Feldherr Warhammer Underworlds Transport Options

Transport options expand!

Greetings readers. Today I’ll be covering Feldherr and a few of their Warhammer Underworlds foam trays and travel cases. This review was inspired by feedback received from my last article on transport options. A lot of commentators recommended Feldherr so I dropped them a line and they gave me some of their products to review for free! So do Feldherr products live up to the hype? Read on and find out.

For those unaware, Feldherr are a German-based company that provide a wide range of specially cut foam for multiple gaming systems. If there’s a gaming system out there, Feldherr probably make a carry case and foam for it! They have a very strong positive word of mouth and reputation for their quality as well as service. If you’re interested in checking out their whole range, simply click here.

Now the 4 products I’ll be reviewing are: Green Magnetic Box with Thorns of the Briar Queen foam, Blue Magnetic Box with Mollog’s Mob foam, 10 compartment foam tray and 7 compartment foam tray. I chose these 4 products for a wide range of reasons. Firstly Thorns of the Briar Queen are a fragile warband and I wanted to see how well Feldherr could transport them. As for Mollog, he is currently the biggest Underworlds miniature and thus contains problems within himself when it comes to transportation. I then went with 2 universal trays to see how they dealt with different warband storage.

Here is how the green case compares up to my large metal carry case and the Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Carry Case:

As you can see it is slightly bigger than the 40k case while less than half the size of my metal case.

Compared with the blue case, you can clearly see the difference in depth while both cases maintain the same length and height.

All 4 lined up.

The green case is the generalised case for the line. It can hold most of the standard warbands in the game. Here’s how it takes to transporting the Thorns of the Briar Queen:

All the miniatures fit snuggly inside while still being a little loose. I was impressed with how well the foam held the warband. You also get accessory slots. The central one can fit an official Warhammer Underworlds Deckbox but it easily holds a Dragon Shield sleeved power and objective deck with fighter cards.

Closer inspection shows just how nice the miniatures sit in their slots.

Next up is Mollog and his big boy foam:

Once again, really nice miniature fitting. Mollog was a bit awkward to get in first time around but after that it was a breeze.

The insides of the boxes also deserve a look. I just like their inner design.

Next I’ll be comparing the 10 compartment foam and 7 compartment foam trays. It’s highly important to remember that the 10 compartment tray fits only the green sized cases where the 7 compartment tray needs a case that can hold a tray which is the same size as the Mollog foam tray.

As you can see, both are neatly designed to occupy the same space and fit within their respective cases.

Here is the 10 compartment tray. While it sacrifices dedicated token and card storage, it allows more miniature storage in return:

Apart from my Work In Progress Godsworn Hunt, this case easily held the warband along with Garek’s Reavers. They’re not as securely held as their individual trays but the tradeoff is now the tray can store the majority of warbands.

The 7 compartment tray comfortably holds my big Forest-Striders who all come on 50mm round bases. Despite the weapon overhang, the case still closes fine. I even had space to easily throw in Zarbag’s Git and potentially another warband or tokens.

Both filled cases remain closed shut without any space displacement. Design wise, it needs to be mentioned how nice they look. The cases even have multiple mini hexes! The cases are locked via built-in magnets. They’re strong but the cases can open to a persistently strong shake. While not the end of the world, it would have been nicer to have stronger magnets.

So with all that covered, here’s how I rate the Feldherr cases and foam trays.


  • Warband specific trays comfortably hold their warbands as well as having space for tokens, dice and cards.
  • Neat design allowing you to swap trays between cases of the corresponding size.
  • Cases are really nicely designed from a visual standpoint.
  • Quite affordably priced, especially when factoring in the high quality of each product.
  • Foam is soft and a little spacious which allows miniatures to sit securely in their trays while also being easy to remove and place back in.
  • Able to safely transport even the most fragile of warbands like the Thorns of the Briar Queen.
  • Universal compartment trays can hold various warbands as well as tokens if desired.


  • Locking magnets aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be.
  • Warband specific foam is amazing but it’s a little disadvantageous for people regularly switch up warbands.
  • Card cases are durable but are still only card.
  • Can’t hold game boards.

Honestly there were very few cons to go over. Even reviewing the cost, a whole season of warband trays costs around €55 which isn’t too bad for what you get. You can even nab a deal containing all Shadespire warband trays and Feldherr’s fabric MAXI bag for €59.99. You really get a lot of choice as to what you want from Feldherr and how you want to transport it.

Overall I’d highly recommend Feldherr. It might be a little bit more difficult getting their products outside of Europe but they’re honestly the best way to transport your miniatures and warbands for Warhammer Underworlds. Combine their cases with a laptop sleeve for boards and you have the near-perfect setup. If you want to browse Feldherr’s Underworlds product range, check it out here.

I got these for free but I still would have purchased all the shown products. Just really great and goes to show I’m not always right haha. Unless it comes to crits 😉

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