Tournament Round-Up 30

It’s Godsworn time.

Having only a single warband left to win with means I’m locked into Godsworn Hunt. With 2 tournaments in a single weekend I had a decent chance of accomplishing my goal. First up was Saturday in Folkstone at Chaos Cards. It was best of 1 but it was scheduled to have 5 rounds which helps balance out the nature of Bo1 events.


Playstyle: Aggro

No deck link this time as it’s an illegal deck with the restriction of Tome of Offerings.

Main plan is run at the opponent, kill and score objectives. I hit hard and fast. I have multiple attack dice boosting cards and mobility cards. Twist the Knife helps ensure kills too. It’s a pretty straightforward deck but lives on dice rolls.Board names here.

Mortal Kombat Key:


Round 1

First up I was against Melissa. Last time we played she was using Spiteclaw’s Swarm but this time it would be Ylthari’s Guardians. She lost the board roll and placed the Shattered Refractor first while I set the Molten Shardpit wide.

I drew a card. Gallanghan charged up but failed to roll any hits so I then ran Grawl through the lethal hexes to die and score Martyred. Ylthari then moved onto objective 4, scoring multiple objectives in the power step as she casted spells. I inspired Grundan with Great Speed. He charged Ylthari scoring Cover Ground and rolled 2 smashes. Ylthari failed to dodge and died. The rest of the game devolved into a killing frenzy from there with the highlight being Shond using Concealed Weapon and Mighty Swing to kill both Gallanghan and Ahnslaine in a single charge. The game ended 20/9 to me.

Round 2

Next up I was against Andy and his Sepulchral Guard. I won the board roll so once again it was Shattered Refractor vs Molten Shardpit set wide.

Letting Andy go first, the Champion charged Grundann and Gralw then I failed my defence roll. I played Rebound with a dodge leaving the Champion on 1 wound. Great. Ollo shot back with double supports and got crit’d. Then he rolled double smash across 3 more activations. When I got another attack off with Ollo he go Rebound’d. I finally killed the Champion with my 7th attack to score Precise Use of Force. Unfortunately by then my deck was too far behind. I managed to get going but way too late. The game ended 15/15 on a draw but then I lost to being on 1 objective whereas Andy was on 2. Oh well.

Round 3

Duran would be my 3rd opponent with his Zarbag’s Gitz. I lost boards and placed the Arcane Nexus first while he placed the Shattered Refractor wide.

Going first Zarbag scurried onto objectives with his Gitz. Then the killing began. What happened next was a series of crits beginning with Grundann killing a Squig to score Precise Use of Force. Shond killed more when he inspired with Tome of Offerings and Mighty Swing. The Gitz did score decently well but the game ended 21/9 to me.

After this the TO then said they weren’t doing 5 rounds and stopped at 3 as they had a true winner. While fine I was annoyed as I probably wouldn’t have shown up for 3 games of best of 1. Still I ended up coming 2nd. Chaos Cards is a great place to game with awesome people but hopefully their next event is a best of 3 tournament.


I was down at Bad Moon Cafe for their first Warhammer Underworlds tournament! I was also helping to TO the event. We had 14 players so it was gonna be awesome. Unfortunately we had 1 player not turn up so I stepped in with my Godsworn. As I was TOing I was following standard Grand Clash format where rankings were based upon wins, losses and glory differential. I also did random pairings between brackets instead of highest vs lowest because it’s just better.


Playstyle: Aggro

This time I changed the deck Saturday night to match more what Jay Clare had used to win the day before as he had been helping me refine the deck. Unfortunately I had forgotten to swap Fated Blade for Heroslayer as I was rushing to get ready to start round 1 (which I discovered deep in game 1) so I was locked into Fated Blade. Not a big deal just my mistake.

Round 1

Neil and Alby were my first opponents using Spiteclaw’s Swarm. They won boards so I places the Arcane Nexus first then they set the Mirror Well in a slight diagonal configuration.

Starting off I announced my Oath of Murder. Krrk charged into my Shond and reduced him to a single wound with a smash. Jaggathra charged up with he spear and killed Festering Skaven to score Precise Use of Force. Skritch charged in but missed. I gave Grundann Great Strength and charged Skritch. 2 smashes succeeded and the boss was dead. My Godsworn then went on to wipe out the rest of the rats to score Oath of Denial and Superior Tactician for a 18/4 win.

Losing boards again I placed the Penitent’s Throne while they went with Mirror Well in diagonal configuration.

Krrk began by charging but missed Shond this time. Jaggathra charged him but missed although did roll 3 different symbols to score Branching Fate. Lurking charged Jaggathra and missed. She hit him back with 2 smash to kill the rat scoring Precise Use of Force. Hungering then moved up. I gave Grundann Great Speed. He charged Skritch scoring Cover Ground. I rolled a smash and a crit then reacted with Twist the Knife to kill the enemy leader and score A Worthy Deed. After that the rest of the rats were quickly dispatched and I won 21/3

Round 2

Mike and his Zarbg’s Gitz would be my next opponent he won boards so I placed the Arcane Nexus while he placed the Katophrane’s Reliquary in diagonal configuration.

Letting him go first, Mike moved Snirk and the Squigs next to Shond. Shond charged away from the lethal hex and surprisingly killed a Squig to score Precise Use of Force. Once again from there I was able to get the kill train going. Highlight was Shond charging into Snirk with Haymaker, Fuelled by Fury, Determined Effort and Concealed Weapon. Let’s just say the Fanatic was crit’d to death. The game ended 22/3 to me.

Next game had me win boards so I just set them wide as we kept the same boards.

Going first this time I charged Grundann into Snirk. I rolled 2 smashes which succeeded then reacted with Twist the Knife to end the swirling menace. Once again the game devolved into a Grot bloodbath as Mike failed all his attack and defence rolls. The game ended in another 23/2 win to me.

Round 3

It was Gitz again but this time piloted by regular opponent and friend Rob. I won boards so he placed the Shattered Refractor while I set the Arcane Nexus wide.

Rob did some scurrying but forgot to inspire Snirk. I played Fueled by Fury and charged Shond into him. 2 crits meant Snirk took 2 damage then a 3rd from the lethal hex. With 1 threat and Obliterated out of the way I proceeded to move into objective disruption and killing. Unfortunately my dice began to abandon me and I quickly lost steam without ways to effectively score glory passively and I lost narrowly 12/13.

Winning the roll-off again, boards remained the same.

This time I immediately charged Grundann into Snirk. 2 smashes got through so the Fanatic was killed by a lethal hex. Every charge after that either ended on an objective or had me charging someone on an objective. It was close but I was able to deny Rob glory to pull out a 17/11 win.

Final game began. Now we had just under 15 minutes to finish the set. Once again I should have just taken the draw but I forgot my TO responsibilities and was too focused on trying to win with Godsworn. Either way I won the board roll again so layout remained the same.

Rushing I immediately charged Grundann into Snirk but rolled a fury and support. He inspired, scattered into Grundann and killed him to score Obliterated. I then missed a key attack and was unable to stop Infestation. I clawed my way back but losing my heavy hitters by the end of phase 2 left me in a rough spot. The game ended with a 15/18 loss for me.

Round 4

Garrek’s Reavers would be my final opponent by another Rob (there were 3 of them in total)! Rob’s a great Reavers player along with being an amazing painter. Anyways, I won boards so he placed the Katophrane’s Reliquary while I placed the Arcane Nexus wide.

I began by drawing a card. When Rob did the same I ran Grawl through lethal hexes to score Martyred. Rob then proceeded to charge but a whiffing Saek allowed me to kill him early. The Reavers scored reliably but I was able to take the lead. With kill after kill I managed to wipe out the Khorne Bloodreavers for a double Oath of Denial and Superior Tactician to win 20/10.

Losing boards I placed the Arcane Nexus while Rob put down the Molten Shardpit in wide configuration.

I started things off by drawing a card. Saek with Spectral Wings charged 6 hexes and scored Cover Ground. He then rolled a crit and a smash to kill Grundann, scoring Precise Use of Force. After this the Reavers just jumped ahead too quickly for me. My own counter attacks missed and the game promptly ended in a 7/18 loss for me.

I won boards so Rob used the Mirror Well while I set the Molten Shardpit in diagonal configuration.

I played more cautiously. Karsus used Hidden Paths to get next to Jaggathra but I did the same to get here away to safety. I gave priority to Rob and he charged and killed Threddra. I charged back with Grundann and missed. Saek charged and killed Grundann. I charged wtih Shond and missed again. Phase 3 managed to get Shond going on a killing spree and the game came down to him charging Karsus. My attack was successful but Rob played Last Chance. He rolled a block which denied my final attack and thus I was out of fighters. He killed Grawl which meant I lost 13/18.

Overall I came 3rd out of 14. Not great, not terrible. I had a lot of fun and so did everyone else. The deck worked but Oath of Denial will be swapped. It just bricked too much. Oath of Murder was actually pretty reliable. Still, new cards mean new deck 😉

If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend checking out Bad Moon Cafe, the best and only place to play Warhammer Underworlds tournaments in London. It’s an awesome cafe and shop all rolled into one that’s also great to play all forms of Warhammer at along with having an amazing local community. Otherwise my quest using the Godsworn Hunt continues, I must believe in the crits.

2 thoughts on “Tournament Round-Up 30

  1. Gotta say that the audible for a reduction of rounds in the first tournament was a bad call by the TO. Not only does it mess with the maths of the tournament for those playing to win it but it cheats all the participants out of playing two more games.

    Obviously the TO is within their rights to make that call it would just make me think twice about attending an event there in future. I’m not a tournament player in this game system but I have been in others and the number of games you are going to play factors heavily in the decision when you are figuring out the cost to attend.

    Not trying to be too negative to the individual involved but I do think it’s worth pointing out the ramifications of that decision that they may not have been aware of when making it.


    1. I agree which is why I brought it up to him. They said they’d consider Best of 3 for their next event to which I responded my attendance depends on that. Overall it was an unfortunate situation but at least the players made it a good experience.


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