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Where the articles at?

Greetings and welcome to another new article. It’s been awhile. Today I’m talking all about what’s happened to the blog as there haven’t been new updates for quite a bit of time. Have I abandoned all things Warhammer Underworlds related? No, technically. Allow me to elaborate further.

Article Output

Remember when I used to post regularly?

Despite everything going on with Coronavirus/COVID-19, I’m still busy with work as I’m an intensive care nurse so as a result my free time hasn’t really increased. I expected to have more time to write in-between shifts but now that’s just spent recovering from work. Unfortunately this means my blog output has dramatically decreased. I’m still active on my Facebook page and Twitter but simple posts are easier to do over actual article content.

For website output I was aiming for 1 article a week. Despite the worldwide lockdown I still have lots of stuff planned in relation to Warhammer Underworlds, all I need is time. This sadly means I can only aim to post about 1 article every 2 weeks at best. I think this is the most sustainable output I can achieve without going mad haha. If I can make more than scheduled I’ll post more but I’ll most likely schedule it to have regular guaranteed content for you all to read. As always my articles are free and not behind any paywalls.

Future Content

So what have I got planned for the future then? Well as I’ve said before I prefer to announce it when it’s done so I don’t overhype expectations or get too delayed. I can say there is still a lot more Warhammer Underworlds content to come which everyone will greatly enjoy. I’ve got 1 last tournament round-up detailing my exploits with the Grymwatch and then some more surprising stuff. I’m also working with Games Workshop to produce more content for the Warhammer Community website! You’ll see my work there as well as here. It’s a bit more than the standard Katophrane Chronicle stuff but it’s something I’m happy to help with to keep that Warhammer Underworlds content train rolling.

Isolation Blues

Back to the elephant in the room. As international lockdown continues to plod along and events everywhere get cancelled, it looks pretty bleak. As I mentioned in my Coronavirus article, this year’s Warhammer Underworlds season is pretty much over. It’s almost impossible that everything will be back to normal by September. However this is why I’m still committed to posting articles regularly. Sure there’s no way to play at tournaments but I can still do my part to help pass the time while everyone is locked down at home. It’s an interesting challenge to post Warhammer Underworlds content that isn’t focused on tournaments and statistics however it’s a challenge I relish and something that I was working on in general anyway before the whole Coronavirus situation.

I’m also in a fortunate position, of sorts. Despite my work as a nurse I still get to travel around regularly even if it is just to work. My ID badge also doubles as a VIP guest list for food shopping which is nice. Mainly, however, I have the support network of friends and family to keep me sane. This is more of a mental health topic but I think it’s worth discussing. I don’t have any conditions myself plus I don’t usually talk about my personal life. With the advent of this crisis though, it highlights how important social links are and how some people may have lost access to them.

Basically if you need someone to chat to, feel free to drop me a message. I may not be able to get back to you immediately but I always try to reply ASAP. Message me about anything you feel comfortable talking about. Decklist, tactics, paint schemes and so on? I got ya covered. It may seem like nothing but if you need someone to chat to, I’m here. Contact me via whatever you feel comfortable on whether it be the blog or my social media accounts.

The best thing that’s happened from the whole Coronavirus situation is showing the strength of the tabletop community. Sure we can’t game together anymore but there’s still ways we can keep in contact and keep at it with the hobby. There’s also tons of content out there from myself as well as loads of other content creators on various formats of media which you can spend your time enjoying.

So that’s pretty much it. There’s little Warhammer Underworlds content in this article but it’s just an update of where I’m at currently with the blog. I’m not gone yet haha. I’m aiming to have a new article up next week hopefully. Stay inside, stay safe and keep rolling crits.

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