Beastgrave Gift Pack

Have you been a naughty or nice doomed immortal fighter?

Welcome to my product review for the Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave Gift Pack! Once again thanks to Games Workshop for giving me this to review for free. The gift pack is a new edition to Underworlds. This is packed with a playable 32 card deck containing 12 universal objectives and 20 universal power cards. It also comes with a dashboard and textured metal round tokens to help organise how you play.

As mentioned earlier the gift pack comes with 32 universal cards. Some of these are from Shadespire. If you already own these Shadespire cards then you can use the ones already in your collection. The gift pack Shadespire cards just have up-to-date keywords, still the same wording mostly. There are a lot of new Beastgrave cards too however! As always I’ll go through the cards I think are okay then onto top picks.


Concerted Attack is the same as it was in Shadespire. A Surge you score when your 3rd fighter targets the same enemy fighter that activation. It’s alright.

Finders of the Way is a Dual objective for 2 glory. Needs a minimum of 3 surviving friendly fighters to all have a Cursed Key upgrade. Great for elite warbands but not so much for larger ones.

Guardians of the Way is a 1 glory Dual objective. Hold 1 or more objectives while your opponent holds none. Meta dependent but not so reliable right now.

Objectives – Top Picks

Bold Conquest is an amazing Surge and Dual objective. Charge on to an objective with your leader for 1 glory. Range 3 warbands make most use of this.

Cover Ground is back! Not as good as Gathered Momentum but nice to see this return.

Plant a Standard is another Shadespire card. Have your leader hold an objective in enemy territory for 1 glory. Decently good depending on your warband.

Steadfast Defender is a Surge you score for still holding an objective after an attack action. Much easier with Guard around.

Tactical Genius 1 – 3 and 3 – 5 are more Shadespire cards. Hold the corresponding 3 objectives for 3 glory. Tough but great for hold objective players.

Tactical Supremacy 1 – 2 and 3 – 4 are Shadespire cards once again. Great to see these back. More reliable but for 2 glory apiece.

Victorious Duel. I love ya. 2 glory surge for your leader killing an enemy leader. Basically 3 glory. Amazing.


Daylight Robbery. Love it or hate it, this card is back. Although now Escalation is gone there’s no need to not spend glory as soon as you acquire it.

Forward Planning is an alright card for getting a free upgrade. Choose a fighter with no charge tokens, give it an upgrade then give said fighter a charge token.

Harnessed Power heals every fighter holding objectives for 1. Alright, counters Lethal Ward but is very situational.

Misdirection is back, decent defence against Distraction. Remember it only works against Choose ploys.

No Time. Relive Shadespire by shutting down the final power step before the end phase.

Gambits – Top Picks

Distraction! It’s so good to see you again. Hold objective players hate this card and it’s useful for so many other playstyles too.

Jealous Defence is amazing. Free attack action for holding an objective as long as said fighter has no charge tokens. Great for warbands with lots of pushes and ranged fighters like a certain one pictured in the artwork…

Mischievous Spirits. You thought hold objective play was safe, you were wrong. Aggro players’ dream has returned from Shadespire. Basically push 3 objectives while your opponent pushes 2. Disrupt cards like Temporary Victory and shutdown Supremacy.

Rebound. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Enjoy.

Spectral Wings has also returned! Aggro players rejoice!


Guardian Glaive is a nice upgrade for hold objective players. The full re-rolls while holding an objective is solid.

Lender’s Lockbox helps recycled upgrades that have been equipped. It’s alright. You can also use the card’s effect to return itself to your hand if so desired.

Shardcaller for all your Shadespire objective swapping needs. Remember it’s useless round 1 but you need to draw it early to be usable.

Upgrades – Top Picks

Grim Tenacity prevents the equipped fighter from being driven back. Not as good as Survival Instincts but doesn’t have the drawback of making you a Quarry.

The Keys. Yes all of them. They all gain the Cursed Key KEYword. Aha. It’s good to see them back. Hold objective play isn’t the same without them. Try to figure out which one is my favourite!


The gift pack comes with an updated dashboard! It’s based on the design of the Shadespire Grand Clash playmat but with a twist.

You once again have 2 piles for objectives and scored objectives, 3 textured metal round counters to track which round it is and glory points marked at the top in semicircles for you to place them above the dashboard. The playmat is made of thick triple layered card while still being matte. Very nice quality.

Overall I’d highly recommend the Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave Gift Pack. It comes with lots of new and old cards. Having Distraction, Spectral Wings and the keys back are a welcomed sight, especially for the metagame at large. Although remember if you already have those Shadespire cards in your collection then you don’t gave to buy this gift pack. The dashboard is also really nice and practical too, a great improvement over the original card design. I got this for free but would still buy it if I didn’t as I really like the improved dashboard and metal round counters. If you want to pre-order/buy the gift pack you can do so direct from Games Workshop here.

Till next time, roll some merry crits in style!

13 thoughts on “Beastgrave Gift Pack

  1. I’m confused about Rebound and the other Shadespire cards. You said players can use those cards from the old set … but isn’t the old set retired right now in the Championship format? Is this card legal for that format?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    1. I think I get it now: G21 is the new card, so Rebound is legal, and you can use the old card officially in Championship if you want because it’s the same card, even though the Shadespire universals are not allowed in Championship. Is that right?


      1. Yes. As it has been reprinted in Beastgrave the Shadespire version is legal. It just is considered to have the same wording as the most up-to-date version.


  2. I just noticed the wording on the new Cover Ground prevents you from scoring it with Faneway Crystal which is errated to be scorable with the Shadespire version. New version says you score it if a friendly fighter enters 6 or more hexes which with Faneway Crystal you clearly don’t. It’ll be interesting because the new wording is in complete opposition to the FC errata.


      1. Hopefully this clearer wording becomes the norm moving forward. It basically says the same thing and the old one, but it’s 100% clear it doesn’t work for Faneway.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, I know this is little bit old. But I have a question about Grim Tenacity. If your warrior is equipped with Grim Tenacity, does it prevent every push or only drive backs from attacks. Can it prevent Snirk’s scatter from pushing your warrior for example?


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