Can You Roll a Crit? turns 2!

It’s birthday time! AGAIN!

Greetings and welcome to a special article today. Once more it’s the blog’s birthday! Can You Roll a Crit? is 2 years old today! That’s right, for 2 years people have been putting up with what I write on here and about Warhammer Underworlds. So today I thought I’d explain some of the backstory behind the website among other things.

Crit BeginningsOriginally I wanted to start the blog much earlier than March 2018. I had already amassed a wealth of knowledge for the game and was known locally for my success with Warhammer Underworlds. Still I felt I lacked the proper “proof” to really kick the blog off which is why I waited until after the first Warhammer World (WHW) Grand Clash back in March 2018. 60 of us braved the snowy winter conditions (out of an original +120) which had shut down travel links everywhere to play Warhammer Underworlds. In the end I came a respectable 11th with my Steelheart’s Champions and then shortly after I used the momentum it granted to launch the blog.Now I wasn’t actually the first Warhammer Underworld’s blog, nor will I be the last. There were at least 2 who started before me but now both seem to have sadly retired their writers. You could say I’m the last of the old guard now, partly because I refuse to stop typing nonsense about crits. Still as many people seem to be transitioning to podcasts, my blog will always remain to do its job: share my knowledge to help people improve with the game. Also to chart how many trophi- NO, BEGIN ANEW.

Can You Roll a Crit?Can You Roll a Crit?’s name was actually the biggest hurdle when it came to design. I had already settled on my friend Jon to design the logo and art for the website but I needed a name. When playing with my friends one would always remark that in this game rolling crits was what it was all about and crits shared the same odds as rolling a 6 on a d6. He’d always say “can you roll a 6?” before all my dice rolls. ALL THE TIME.
Well it finally clicked with me and I changed it from 6 to crit. It was a simple and highly smart decision I’ll have you know. It was also powered by the people online crying about people rolling crits against them. I also roll tons of crits. Too many some would say. Whispers mention that I’ve even rolled 8 crits with Flickering Step.Anyway after getting permission from my friend about using the phrase, making him sign the appropriate papers and ensuring all rights go to me, Can You Roll a Crit was born!

The Ongoing Journey
Since I started the blog I’ve been so happy that I’ve been able to help so many people with Warhammer Underworlds. There’s so much hidden depth that is easy to miss with stuff like board placement, deck building and fighter deployment. I share a similar philosophy as Japanese fighting game players, they always share newly discovered techniques, tricks and exploits so everyone is aware of how they work, how to use them, and how to counter them. Doing so helps the overall game’s scene level up as well as the people sharing it. Instead of keeping it secret to surprise opponents, now everyone is aware of it so you have to rely on skill and not tricks.
People always discover stuff but you may not necessarily be the first. It’s just more helpful and practical to share it online as well as highlighting potential flaws you could have missed. Sharing really is the best when it comes to player growth.Since starting the blog I’ve done stuff I’d never thought possible. I’ve helped people all over the world, become an official Games Workshop reviewer for Warhammer Underworlds, write for Games Workshop via the Katophrane Chronicle, appeared on Warhammer TV (including co-presenting a Grand Clash!) and even become a playtester. Although I still take the most joy in helping new players as that has always been my main goal. I love seeing when people have fun with the game and start exploring all the tricks and combos.

Anniversary TimeSo for this year I’ll be running a special prize draw like I did for the blog’s first birthday. For UK readers I gave away the Nightvault board pack last time. However I think it’s time to step it up, if you’re from the UK you can win: the Beastgrave Gift Pack, Beastgrave Primal Lair and Beastgrave Counter Set! Simply like the Can You Roll a Crit? Facebook page and/or Twitter then comment on this article where you’re from (on whatever platform you like) and what’s been your favourite content from the site.For international readers just simply do the same as above but instead you’ll receive a free commissioned portrait done by friend and website designer Jon Scrivens. He’s got a long background in comics as well as commissions, check out his work here. Jon does a lot of Warhammer related artwork so if you’ve ever wanted yourself styled like a particular warband fighter or Warhammer hero, then he’s your man.I’d offer the same prizes to international readers as I am for UK readers if I could but other countries laws about this sort of stuff are very weird. Either way this is just another way for me to give back to everyone who’s been reading the blog. The winners will be drawn and announced on 30/03/2020 so there’s lots of time to get yourself entered.I’m also an affiliate of Element Games. They’re a UK based company that stock multiple tabletop gaming ranges as well as many large events. They have a range of discounts varying from 15% to 25%, check out their Warhammer Underworlds products with this link here. It doesn’t cost you anything but helps me fund costs back into the blog, so feel free to use it if you like.

That’s pretty much it from me for now. I was once again busy with work so there was a lull in blog posts. Hopefully you all found this little trip down memory lane entertaining. Honestly I’m so grateful for everyone who’s continued reading up with all the stuff I make, especially for those I’ve been able to help with learning and improving with Warhammer Underworlds. Without you all I’d never have reached such success, I’m even almost at 1 million views which is all so crazy to me still. Anyway, keep having fun and always ask the eternal question during your games of Warhammer Underworlds: can you roll a crit?

4 thoughts on “Can You Roll a Crit? turns 2!

  1. Hey john, been following you since I first picked up my ironskulls, I loved one of the first articles you did on the orruck deck selection, great to see you are doing such a great job for the community. To be honest you are a huge part of that community, so feel happy to say thank you from us all.


    (in the the UK btw)

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  2. Love love love this blog. Recently got into the game and entered my first tournament with a weaker version of your rippa deck.
    I reached my objective of taking a win (ended 1-3 but I got abit carried away and knew 0 matchups) taking my total games played to 8! You really helped with some of the learning curve , just need to get games in now. Thanks dude and happy birthday!

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