It’s Podcast Time!

Now you can listen to me for over an hour.

Today is another short but sweet update. Yesterday Battle for Salvation posted their latest podcast featuring your’s truly. While not my first foray into the podcast world (see my Shadespire Rundowns with the Honest Wargamer), it has been a long time since I’ve done one. Check out the episode here.

Episode 17 features a rundown on the Gencon winning list and then follows into an in-depth chat with your’s truly. The BFS guys were great to chat with and it was actually something they approached me about doing months ago. It’s mainly about how I won with all 16 Warhammer Underworlds warbands as well as my origins with the game and tips for tournament play. It’s something you should find as a useful listen so check it out!

Article-wise I’m still working on a certain Orruk-focused article…it’s just requiring more time than normal to write-up. So in the meanwhile don’t forget to check out the BFS episode 17 and keep them crits hot 😉

3 thoughts on “It’s Podcast Time!

  1. Hello! First I must say that I am a big fan of your blog. Thanks for all of this content.
    In the BFS podcast, I understood that you felt that only aggro play should exist (and that GW should make sure that less interactive gameplay such as objectives or control were not viable). Is that a good understanding of your opinion?
    If yes, I strongly disagree. While I hate fighting against hard control players, I do recognize that it is a legitimate part of the game. And as aggro players, we should have the tools to deal with that. That is even more true for objective play. Restricting WU to a full aggro slaughter would be a sad thing in my opinion.


    1. I never said aggro should only exist so I’m not sure where that’a coming from? I said turtle control shouldn’t exist where you sit back and score glory by drawing cards.


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