Force as well as Keep Chopping in the end phase.

Losing priority, Gurzag went for Garek. He rolled 2 smashes so I reacted with Rebound and rolled a crit (maximum skill). Sensing death, Garek attacked back 2 smashes won out and the Orruk died which scored me Strong Start and Giant-Slayer. Hakka went looking for revenge but missed. I next gave Arnulf Heroslayer and played Haymaker. Arnulf charged Basha. 3 smashes quickly put an end to the Orruk which scored me Draw the Gaze of Khorne. After Paul drew a card, Saek got Blood Offering and charged Hakka. 2 crits and a smash meant Hakka died too which scored me What Armour? Phase 3 was spent cycling cards and the game ended 15/5 to me.

Game 2 had me lose boards so I placed the Shattered Refractor while Paul placed the Katophrane’s Reliquary wide.

The Orrkus went first and Hakka moved up. I then discard an objective and drew Cover Ground. Gurzag charged Garek but I rolled a crit (yes) to defend. He then reacted with Brutal but Kunnin’ to push his leader 2 hexes away. I put Saek on guard. Basha moved up. I moved Garek away from the lethal hex. Paul drew a card. I then played Spectral Wings. Saek charged Bonekutta. I rolled 2 smashes and he rolled a block. I reacted with Twist the Knife to score Precise Use of Force, Change of Tactics and Cover Ground.

Losing priority, Hakka charged Saek but missed. Saek hit back to no effect so I then played Insensate. Paul drew a card so I charged with Saek into Basha but missed. Gurzag charged Garek and brought him down to a single wound with 2 smashes. He then failed after playing ‘Aving a Good Time. Garek smashed him back for 2 damage with Mutating Maul in cleave mode to score me What Armour? Basha charged Garek but failed to hit. Karsus charged in next now with Heroslayer, Challenge Seeker and Blood Offering. He rolled 4 dice into Basha. 4 smashes later, the Orruk was dead.

Going first in phase 3, Gurzag attacked Garek. He rolled a smash and I responded with a block. I reacted with Rebound and rolled a dodge. Gurzag killed himself which scored me Giant-Slayer. Now inspired, I gave Saek Great Strength and Potion of Rage. He charged Hakka and quickly decapitated the Orruk with 2 crits. With nothing to do but cycle cards, the game ended 14/1 to me.

Round 3

Thorns of the Briar Queen would be my final warbad for the day, being helmed by Alsy. Winning boards he placed Penitent’s Throne while I placed the Amber Catacomb wide.

Going first I sent Arnulf into the closest Chainrasp. Rolling a crit (TM), I killed it to score Strong Start! The Briar Queen charged in but failed. She attacked again with Endless Malice but missed again. Targor charged her and did 1 damage. The Ever-Hanged charged Arnulf but I defended with another crit. Karsus charged the Briar Queen and did 1 damage due to being fully supported while also scoring me Blood for the Blood God. Alsy then used Varclav to push the Chainrasp on objectives. I played Hidden Paths with Saek and attacked the trapped ghost on objective 4. A single smash was sufficient to dispatch it back to Nagash. Another Chainrasp attacked Arnulf and almost killed him with a crit if it wasn’t for Last Chance. I then scored Keep Chopping.

Losing priority, the Briar Queen attacked with 2 crits. I reacted with Rebound and rolled another crit. She died via her own vines. I then put Saek on guard. The Ever-Hanged charged Karsus and killed him with a smash thanks to Great Strength. Saek then charged Varclav with the help of Blood Offering. 1 crit was enough to get through and I reacted with Twist the Knife to kill him and score What Armour? along with Draw the Gaze of Khorne.

Phase 3 had Garek kill the Ever-Hanged. The rest of the Chainrasps tried to get onto objectives but I was able to either kill or drive back those that where on objective hexes. The game ended 19/5 to me.

Game 2 had me win boards again so the same boards were chosen.

Taking first activation, Arnulf charged the same Chainrasp and again rolled a crit to kill it while scoring Precise Use of Force. The Briar Queen used Sudden Appearance and appeared next to Anrulf. She attacked but I successfully defended. Targor charged her but missed. Varclav pushed the Chainrasps and Karsus charged her, doing 2 damage by being fully supported. The Ever-Hanged attacked Garek for 2 damage. With Spectral Wings Saek charged 6 hexes to score Cover Ground. He then killed the Chainrasp with smashes. Targor then died to

The Briar Queen attacked first now with Great Fortitude. She rolled 3 fury. I rolled a crit with Rebound. She took 3 damage, died and scored me Strong Start with Giant-Slayer. Garek then charged the Ever-Hanged, killing it with 2 smashes and scoring Precise Use of Force and an additional glory for Tome of Offerings. Varclav charged Garek but failed to hit. Saek charged Varclav with Gloryseeker and dispatched the ghostly jailer once again.

Phase 3 turned into an ethereal bloodshed as Garek slayed 2 Chainrasps. Arnulf killed the last ghost with Heroslayer and a random crit. The game ended 24/3 to me. Khorne was kind to me today.

Overall I came 5th out of 10 going 1-2, 2-0, 2-0 with a glory difference of +47. I didn’t win but it still was a good learning experience with Garek’s Reavers plus I had a lot of fun too. As always I highly recommend going down to Marquee Models, it’s a great store for gaming with a solid community.

I still have 3 warbands left to win with so it looks like I need more work with Reavers again. If only I could always roll a crit with Rebound against Mollog 😢

4 thoughts on “Weekend Tournament Round-Up 23

  1. I’m playing too with my beloved Reavers with a similar deck but still can’t make it vs Mollog. Can I ask you how do you see conquest as obj vs Mollog? Also do you think rebound is worth the shot? ( besides your crits. XD).


    1. I usually beat Mollog with Reavers, this was the first time I lost. I don’t like Conquest as it dictates where to put your fighters. Rebound is good for the Reavers in general.


  2. In the previous version of the deck you played the shade glass dagger, now you changed it the with the darts. Why? The dagger isn’t so reliable as it seems?


    1. I dropped it for darts to get more range for Keep Chopping plus it freed up a restricted slot otherwise I’d always take Dagger.


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