October Grand Clash and WHTV

It’s Twitch time!

The October Warhammer World Grand Clash is coming this weekend and I’ll be there. It’s looking to be a cracking event with a special 1 day tournament on Friday evening with the main tournament on Saturday. Sunday sees the top 16 play off for the win while everyone else enters into a Grand Skirmish tournament. That’s not all though, my Twitter followers will be aware of this amazing image that I’ve been teasing for the past 3 weeks:

What does it mean?? Bait. On. Rees. Baiton Rees. BAYTON AND REES, AHA! Yes, using my highly complex imaging skills I’ve managed to convey the secret message. Me and Nick Bayton will be commentating the Grand Clash live over the weekend on Warhammer TV (WHTV). It’ll be live on Twitch for all your viewing pleasure.

We’ll be covering all the action from Satuday’s Grand Clash Day 1 which entails 4 rounds of Underworlds action. On Sunday we’ll be streaming the games of those tough players who’ve made the top 16 cut to day 2 with the final deciding who walks home with the World’s first Beastgrave Grand Clash trophy. We’ll also be covering stats such as faction numbers and player turnout. If you’re interested in us covering anything else during the tournament please let me know.

Some of you may be asking why I’m not playing. Well I said I’d always go to every Grand Clash in the UK, I didn’t say I’d play at every one 😉. Plus I think it’ll be better observing this time. Winning isn’t everything and I’d rather help give amazing commentary while helping viewers at home follow and understand some of the complex decisions as well as plays that can be made during a competitive game of Warhammer Underworlds.

The stream is looking to be great and I can’t wait to help show you it all thanks to the hard work of the WHTV crew, it’s something we’ve been working on for a while. So if you’re coming down to Warhammer World or just watching on from home, this is the Grand Clash to watch! Plus if you’re at the event there will be some more fun Saturday evening entertainment provided by the legendary John Bracken.

So tune-in from 09:30 BST live on WHTV for the best Warhammer
Underworlds streamed content this weekend. There will be puns. There will be crits.

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