Solo Play: The Amber Army

Meet the creator behind the Amber Army and learn its origin!

Greetings readers. Today I’m here to present you with a special solo game mode of Warhammer Underworlds by my friend Derek, master of playing with himself, that you can use for free to pass these isolated times by. You may know him from Facebook or his work on my blog by designing the Doomruin logo for my article I wrote about it last week (you can check it out here) as well as some of the nefariously awesome rules presented in it. Without further ado, I’ll hand it over to the man himself.

Will you join the Amber Army?

Howdy Strangers! Professional Troublemaker Derek Wheatley here. You may have seen me on the Facebook, or at a Grand Clash, in both instances having a beer in my hand.

Bask in Derek’s glorious work

Doing the Doomruin thing with John was most enjoyable. I know you appreciated the logo best of all, especially the letter M. It received rave reviews such as “that’s an upside down W” or “Two V’s”, many people also commented on the kerning of the letters, which was amazing. Time to break the suspense- it was actually two A’s that I remixed. How none guessed that I saw is a testament to my genius and the greatest compliment I could ever have. Anyways, back to the Amber Army.

I like looking for ways to craft new ways of doing things, to put a new spin on them so I can continue to enjoy the games I like to play, but with a twist. Hopefully you too will enjoy this new Warhammer Underworlds variant, crafted so it can be played as a solo game, it’s time to try and escape The Amber Army.

The Amber Army are soldiers of stone summoned by the Ambermancers, remnants of the Silent People who have a connection to the mountain, and they stand between you and escape from the Ambermancers lair, behind you is a cavern which gets smaller throughout the game, so hanging back isn’t an option. You’ve got to either break through the mountain, or become part of it. How easy or hard you want to make it depends on the warbands you use and the cards in your deck (or even if you want to use cards at all!).
I hope you enjoy giving this a try. If your appetite for game variants doesn’t stop here, please check out the Shadewyrm game mode and Sentinel game mode.

So there you have it. Short but sweet, which is probably for the best when Derek is involved. Either way you can check out the Amber Army Escape mode here. As Derek said he’s written up a few scenarios already but they require 2 players minimum. I’d still recommend them all as they’re fun new ways to play Warhammer Underworlds. Derek updates them too so feel free to give him feedback so that he can implement improvements.

As for the Amber Army game mode it’s a really fun solo game mode that works fine with multiple players too (you’ll probably want to use more enemy warbands as the Amber Army however). It’s unique pressure of fighting your way to freedom while having an oppressive, ever-advancing force on one front with the encroaching Rocktide pressuring you from behind. The Amber Army currently consists of existing warbands as that’s easier for people to use and play with while representing those succumbing to the power of Silent People as it morphs to match them. Custom fighter card stats for the Amber Army are currently work in-progress so let me and Derek know if you’d like to see them (I’ve got a few ideas for an Amber Sentinel 😉).

Thanks to Derek for coming up with this great solo gameplay mode that you can play at home, now! It’s perfect to pass the isolation blues while still getting your Warhammer Underworlds fix in a unique twist. You can even play with friends too! As mentioned earlier Derek has lots of game modes for Warhammer Underworlds on his blog here. That’s it for now but remember even rocks can roll crits.

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