Transport Options

How to carry all your Underworlds gaming needs.

Today I’ll be covering an often confusing subject matter of how to transport your Underworlds gaming essentials. I’ve briefly touched upon the subject matter in my Getting Started article but now I’ll be going in-depth, covering 3 of the best options for your to affordably carry around your stuff.

As of note I won’t be covering a lot of other branded products because I haven’t had any experience with them and I don’t find warband specific foam cutouts useful in general.

Games Workshop Nightvault Case

The Nightvault Case. Rather pricey at £30 but this decently sized case is probably the most cost-efficient way to transport your Warhammer Underworlds miniatures and gaming aids. So what makes it so good? Let’s look inside!

As you can see the case has space to hold 1 to 2 warbands (depending on number of fighters) your decks, dice and tokens. It can also hold up to 2 boards although I wouldn’t put more in at the risk of crushing everything inside. If you’re looking to transport such items then this case is for you.

The main drawback is that it can only hold 2 boards. I carry around all 6 boards with me and the Nightvault rulebook which is all essential to me. If you feel the same (always bring the rulebook people) then this case probably won’t be good for you.


  • Nice design (I love green)
  • Efficient and universal use of foam
  • Can hold all essential Underworlds gaming needs


  • Cost
  • Holds only 2 game boards maximum
  • Can’t hold many warbands

Overall I’d highly recommend this case. A little pricey but it’ll suit your general needs perfectly.

Large Metal Camera Case

The Large Metal Camera Case is something I’ve been using since Nightvault was released. Originally I was using a case that was half the size but it could not fit the 5 boards I need to take around with me. Despite being quite big it only clocks in at around £15.

Inside the case contains pluck foam allowing you to customise it for whatever warband you wish to transport. I myself used it to carry 6 different warbands as well as my terrain hexes. The case even holds 5 boards and the rulebook!

You can see it all fits rather easily. It can hold all 6 boards but it becomes quite tight with the rulebook.


  • Durable and resistant to rain
  • Can hold many warbands
  • Cheap
  • Holds every board and rulebook
  • Customisable interior


  • Very big
  • Be wary of thieves who may think the case contains an actual camera
  • Can become quite heavy once fully packed
  • Not great at holding tokens

Overall this is one of the best ways to transport your Underworlds collection if you like having every board available on-hand as well as taking multiple warbands with you.

Warhammer 40k Carry Case and Laptop Sleeve

Now this is a bit of a weird one that was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. It first involves the Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Carry Case.

This case is a smaller version of the Nightvault case mentioned earlier. It’s more compact and only contains foam just for holding miniatures.

As you can see it’s quite basic and performs a function of just holding miniatures only. It also has a black fabric exterior with a Warhammer 40k Aquilla. It’s small but can easily hold 2 warbands at most.

Next is the laptop sleeve.

It’s as it looks. A case generally used to hold a laptop. So what’s so special? I use it to hold boards! The case comfortably holds my 6 Underworlds game boards, my rulebook as well as my Shadespire card dashboard with space to spare. It could easily hold 10 game boards. The case uses a ziplock and is made of durable neoprene. It’s quite cheap too. I bought mine from Amazon but you can buy it from anywhere really.


  • Together they hold all the boards and miniatures you’ll need
  • Can both fit inside a rucksack/bag
  • Small, tough and lightweight


  • Cheap individually but a little expensive together
  • Cannot hold cards or tokens

Overall this is a great combination. Somewhat in the middle of both previous suggestions but much easier to transport if you want to bring all the game boards. As I’ve now developed back pain this is also my preferred mode of transporting Underworlds stuff. It’s light and all fits in my bag along with my deck boxes, dice tray, token case and terrain container. I’m also future-proofed for however many boards are released in the future.

And there you have it for my 3 recommended ways to transport your Warhammer Underworlds gaming needs. As I said earlier there are multiple options out there but these are the 3 best ways to do it from my perspective as boards are often overlooked when it comes to transporting. If you want you could use any carry case and just buy the laptop sleeves for your boards and rulebook so you’ll have a use for this article no matter your needs. Just remember that safely transported gaming equipment means more crits.

8 thoughts on “Transport Options

  1. I’ve been going through a similar process recently and found a laptop sleeve is great for boards and the rulebook. I’ve also managed to fit in tokens, in a small, thin plastic case in the laptop sleeve, so I’m just looking for model transport now. Looks like the GW carry case might be the thing I’m after. Cheers!

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  2. Just FYI but Feldherr do some great looking little boxes with custom cut foam for each warband. Probably very expensive if you want to transport multiple warbands but if you just want to take one or you have a personal favourite warband they might be worth considering.
    I’m currently trying to figure out a good transport option. It’s looking like a version of your third choice. Something to carry the minis that will fit inside a rucksack. The rucksack has compartments that will hold all the boards and rules and some generic plastic container for the tokens with a deckbox for the deck. That way I can have a single deck and warband all packed up and just grab the rucksack when there is a chance of a game.


    1. I looked into Feldherr but found it too expensive and don’t like their general foam tray for Underworlds.

      My 3rd option is probably ideal for you because that’s basically my setup (:


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