Rippa’s Snarlfangs

It’s time ta show who are da real Gitz!

Welcome to my warband review of Rippa’s Snarlfangs, the best bois in all of Warhammer Underworlds! This is the fourth Beastgrave warband so it’s time to see how they fare in the Ghurish labyrinth. As always thanks to Games Workshop for providing this warband for me to review for free. Now onto the review!


Rippa Narkbad is a brave and couragous Gitmob Grot. Unfortunately his plan to succeed his leader did not go ideally. As a result he lead himself out on a self-imposed exile with his two loyal companions Stabbit and Mean-Eye who were totally not forced into it. Still Rippa’s dreams for leadership are not lost. Every night he has a dream about da greatest choppa in all da land, hidden away in the depths of the Beastgrave. Once he claims it Rippa will become DA BESTEST LEADER IN ALL DA LAND!


Rippa’s Snarlfangs consists of 3 miniatures: Rippa, Stabbit and Mean-Eye who are all Grotz riding vicious Snarlfangs. Each model depicts the vindictive nature of Gitz and the ferociousness of the Snarlfangs. The Grotz are armed with jagged and crude weapons while the Snarlfangs are all marked with numerous scars. My favourite model of the bunch is Rippa Narkbad, I just love his classic Grot pose and his one-eyed but grizzled Snarlfang.

The miniatures come in a dark earthly grey plastic. The miniatures go together fairly easily and are great for painting although the riders do come joined to the Snarlfangs. It’s easy to paint the Snarlfangs, riders and bases all seperately. The miniatures are festooned with detail and the fur textures are sublime.

The Fighters
Rippa’s Snarlangs is an elite warband of 3 fighters. They each share a universal movement and wounds characteristic of 4 with 1 block, upon inspiring this changes to movement 5 and 2 dodge. The biggest thing is the fact they all have the Snarlfang’s Jaws attack action reaction.

On paper they may look terrible. 1 smash 2 damage going to 2 fury 2 damage that can’t be modified. You’re stuck with either rolling 1 smash or 2 fury and 2 damage. The fact that this ALWAYS happens (unless the reaction window is taken such as with Snirk inspiring or Duellist’s Speed) is the key thing. It makes Snarlfangs incredibly action efficient. Your 3 fighters are basically 6 fighters. Rippa himself can 1-shot 4 wound fighters if the dice go your way. The combo of charging then making an attack action after makes objectives like Keep Them Guessing super reliable. In either case, the guaranteed attacks is just amazing with weight of dice. Charge a fighter into 2 Gitz with Rippa, have him kill the first Git then the Snarlfang kills the second. Combine with Tome of Offerings and laugh all the way to the bank. Remember you can still re-roll attack dice for Snarlfang’s Jaws and buff them with supports, Cleave and Ensnare.

Rippa Narkbad

Rippa Narkbad is your fearless leader. Excluding his standard warband stats he packs a Boss Loppa which is range 1, 2 smash and 2 damage. Combined with the Snarlfang’s Jaws and he potentially can 1-shot a 4 wound fighter. His inspire mechanic is unique and great. He just needs 2 or more upgrades. He’s also a Hunter.

Rippa inspired has his Boss Loppa go to 3 smash, making him even more reliable in combat. He gains a Grot Bow attack which is range 3, 2 fury and 1 damage making him very versatile.


Stabbit is your (fairly) loyal (probably) second-in-command. His Stabbin’ Stikka attack is range 2, 2 fury and damage 1 with Knockback 1. It’s alright but the range 2 gives him a threat range of 6 from the start. Not that impressive damage wise but that’s what the Snarlfang is there for. He also has a unique inspire mechanic, inspiring when you leader is a target of an attack action or is out of action. It’s amazing really. If your opponent attacks your leader, the rest of the warband inspires. If they don’t, your leader runs amok for free. Also he’s a Hunter.

Stabbit inspired has his Stabbin’ Stikka go to 3 fury. He also gains Whirlin’ Stikka which is range 1, 3 fury, damage 1 and Scything importantly. Get some extra damage on him and he becomes a Scything monster.


Mean-Eye is your 3rd and final fighter. He’s the Hawkeye of the group, underrated but very important to the team. He has a Grot Bow which is range 3, 2 fury and 1 damage. He has a starting threat range of 7 and helps weaken targets from afar. He has the same inspire mechanic as Stikkit so once again depends on how your opponent plays around Rippa. He’s a Hunter too.

Mean-Eye inspired has his Grot bow go to 3 fury making him even more reliable at range. He doesn’t get much else outside of the universal inspired boost but he doesn’t need it. He’ll need an attack action upgrade if you want him being a range 1 monster but his range 3 attack power helps open up attacks for the warband, especially when his inspired threat range is 8 hexes.

Faction Cards
Once again we’re at the part you all love! First I’ll go through the faction cards starting with ones I think are fine them my top picks. After that it’s all the universal cards in this expansion.

Faction Objectives

Lay Waste is a faction Annihilation. Great it’s 5 glory but dependent on how aggro you want to be. Beware the brave double Annihilation Snarlfang player.

Plunderers isn’t bad for 1 glory. Can be scored if only 1 fighter is alive. Just not too easy to score early in a game.

Faction Objectives – Top Picks

Burning Spite is very good as it rewards you for getting your fighters inspired as a Surge. Remember your opponent will trigger Stabbit and Mean-Eye to inspire after Rippa is targeted by an attack action. Your opponent can play around it but then Rippa is running amok for free.

Chase Down is another Surge that immediately gives you 1 glory when 2 fighters are adjacent to the same target. Takes some setup but is very easy to score with planning.

Conquered Land is Reclaim the Lamentiri for the Snarlfangs! Great for the old (but brave) trick of leaving only a single objective in your territory.

Cruel Hunters is a great objective that rewards aggro play. It’s kinda a reverse Path to Victory. Difficult to score early depending on the opponent but reliable 2 glory from rounds 2 and onwards.

Feeding Time is another 1 glory Surge that rewards you for killing fighters with the Snarlfangs. Who’s a good boy?

Leading the Charge is another great reliable Surge objective. Doesn’t need your leader to kill, just make a successful attack action with a charge action. Even easier once Rippa is inspired.

Loaded with Plunder is basically Escalation. Give Rippa all da loot.

Marking Your Territory shows the opponent who’s boss. A fairly easy and reliable 1 glory end phase objective to balance out all the killing.

No Mercy punishes wounded targets. Score from opponents going for Calculated Risk, doing a successful Snarlfang attack or soften up with Mean-Eye first. So good.

Swift Hunters is another really good 1 glory end phase objective. Remember all friendly fighters need to be alive but you just need the move and/or charge tokens, not move or charge actions.

Faction Gambits

Hamstring is alright. Would be better if Transfixing Stare did not exist. Good thing is you can attack with a Snarlfang then drive back and give the move token.

Savage Mauling is a decent card, just requires setup. The +1 dice and damage per supporting fighter is great but only applies to Rippa and Stabbit excluding attack action upgrades.

Faction Gambits – Top Picks

Defensive Manoeuvre seems a bit counterintuitive at first but it’s amazing. A free push away from the nearest enemy fighter then get a guard token. Use to make space before attack or after charging for added insult, especially when inspired. Clever positioning means you can use it to push deeper into enemy territory as well.

Furious Reprisal punishes opponents for not driving you back. Amazing when they miss. Combine with going on guard for extra brutality.

Narrow Escape makes your Grotz even more survivable. 4 wounds plus a surprise -1 damage can change the fate of games.

Pack Tactics is another super flexible push card. Combine with the Shattered Refractor for an early game 3 fighter push or use it with adjacent charged friendly fighters for surprise extra movement. It’s Sidestep 2.0 but you can always use Pack Tactics to push a single friendly fighter, just always try to go for the double or triple push.

Smell Weakness once again punishes wounded targets. Giving Cleave AND Ensare is amazing.

Unbridled Ferocity makes your Snarlfangs even more reliable. 4 wound fighters tremble in fear, especially from Rippa.

Venomous Spittle is a really interesting card. Poison your opponent after a successful Snarlfang attack. There’s nothing like playing this after leaving the target on 1 wound and your opponent knowing that their fighter will now die at the end of the action phase.

Vindictive Attack is like Haymaker but with no downsides! The power of HATE!!

Faction Upgrades

Fiendish Jab. Can you roll a crit? Amazing for me.

Hidden Slitta is alright. Run Mutating Maul instead if you really want Cleave.

Quickdrop Venom is alright but can’t be used with a Snarlfang’s Jaws attack action while occupying the same reaction window. Better for finishing off 1 wound fighters at least. Nice with Mean-Eye and his Grot Bow.

Faction Upgrades – Top Picks

Bonded is amazing. The fighter counts as supporting themselves in attack and defence. Makes Savage Mauling over powered while making the equipped fighter tougher AND more accurate.

Boss Hat makes Stabbit your back-up leader. Can go on Mean-Eye too but Stabbit gets the most of it. I’m the captain now.

Circling Hunter is amazing solely for Stabbit but namely Mean-Eye. Gives him even more mobility after attack actions or when just attacked himself. Not usable during superactions (namely with Scything attacks) but fine after a charge superaction. Just gotta remember the change with how superactions work mechanically in Beastgrave.

Embittered Survivor is faction Great Fortitude. Please sir. I’d like some more wounds.

Hunt as One doubles up players trying to build around supports. Makes inspired Snarlfangs very accurate.

Loping Strides for when you have to go even FASTA!!

Pack Leader is only for Rippa but makes his Snarlfang have Awakened Weapon. Very good.

Universal Cards
Now we move on to all the universal cards found within the Rippa’s Snarlfangs expansion.

Universal Objectives

Beyond Mortal is great for Mollog but not so good for other warbands.
Committed is better for fighters like Skaeth and Mollog or elite warbands. Situational and difficult to score but is a 2 glory swing. Being a Hybrid objective helps keep it viable.

Run Ragged is amazing up until you realise it includes you and your opponent’s fighters.

Veteran Survivors is great for Grymwatch and Rippa’s Snarlfangs but at 2 glory it’s not an ideal pick. Would be too good at 3 glory though.

Universal Objectives – Top Picks

Brought to Bay is Advancing Strike but for fighters with the Hunter keyword, amazing!

Duck and Parry is another rewarding incentive for being on guard. Remember you need a guard token so Survival Instincts won’t help you score this.

Gathered Momentum is an interesting one. By being a Surge objective it is hurt by the 6 Surge limit, however, the second part of it’s Hybrid status makes it amazing. Have access to movement 5? Score this off a charge. Amazing for Spiteclaw’s Swarm, inspired Grymwatch, inspired Rippa’s Snarlfangs and so on.

Steady Assault is another interesting objective. Making 3 attack actions with the same fighter seems like a hard task. Not so much for Rippa’s Snarlfangs who can do it in 2 activations like Stabbit and Mean-Eye or fighters with Scything attacks like inspired Stabbit, inspired Skaeth and Mollog.

Temporary Victory. Whoooooo boy. I’ve been waiting for this. Universal 2 Surge glory for holding 3 objectives. Be still my hold objective-beating heart.

Universal Gambits

Dangerous Prize. Name and shame an objective. Only works in the following activation so has limited use and requires setup but is a powerful gambit ploy.

Hostile Ground punishes fighters for being deep in your territory around lethal hexes. Limited in use but a very strong defensive card for control play.

Hunting Band gives your Hunters guard tokens depending on how many are adjacent to each other. Good for players looking to maximise guard tokens for objectives.

Tracking is basically Spectral Wings but for Hunters. It’s alright.

Universal Gambits – Top Picks

Downwind is a super Sidestep for Hunters. Push towards an enemy fighter of your choice and mark them as Quarry until they are out action. Amazing.

Invert Terrain is one of my favourite spells in Beastgrave. Single focus but flip a feature token within 5 hexes of the caster. Combine with Abasoth’s Unmaking for maximum objective denial.

Overkill is great for fighters like Mollog who pump out excessive damage. Extra free glory is always appreciated.

Spinetoad Toxin is another Poison card. This one causes an adjacent enemy fighter to take 1 damage each time it makes a move action. RIP Mollog.

Unexpected Peril flips a feature token in an empty hex in your territory. Limited in use but a guaranteed flipped objective is huge. Do this when you have 3 objectives to make your opponent and their Supremacy sad.

Universal Upgrades

Hungry Realmstone is for true aggro players. Not worth the loss of glory though.

Iara’s Instant Shield is another Lost Page (oooh). Cast on a focus after the attack roll step to re-roll any number of defence dice. Pretty solid for Stormsire, Ylthari and inspired Vortemis.

Opening Strike is our first Combo attack action upgrade that enables a Combo attack. It’s alright as a basis but will be a struggle to use (for now) when trying to Combo 4 wound enemy fighters.

Universal Upgrades – Top Picks

Amberbone Hammer is what I love. Amberbone Axe is slightly better but just double-up on both!

Avatar of the Ur-Grub. Dedicate yourself to the Ur-Grub and bask in its glorious gifts. It’s a really solid objective that you might as well take if you end up running all the Ur-Grub upgrades as it is not included in your power deck.

Hidden Presence is one of my favourite Beastgrave universal upgrades. Become a Quarry at the cost of being immune to Gambits that choose a fighter. This counts for spells too as long as they say choose a fighter.

Inescapable Blow introduces you all to Combo! How does Combo work? Attack with a weapon that has the Combo keyword then react with a Combo attack. Inescapable Blow makes this reaction attack have Cleave and Ensare. This is only the tip of the iceberg 😉

Lethal Snares is reliable feature token flipping. Thorns of the Briar Queen make the most use out of it if you want to go on an objective-flipping rampage.

Repeating Mirror. Bounce back an enemy spell after they cast it! Super flexible depending on the spell cast. Reflect a Sphere of Aqshy or a juicy faction spell like Howling Vortex. Enemy wizard dependent but has the potential to be amazing.

Sting of the Ur-Grub is the first Ur-Grub Aspect card. +1 damage to range 1 attacks is amazing. Equip 3 or more Ur-Grub Aspect upgrades and transform yourself into the monstrous Avatar of the Ur-Grub.


Once again it’s deck time! First I’ll go over a deck with only Beastgrave cards and then another for Championship Format.

Beastgrave Only Cards

Playstyle: Flex (Aggro and Hold Objectives)

The deck primarily uses Snarlfang faction cards as they’re once again very good. There’s a bit of hold objective there to counter-balance the killing, especially when playing against control. Conquered Land means just placing 1 objective in your territory with Temporary Victory providing a nice 2 glory boost. Tracking gives a nice 2 movement boost as you’re all Hunters and Snare is extra surprise damage. Restless Prize helps with countering objectives as well as scoring your own. Upgrades all boost damage mainly. The Amberbone weapons are mainly for Stikkit and Mean-Eye. Sting of the Ur-Grub and Great Strength boost damage of the Grots to help deal with +4 wound fighters. Survival Instincts is great on an inspired fighter.

Championship Format

Playstyle: Flex (Aggro and Hold Objectives)

The deck remains mostly unchanged. Calculated Risk swaps out Burning Spite for instant glory. Pit Trap appears to combo with Snare for glorious extra damage. Biggest change are the upgrades where a few have been taken out for Tome of Offerings, Prized Vendetta and Spectral Armour. Offerings makes your fighter glory machines, Prized Vendetta is unlimited re-rolls against a single target where as Spectral Armour is a nice sneaky upgrade to play on an inspired Snarlfang (Rippa) for a boosted 3 dodge defence.

Warband Overview

Rippa’s Snarlfangs are a risky but fun warband to play. They’re very dice dependent, mainly when uninspired, but become monsters with a few upgrades as well as when inspired. They’re not the easiest warband to play but once you get the hang of them they become an unstoppable force.

I’d definitely recommend buying Rippa’s Snarlfangs. Once again it’s another great warband showing the new changes and power of Beastgrave. It also comes with some essential universal cards (Temporary Victory). Dominate your foes with the small but mighty Grotz and their Snarlfangs. If you want to get Rippa’s Snarlfangs you can pre-order/by them directly from Games Workshop here.

Grab yer boss ‘at, sharpen dem fangs. Be on da lookout cause da Snarlfangs are on da prowl! Fear da best bois in da Underworlds and our mighty critz!

27 thoughts on “Rippa’s Snarlfangs

  1. “ Remember you can still re-roll attack dice for Snarlfang’s Jaws and buff them with supports, Cleave and Ensnare.”

    I’m positive Cleave and Ensnare are Attack action modifiers, based on the following:

    – Several fighters have Attack actions that gain one of these keywords when they inspire.

    – Smell Weakness grants Cleave and Ensnare, and it clearly modifies an Attack action.

    – When you play an upgrade such as Hidden Slitta, the keyword is clearly part of the Attack action.

    So I don’t see how the Snarlfang Jaws action can be given Cleave or Ensnare, since the action “cannot be modified,” but I’d love to hear your argument for coming to the opposite conclusion.


    1. Cleave and Ensare are attack action keywords, not modifiers as described in the Beastgrave Core Rulebook.

      The only things that are modifiers (under Modifiers in the Beastgrave Core Rulebook) are positive or negative modifiers to dice and damage characteristics as well as innate symbols.


  2. I really like these guys. Interestingly enough, one of my favorite aspects of the warband is their subtle defense against Rebound now that it’s legal again. Dealing an average of 1-2 damage, maybe 3 on the high end, on every attack action, your fighters are relatively immune from being one-shotted by a successful Rebound roll.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What is a super action exactly? According to the Beastgrave rules.
    Was wondering in regards to “Circling Hunter” as you mentioned charge attack actions can activate it, but I thought charging was a super action.


    1. A superaction is an action that contains 2 or more actions basically. Currently the only thing that Circling Hunters applies to are Scything attack actions which are superactions.


      1. So a charge action of not considered a move action and a charge action combined?


      2. Ah I think I get it. You mentioned “but fine after a charge superaction” in your description of “Circling Hunters” which was throwing me off. I didn’t put it together that the reaction would be “after” the charge super action and not “during”. So you could use the reaction after a charge super action.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Another question; is there a difference in timing between “after a fighters activation” and “after a fighters attack action”?
    I’m asking in reference to the wolf attack because the reaction window is after the fighter’s activation. So would it conflict with cards such as “circling Hunter” and “duelist speed”?


    1. No. As per the FAQ after an action and after an activation are the same timings for reaction windows. It would conflict with those cards but you can use them after the Snarlfang’s Jaws attack action


  5. How do you think Snarlfangs would work with Tombs? 6 tombs with Bonded, Spirit Bond, and 2-3 other defensive/offensive upgrades.
    The interesting thing is it would be similar to Mollog except that Rippa would have less wounds, wouldnt hit as hard, but would be faster and a lot harder to hit. Tomb of vitality and offerings is already good on him anyway.


  6. Thanks for this amazing review. I am hesitating between Rippa’s snarlfangs and Zarbag’s gitz. Which warband is more competitive do you think?
    Thanks 🙂


  7. This will be my first go of the Rippa’s:,B119,B121,B126,N543,B398,P57,P56,P54,B431,B434,B109,B112,B113,B118,N401,B367,B368,B373,G22,G18,B100,B104,N299,N302,N319,N340,N373,B270,B281,G3,N305,N368

    I tried building it with the mindset that I could sit back the first turn and “power up” before charging in full boar. But it’s not really possible to build a deck trying to play aggressive/control/objective/and defensive. I was afraid objective play could get to far ahead with a free first turn. So I ended up going primarily Aggro with some control and defense. My thinking is to go for the throat with Rippa and when he dies, Stabbit takes his place, and the Mean-Eye. Rippa’s have some decent objective disruption tech as they can “potentially” knock 2 fighters off objectives each time they activate, or better still, kill 2 fighters each time they activate. And once the upgrades start piling on they become a nightmare to remove.
    Bonded, Spirit Bond, and Prized Vendetta can all give the wolf attacks more accuracy with former 2 boosting defense as well.
    Because the fighters will be attacking most likely straight away I needed to have fast scoring objectives, hence calculated risk, gathered momentum, and cover ground. Calculated Risk is the objective to score and the others are easily scored with Tracking, Spectral Wings, and Loping Strides. These 3 movement cards can make your fighters crazy fast and let’s them reach virtually anywhere.
    Anyway, that’s where I’m going to start. Even with season 1 gone it’s really difficult to thin down the deck to 20 cards.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Would you make an attack like Snarlfang’s Jaws after you score something like Chase Down, and be able to knock-back a fighter. Thus no longer being next to two fighters?

    or am I misreading “after this fighters activation” and the score after an activation from Chase Down?


  9. Hi, When (for example) Rippa attack and activates the reaction, the wolf must attack the same creature, or it can attack another adjacent creature?


      1. Thank you very much! I have another question: What does “combo” mean? I have some card with attack actions with “combo”, but in the manual that word doesn’t appear (or I can’t see it).


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