Warhammer World January 2020 Grand Clash

It’s back to the Beastgrave.

The Warhammer World October 2019 Grand Clash has only recently finished but now it’s time to look towards the future! If you want to find out what happened then check out Warhammer TV on Twitch for the full show. Not only that but you get to hear my glorious voice as I commentated the event along with Games Workshop’s Nick Bayton. Watch the stream from the start on Saturday morning for all the juicy details here.

Bayton and Rees is a powerful Underworlds combination

I just want to take this moment to thank the WHTV and Warhammer Community team for being so helpful and supportive. They made commentating a joyful breeze and even made special changes on the spot so I could get home on time for Sunday. There’s so many people to thank but it was just an awesome experience overall. Never did I think that when I started this blog that I’d end up commentating it on WHTV live to the whole world. Thanks for letting me do it.

There’s another Beastgrave Grand Clash coming to Warhammer World in the UK. It’s happening on January 18th to 19th. If you want to buy tickets, buy them here. Prices have gone up from £25 to £30 but this still gives you access to the Grand Clash, Sunday Grand Skirmish if you don’t make the top 16 day 2 cut on Sunday as well as free lunch on both days! Still amazing value for money.

Once again Saturday features 4 best of 3 rounds at 90 minutes each. On Sunday the top 16 face-off in a new tournament to decide the winner! As mentioned earlier if you don’t make the cut then on Sunday you can play in the Grand Skirmish which features 6 best of 1 45 minute rounds. So no matter your goal you’ll get a weekend’s worth of Warhammer Underworlds gaming.

Another thing to note is that this is 1 of the 4 elusive free plane ticket events to the Grand Masters in September 2020 (see more information here). This will probably be the toughest tournament to win as last year WHW got 168 players, the highest in the history of Underworlds. With a huge UK scene and turnout along with regular international attendance the January Warhammer World Grand Clash may be the toughest tournament to win in the whole season!

Now as for me I’ll be there but whether that’s in a commentating or playing position is not confirmed yet. I will say I really enjoyed casting the event with Nick, it was amazing. The feedback everyone has given has been so nice as well. Let me know in the comments if you want to see me play or be a commentator again. I’m happy doing either but it’s just interesting to see what people want.

Regardless I hope to see as many of you as possible in January 2020. I’m hoping we top the record of 168 players from this year’s January Grand Clash. The UK always brings players in from across the world and the January 2020 Grand Clash is likely to be the toughest of the 2020 season. Once again if you want a ticket you can buy one here.

So ready your tactics and load those dice, it’s time to roll some crits in the New Year!

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