What the Hex: Crits and Wurmspat

Return of the podcasts.

I’m back! It’s been a while but sadly I’ve been very busy with work again. There’s some good news however, I’m free now so it’s back to Warhammer Underworlds content again! Today I’m bringing you a podcast I was on recently: What the Hex? Check it out here.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a podcast and that’s for a good reason: no one has asked me! Seriously though I haven’t had much free time and Davy broached a really interesting subject matter to me: the Wurmspat. They’ve been released recently and a lot of people have gone out to decree them as terrible and useless. Davy wanted to talk to me about them as well as my views on the Wurmspat and how they can be played.

I’ve already outlined my thoughts about the Wurmspat in my warband review of them here. Still I thought it was a great idea as it allowed me to go deeper into my thoughts on them as well as to expand on the control gameplay archetype in general. It was a great experience so check out the episode if you can. I generally think the Wurmspat are a very solid and strong warband but have to played quite differently to most warbands. They also do really well into aggro warbands. It’s also unfair to compare the Wurmspat to warbands like Stormsire’s Cursebreakers and the Grymwatch who are both just broken in general, especially in regards to balance. Once again you can find the episode from this link here.

What the hex is another podcast worth checking out for your Warhammer Underworlds needs. They cover a lot of subjects and have had lots of great guests. In general I recommend all the Warhammer Underworlds podcasts as they’re all pretty great. I’ll be back soon for a more traditional article, full of crits of course.

6 thoughts on “What the Hex: Crits and Wurmspat

  1. With Wurmspat do you think Peerless Fighter is a good enough objective to consider? I was thinking with Prized Vendetta, Fecund Vigor, virulent blade, and Potion of Rage combined with 3 attack dice when inspired, it would be more likely to trigger 2 crits on an attack roll.

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    1. It’s a good shout but just a risky/not reliably objective overall. If you can make it work however, I’d go for it (:


      1. Yeah that’s what I figured. I’d be leaning more toward reliability.
        Also, would you be willing to post your current Wurmspat deck or a variant that seemed to work well for you?
        I really like the idea of Aggro/control Wurmspat. Seem pretty fun and decent competitively


      2. It’s not updated yet but the Championship format deck I made in the Wurmspat review article is close enough to what I made for them personally (:


      3. I noticed you had Calculated Risk in your example of a champion deck. Do you fee it is worth taking it as you’ll be damaging your own fighter? And with Wurmspat, damaging yourself seems like the last thing you’d want to do.
        Or is it just another case of Calculated Risk just being so reliable to score that it is worth the 1 damage?


      4. It’s reliable but damaging. I’m thinking of dropping it but I need that easy glory. It’s the double-edged sword I’m facing.


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