November FAQs and Errata

It’s rules update time!

I’m back with a surprise article! Games Workshop have just updated the FAQs and errata for the game on the Warhammer Community website here. I won’t go over the Relic updates but will cover the general errata and FAQ for Championship Format.

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Let’s get things started with the errata!


First for the erratas is the change to reactions as they are now abilities and no longer actions.

Lose all horn counters after blowing the horn. No more stockpiling.

An update to Expendable.

Welcome to the buffed world of Prized Vendetta. It’s now clear that you re-roll any and all dice.

Crown of Avarice now works as intended. No long get glory for killing your own fighter. Only get glory if your opponent has any unspent glory and it’s before the attacker gets the glory for killing the equipped fighter. Perfect.


Onto the FAQs now. I’ll only be covering relevant stuff. I’m not going to go over the simple questions that are really easy to resolve with the rules.

Universal Rules FAQs

For those who thought flipping an objective meant it was removed. Somehow.

An interesting note. Applies to Muster action mainly.

For every instance of away, always push away. Applies to cards like Terrifying Visage.

Was kinda clear in the rules but good to see clarified. Watch out Grymwatch!

A niche occurrence but good to see clarified.

A whole lot of stuff about guard. Guard keyword (like Survival Instincts) means you’re on guard without a guard token.

An interesting thing here is now if you roll 0 damage for Fated Blade and attacks against Reinforced Armour is that they now fail despite succeeding with dice rolls.

Faction Surge objectives that can be scored in that action phase as long as the requirements have been met. Also Score Immediately objectives are Surge objectives.

Happy to be wrong on this. Madness Dart users rejoice!

Basically there’s a window between after the activation and scoring objectives where reactions happen and are resolved first before scoring

Faction FAQs

Now on to faction queries!

Grymwatch receive a lot of answers. Ghoul Call and Muster is clarified that there has to be an empty hex to place a Ghoul for the action to be resolved and that it fails if a Ghoul cannot be placed. You also need an out of action Ghoul to make said actions.

An interesting scenario that has no been clarified. Also hilarious to pull off.

Pin down a Mollog with a charge token by using Transfixing Stare etc.

Now you can kill your own fighters to your heart’s desire.

Universal Cards FAQs


Similar stuff as Trap and Pit Trap.

The damage thing was clear but interesting that the dice characteristic can’t be modified as it was something I didn’t think of.

You’re on Guard with no guard token.

Basically can’t use the same lethal hex to score Calculated Risk then kill yourself for Martyed. Doing so nullifies Calculated Risk but not Martyred.

Aggressive Defence has even more FAQs. It’s a lot clearer now.

Buff to players using Master of Mayhem.

Basically you always need 3 fighters to play Two Steps Forward. At least 2 surviving friendly fighters and a surviving enemy fighter.

Super clear on Crown of Avarice. Can’t take the glory earned from the kill, has to be from your opponent’s existing unspent glory.

And there we have it! ANOTHER surprise review which is great for my scheduling. It’s good to see all these updates and erratas. Will definitely see some meta changes. Top pick is Prized Vendetta. Remember you can download the FAQs and Errata here. Until next time, keep trying to roll crits!

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