Can You Roll a Crit Update

New Year, new crits.

Welcome to a rather special article. Today I’m talking about my newly updated website! You may have already noticed but the blog has had a but of an overhaul. Now this is something I meant to do at the start of Beastgrave but it got delayed so I thought why not hold off till the New Year!

New Art

For some blog history, all the art is done by my good friend Jon “Scrivo” Scrivens who’s also a part of the Honest Wargamer. I commissioned him originally because he’s a good artist and I felt my blog would look more professional using him instead of my own photoshop skills and selfies. He captured my brief perfectly coming up with my awesome profile picture and blog name logo. In fact, you can see how awesome they are now!

My dice roll only crits

With Beastgrave I thought it was time for an update. While I love my original commissioned work, I felt it needed sprucing-up. I also had an idea for rebranding my logo (business hat) to make it more…me. For my new profile picture I knew it had to be a Stormcast again. I went with Sevrin Steelheart originally as he was from my main warbandand the time. Steelheart’s Champions got me on the map, competitively speaking, so I thought it right to honour the tradition with my new favourite crit-powered warband: Ironsoul’s Condemnors. Here’s a look at my new art!

Fancy, huh? Jon really did an amazing job. Liberators are great and all but Sequitors are so much cooler. My new logo is also something I love.

But flexing my crit claim is not the only thing I did. Jon also does commission portraits. Now I requested something I thought applicable. Since my early days I built a reputation of travelling around to gaming stores, winning their tournaments and taking their trophies. I thought nothing of it but my friends and regular players branded me a sort of wondering Shadespire Ronin, turning up to events and beating everyone to claim all the glass for my double-glazing obsession. So I thought why not honour that friendly joke along with inspiration from the latest Stormcast Eternal battletome:

I’m your battle-damaged travelling Sequitor! Jon once again did it perfectly and even fitted my crit logo too. I’ll find a proper use for the picture eventually but I’m so happy I had it made.

Can You Roll a Crit Updates

Will there be more? 🤔

Outside of the new artwork I’ve also updated the website to make it more user-friendly and link to my other social media accounts. From the following images at the bottom of the page (I’m working on moving them up) you can access my Twitter page, my Instagram account (all my hobby art) and now my new Facebook page!

My Facebook page is new and will act as my central social media hub for updates. New articles will be posted there along with events I’m attending/promoting, random blog updates, painting posts and so on. It’s also a sort of future-proofing job by me. Now normally I’ve been against making my own Facebook page but it’s now there if I branch out into the other games I play. Warhammer Underworlds will always be my main focus but I play a lot of other games. If I have time I’d love to talk about them and introduce more people to them. Still I say the best way interact on Facebook for Warhammer Underworlds are the 2 main Facebook pages: Warhammer Underworlds and The Warhammer Underworlds Community pages.

Also I’ll explain a bit more about functions on the website. Hit the menu button to see 4 pages: About (all about me), Age of Sigmar (Stuff about AoS you’ll find useful), Contact (hello) and finally Tournament Records (all my juicy tournament results and stats).
I also have a huge library of articles now (179 to be exact now). If you ever wanted to find a specific article or go browsing I have the search bar at the bottom of the site as well as categories which help you narrow down specific searches and also posts by month.

Finally I have a button you can hit to follow the blog and receive direct e-mails when posts go live. There’s also a list of blogs I follow that use WordPress as well (only allows WordPress sites sadly) which you can check out if you want. All these search functions and buttons have been around for over a year now but I thought it was worth pointing out to new readers.

For the Future

That’s pretty much it for now. There’s more stuff that needs updating for the website but the main work is done and ready for the public! Remember please follow my Facebook page if you desire as well as my Twitter for those tweeters out there, it’d be great to see more Underworlders in the Twitter world. There’s a lot of awesome stuff that’s pencilled-in for me but I think it’s better to surprise everyone when it’s done instead. However one big thanks once again goes to my good friend Jon Scrivens. Time for one last look at the original art he did for me via my original opening post (that I’ve now updated).

If you ever wanted a portrait, logo or art made I highly recommend Jon. I’ve linked directly to his website before but you can find his website here and Twitter here. He’s an awesome UK artist who’s done work for people all over the world. Check him out!

Before I go, thanks again for everyone who’s read the site whether you be old or new. I’ll have another one of my “classic” articles up this week for your viewing pleasure that’ll help new and old players. Until then always remember, especially now I’ve got an official logo, can you roll a crit?

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